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How to Choose Correct Power Distribution Cabinets for Protecting Advertising LED Screen Billboard?

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The Outdoor LED Display industry is growing rapidly with new technologies, applications, and possibilities. From Traditional Billboards to Digital Advertising Signs, LED Screen Displays are becoming more and more popular in a variety of industries. With their high brightness, energy efficiency, and low maintenance cost, LED Displays are the perfect choice for Outdoor Advertising and Signage.

Outdoor LED Displays will be a new trend in the development of the advertising industry in 2023.

Power Distribution Cabinet of LED Display Screen

LED Advertising Display is a large-scale electronic product composed of high-tech semiconductor precision electronic components.

Power Distribution Cabinets are essential for ensuring the efficient and secure operation of LED Display Screens. Power Distribution Cabinets provide the necessary protection against environmental elements, while also providing the necessary power supply to ensure the LED screens stay illuminated. With power distribution cabinets, businesses are ensured that their LED display screens are functioning safely and reliably.

A good, safe, intelligent, reliable Power Distribution Cabinet is one of the important conditions for the LED Screen system to ensure reliable operation.

An intelligent power distribution cabinet is an important part of the power supply of the LED display screen well, which is convenient for users to control and protect the LED display screen, and further improves the intelligent management of the power distribution system and the integration and stability of the power supply.

Why need Power Distribution Cabinet to Protect the LED Display Screen?

The current Outdoor LED Display Screens are often tens of square meters, and the large ones are tens of hundreds of square meters, and the power of the entire LED screen is relatively large.

For such a high-power electrical appliance, the safety of the use cannot be sloppy, and lightning strikes and overloads may cause major safety accidents such as short circuits, screen burnouts, and fires at any time.

If millions of LED displays fail just because of a small power distribution cabinet problem, it is really a bigger loss.

Customers must go to professional electricians to communicate with technical issues face to face and find the best solution.

The Outdoor LED display screen is a large electronic device, and a good power distribution device is one of the important conditions for the system to work reliably.

The LED display screen is powered by a large number of switching power supplies, and the capacitive load, when the screen body is started, the instantaneous current is extremely large, which is easy to form impacts the power grid, and causes damage to the electrical equipment.

Therefore, for the LED display screen with a power exceeding 20KW, a power distribution cabinet with a distributed step-by-step power-on function should be equipped.

What is LED Display Power Distribution Solutions?

A LED Display Screen Intelligent Power Distribution Cabinet is an electrical device that is used to distribute power in a safe and efficient manner. It provides control, and protection functions, enabling users to customize the operation and performance of the cabinet.

LED Display Power Distribution Solutions

The smart power distribution cabinet can also be integrated with other systems, such as fire alarms, security, and lighting systems, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and control. The cabinet is designed for commercial, industrial, and residential applications, providing a reliable and secure power solution for all types of applications.

The function of the LED Display Screen Power Distribution Systems is to control the power distribution to distribute the electric energy to each load part and to perform power-off protection when the circuit is short-circuited, overloaded, and leaked. A good power distribution cabinet supports AC380V power input, air switch protection, and supports 220V power output. The chassis adopts a special design to prevent the possibility of leakage. It is safer to use and has a power indicator light.

What Classification of Power Distribution Cabinets for LED display screens?

The power distribution equipment adopts the AC three-phase five-wire system. The LED display power distribution cabinet divides the three phases into three phases with zero voltage for the display. The power distribution equipment can be remotely controlled in the control room to switch the LED display.

The power distribution cabinets generally used by LED display screen manufacturers can be divided into the following categories:

1. According to the power-on function, it can be divided into:

PLC programmable control cabinet (PLC remote power-on intelligent power distribution cabinet),

Multi-function card intelligent power distribution cabinet.

Timing power distribution cabinet (microcomputer time-controlled power distribution cabinet)

Manual power distribution cabinets.

Button power distribution cabinets.

Flight Case Rental moveable power distribution cabinets

2. According to the nature of the power distribution cabinet, it can be divided into:

Indoor wall-mounted type

Indoor floor-mounted type

Outdoor waterproof wall-mounted type

Outdoor waterproof floor-to-ceiling type

3. According to the material of the power distribution cabinet, can be divided into:

Stainless steel type

Cold-rolled steel plate type

Iron sheet type

Aluminum alloy die-casting type

Plastic shell type

The above types are the power distribution cabinets commonly used by LED display customers. Of course, some LED displays use special power distribution cabinets. Customers can design specific power distribution cabinets according to the specific use environment of LED displays.

How to Choose Correct Power Distribution Cabinet for Protecting Advertising LED Screen Billboard?

1. Power Distribution Cabinet Size :

Based on the different power of the full-color LED display screen and the size of the power distribution box used is also different. The accurate size of the power distribution box can save installation space and control costs.

2. Power & Number of Power configuration loops:

Users can choose the number of power configuration circuits according to the LED display screens of different areas and can be customized from 0 to 300KW.

3. Operability of the Power Distribution Cabinet:

Choose products that are simple to operate and easy to install. The inlet and outlet connectors are reserved and the on-site construction is easy and convenient, which can save on-site construction time.

There are many outgoing lines, strong and weak currents are concentrated, and the product design must be configured by LED display engineers with many years of experience.

It is necessary to fully consider the results of practical experience in LED display engineering, construction characteristics, and special needs.

Choose products that are easy to operate and easy to install; the inlet and outlet connectors are reserved, and the on-site construction is fast and convenient, which can save on-site construction time.

4. Professionalism of the Power Distribution Box:

The products are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national and industry standards, with beautiful craftsmanship, safety, and reliability, which greatly improves the grade of matching equipment.

5. Economy of the distribution cabinet box:

In the design, the economy of on-site construction and wiring has been thoroughly taken into account, and electrical materials are utilized properly and efficiently.

6. Power consumption characteristics of LED display:

Fully consider the power consumption characteristics of the full-color LED display screen, such as the high impact current, the distribution box can effectively reduce the load, and adopt the multi-section and regional power supply method.

7. Power Distribution Cabinet Type:

Different materials and different types of distribution boxes (cabinets) can be selected according to the installation environment of the LED display screen.

The distribution control box (cabinet) installed with the LED outdoor screen should have dustproof, rainproof, and electric shock protection functions.

The grade should not be lower than IP43, and there should be a water seepage outlet at the lowest part of the bottom of the box (cabinet).

8. Distribution Box Control Mode:

The control methods of the LED display screen power distribution cabinet are diversified, and PLC, multi-function card system, microcomputer time-controlled switch, button power-on, manual local control, and other methods can be used.

9. Lightning protection device of distribution cabinet:

LED display screen is a relatively expensive product.

Generally, LED display manufacturers will consider the safety of display applications, so they will consider installing lightning protection devices for distribution boxes and choosing appropriate lightning protection devices to solve the problem of lightning in the power supply equipment outdoors interference problem.

10. Brand of components inside the Distribution Cabinet:

In order to fully consider the reliability of the distribution box, the choice of the main component brand inside the Power Distribution Components for LED Display Screens

affects the power supply system of the LED display screen.

The use of well-known brands and reliable performance is a powerful guarantee for the reliable power supply of the display screen. The selection of materials is based on electrical distribution Related standards.

The specifications of the LED display are changeable, and the requirements of the power distribution cabinet are also different. They are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the project customers.

Professional engineers design the most suitable power distribution settings according to the specific project characteristics to effectively improve the overall efficiency of the project.

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