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How to Distinguish the Scanning Mode of LED Screen Display

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As a frequently mentioned professional term on the LED screens of "scan mode", also called "driving method", sometimes makes beginners or even experienced clients feel confused.


There are many scanning methods for full-color LED screen display series products. How do distinguish between different full-color LED display scanning methods?

First of all, let's understand some basic knowledge of the LED Screen Display industry:

1. LED Pixel Pitch

Pixel Pitch means the distance between 2 LED chips.

Such as Outdoor LED module P3, P4, P5, P6.67, P8, P10, etc., the unit is millimeters.

P10 means the distance between 2 LED chips is 10mm.

The viewing distance of outdoor LED screens is generally within 10 meters, and modules no larger than P10 (10mm) are used.

The smaller the dot pitch has more delicate the displayed strokes.

The more pixels per unit have more expensive the LED screen.

2. LED Module:

It is an independent unit that is determined by the circuit and installation structure and has a display function to form an LED screen.

Simply, for the convenience of assembly and display, the semi-finished products are usually provided in the form of LED modules. Multiple LED lamp beads and IC drivers are made together to make a single LED module, and then several LED modules are added to the LED cabinet, fans, power supply, etc. to form a "LED Cabinet".

LED modules standard size is 320mm x 160mm.

So P10 means 32 x 16 pixel. (320 /10, 160 / 10)

P8 means 40 x 20 pixel. (320 /8, 160 / 8)

P5 means 64 x 32 pixel. (320 /5, 160 / 5)

3. Scanning Method:

LED screen scanning mode have 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/5, 1/4, 1/2, Static scan.

Because the LED display is refreshed line by line, the scanning method also determines the LED display refresh method.

For example, 1/16 is to refresh 1 line at a time, and 16 lines are a scanning cycle, which needs four signals ABCD to control;

1/8 is 1 row is refreshed each time, 8 rows are one scan cycle, which needs to be controlled by three ABC signals;

Others follow and so on. If the same LED lamp is used, the brightness of 1/16 scan is lower than that of 1/8, and the static (1/1) brightness is the highest.

Indoor screens generally use 1/16 scan, and outdoor and semi-outdoor screens generally use 1/16 or 1/8.

For environments where the screen is often exposed to strong sunlight, it is best to use 1/4 scan.

What is the format of LED display?

At present, the driving scanning methods of LED screens on the market include static scanning and dynamic scanning.

Static scanning is divided into static real pixels and static virtual, and dynamic scanning is also divided into dynamic real image and dynamic virtual.

The real pixel LED display corresponds to the virtual LED electronic display:

Simply put, a real pixel LED screen means that each of the red, green and blue light-emitting tubes that make up the LED display screen only participates in the imaging application of one pixel at the end to achieve satisfactory brightness.

The virtual pixel uses a software algorithm to control the light-emitting tube of each color to eventually participate in the imaging of multiple adjacent pixels, so that a larger resolution can be achieved with fewer lamps, and the display resolution can be increased by four times.

LED module IC driver components generally use MBI5043, SM 16017/16106/ 16206/ 16306, ICN2055/ 2153, SUM2033/2131/6080/2017.

The scanning methods of LED display screens generally include 1/2 scan, 1/4 scan, 1/5 scan, 1/8 scan, and 1/16 scan.

Each drive IC have 16 pins, and can drive 16 LED chip at the most.

Static drive mode means all the LEDs on the LED module are driven by IC at any time.

1/12 scan mode, means 1/12 LEDs on the module are driven by IC at one time, and next time there are other 1/12 LEDs are driven.

1/4 scan mode, means 1/4 LEDs on the module are driven by IC at one time, and next time there are other 1/4 LEDs are driven.

How to calculation method of LED module scan:

Each drive IC have 16 pins and can drive 16 LED chips at the most.

1. Count how many pins on a LED module's driving ICs.

Each LED driving IC has 16 pins.

If the LED module has 24 pcs of driving IC.

So, we would know there is a total of 24x16=384 pins of LED driving IC on this LED module.

2. Count how many LED chips on a LED module.

P10 LED module size with 320 mm x 160 mm meaning 32 x 16 = 512 pixels. Each LED chips contains 3 color chips(1R1G1B), so there will be a total of 512 x 3=1536 pexel.

3. The formula - "scan mode = total pins amount of LED driving IC/total LED chips amount"

Finally, we get the result 384 / 1536 = 1/4

For example: A common P I0 full-color LED module has a pixel of 32*16 (1RIG1B).

If it is driven by IC of MBI5026, the total used by the LEDs is: 32*16* (1+1+1) =1536, MBI5026 has16-bit chips, 1536/16=96.

(1) If 96 pcs MBI5026 chips are used, it is a static virtual

(2) If 48 pcs MBI5026 chips are used, it is a dynamic 1/2 scan virtual

(3) If 24 pcs MBI5026 chips are used, it is a dynamic 1/4 scan virtual

The current LED unit boards on the market have scanning modes of 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and static. Indoor single and double color is generally 1/16 scan, indoor full color is generally 1/8 scan, outdoor single and double color is generally 1/4 scan, and outdoor full color is generally static scan.

Checking at the number of ICs in a single LED module, the static driver IC with16 pins.

If a single module has 32*16 points and only 24 ICs in it, then 32*16*(1+1+1)/16/24=4, which is 1/4 scanning.

What is Scan Mode in LED display?

Definition of scanning mode: in the LED electronic display, the ratio of the number of lines lit at the same time to the number of lines in the entire area is called scanning mode.

How many modes are the scan modes of the LED Screen?

The scan is also divided into 1/2 scan, 1/4 scan, 1/5 scan, 1/8 scan, 1/16 scan and other driving modes. That is to say, the drive mode of the display screen is different, so the settings of the receiving card are also different.

If the receiving card was originally used on a 1/4 scan screen and is now used on a static screen, then the display on the display will be lit every 4 lines. Generally, the receiving card can be set. 

After connecting the sending card, display screen, computer and other main components, you can enter the relevant software on the computer to set.

What is the Scanning Mode and Principle of the LED electronic display screen?

1. Classification of LED display scanning methods:

1. Static scanning: 

Static scanning is to implement "point-to-point" control from the output of the driver IC to the pixels. Static scanning does not require control circuits, and the cost is higher than dynamic scanning, but the display effect is good, stability is good, and brightness is lost. The advantages of being smaller, etc.

2. Dynamic scanning:

Dynamic scanning is to implement "point-to-column" control from the output of the driver IC to the pixel points. Dynamic scanning requires a control circuit, and the cost is lower than that of static scanning, but the display effect is poor and the brightness loss is large.

2. According to the used environment:

Indoor single and double color is generally 1/16 scan, indoor full color is generally 1/8 scan, outdoor single and double color is generally 1/4 scan, outdoor full color is generally static scan or 1/2 scan, 1/4 scan, 1/ 5 sweeps, 1/8 sweeps, 1/16 sweeps.

3. Distinguishing by model:

1. Scanning method of indoor full-color LED display:

P1.875 is constant current 1/32;

P2 is constant current 1/32

P2.5 is constant current 1/32;

P3 is constant current 1/32.

2. Scanning method of outdoor full-color LED display:

P3 is constant current 1/16;

P4 is constant current 1/8, 1/10, 1/16;

P5 is constant current 1/8;

P6 is constant current 1/4, 1/8;

P6.67 is constant current 1/6;

P8 is constant current 1/4, 1/5;

P10 is constant current 1/2, 1/4,

3. The scanning mode of single and double color LED display screen is mainly constant current 1/4, constant current 1/8 scan, and constant current 1/16 scan.

4. LED display 1/4 and 1/8 scan mode:

1/4 scan: Under other conditions being the same, the 1/4 scan display is only half as bright as the 1/2 scan display, which is suitable for semi-outdoors and indoors. The control method is to increase from 1/2 of two LEDs to 4 LEDs. The current is swept across the 4 LEDs.

1/8 scan, 1/16 scan: These are driving methods with lower brightness, and are generally only used indoors. They are controlled in the same way.

How to Choose the correct LED screen scan mode?

Certainly, it's hard to sense it with people's eyes, but the professional cameras, when we set them at very high shutter speed, it is possible to capture it.

The existence of scan modes 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc is reasonable because sometimes we don't need very high brightness or very high refresh frequency, and sometimes we need to reduce the power consumption as well as the cost.

The scanning mode of the LED display confused many people, what does it work? And what’s this effect on the LED screens?

Here give you detailed information on How to select the correct scan mode of the LED display?

Each drive IC have 16 pins and can drive 16 LED chip at the most. Static drive mode means all the LEDs on the LED module are driven by IC at any time.

1/12 scan mode, means 1/12 LEDs on the module are driven by IC at one time, and next time there are other 1/12 LEDs are driven.

1/6 scan mode, means 1/6 LEDs on the module are driven by IC at one time, and next time there are other 1/6 LEDs are driven.

Note: Because the scan mode change scan lines very fast, and can’t be distinguished by human eyes, that is why we feel the LEDs are light on all the time, but in fact, the scan mode has LEDs off when we see it.

Therefore, the low scan mode can save the qty driver IC and cost. But what effect does it have on LED screens?

How do we find the balance between the LED scan mode and performance?

LED Screen Display driver IC is the key electronic component in the LED screen display; LED display driver IC can directly affect the LED display effect, brightness, refresh, and currency.

The LED display driver IC’s working principle is to receive display data from the receiver card, generate PWM and current time change, and output PWM current and other parameters related to LED display brightness, reading, and refreshing.

The LED module driver IC and peripheral ICs compose the MOS switch to achieve the display effect that the LED display can present.

1. Brightness:

The high scan LED module drive more LEDs light on at one time.

So the brightness of the higher scan LED module is higher than the lower scan LED module.

In theory, for the same LED display,

a static scan (also call 1/1 scan) LED module is double the brightness of a 1/2 scan LED module.

1/4 scan LED module is double brightness of 1/8 scan LED module.

But this is not the absolute formula, because sometime there don’t require so much brightness, and will cut down the current, and finally cut the brightness.

2. Refresh Rate:

Usually, lower scan LED module has a lower refresh rate.

Higher scan LED module has a higher refresh rate.

But this is not applicable to the multiple formulae of brightness, because the refresh rate mainly depends on the PCB design and IC type.

3. Power Consumption:

In theory, the higher of scan LED module with higher the power consumption.

For example, 1/4 scan LED module is double the power consumed of 1/8 scan LED module.

Also, it restricts by the current, factories may reduce current and finally reduce power and brightness.

Therefore, it’s very important to choose a reasonable scan mode LED module for LED display. It is not the higher with the better, also not converse. It requires based on the brightness, power, refresh rate, and cost, finally designs a good LED screen.

How many top LED Screen IC suppliers are there in China?

Macroblock, Chipone, Sunmoon, SUMACRO, and Fuman won the "Top 5 LED Display Driver IC Supply Chain Stars".



Macroblock is the world-leading LED driver IC provider and was founded in June 1999 in Hsinchu, Taiwan, China.

Focused on designing LED driver ICs,  pride ourselves in delivering ICs with guaranteed performance for LED display and lighting applications in general.



Chipone is the world’s leading total display control solution supplier.

Chipone’s product covers diversified fields in all electronics manufacturers and LED Display providers.

The main product lines include a full-size LED driver (LCD / AMOLED Driver), PMU, CTP sensor ICs, LCD driver ICs, etc.



Sunmoon has focused on developing LED display drivers, LED intelligent landscape drivers, LED lighting drivers, and power management chips.

After years of development, Sunmoon has developed a dynamic, positive, and innovative R&D and management team, with core technical R&D personnel having more than 15 years of experience in the IC industry.


Fu Man

Fu Man Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the design and development, packaging, testing, and sales of high-performance analog and digital-analog hybrid integrated circuits.

Fuman supply power supply series, LED display series, LED lighting series, PD protocol & PD car charger series, power MOS series lithium battery protection & linear charging series, remote control & motor driver series, mobile power series, audio amplifier series, other series.



SUMACRO is focused on LED display marketing, which provides innovative IC solutions with leading technology, high quality & excellent performance.

SUMACRO has more than 20 years of experience in LED driver IC solution development and is rated as the National High-tech Enterprise and the National IC design enterpr.

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