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How to Make Super Stunning Naked Eye 3D Video for 3D LED Screen Display??

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The super amazing outdoor naked eye 3D big LED screen, which is popular all over the world and popular on the whole network, and the ultra-high definition naked eye 3D video has become an eye-catching spot!

The so-called naked-eye 3D video means that you can see the 3D effect with the naked eye, without using 3D eyes, you can directly watch 3D images and videos with the naked eye. 3D LED display means that the LED screen supports the naked eye 3D function. 

How to Make Super Stunning Naked Eye 3D Video for your 3D LED Screen Display?

Experience the WAVES  & Turtle 3D LED Screen

The ADHawell company media team made every effort to create a naked-eye 3D video of the latest masterpiece in Serbia.

Spectacular, breathtaking 3D digital art now at WEST 65 MALL, Serbia!

In short, the combination of “special LED screen design + creative video material” achieves a naked-eye 3D display effect.

Adhaiwell can help you to make your own  3D LED Screen Display and 3D video together. 

Outdoor LED Displays can help many companies highlight their presence in a highly competitive business environment and capture the audience's attention. In fact, 90% of the information processed by our brain is visual information. More than 60% of people use digital advertising displays to learn more about the product. Research shows that 40% of customers believe that indoor LED displays will affect their purchasing decisions. Outdoor LED displays can attract consumers to increase consumption. As many as 80% of customers admitted that the reason, they decided to enter the store was precise because the digital signage outside the store attracted their attention.


As a new form of LED screens, naked-eye 3D LED screen is gradually emerging. With the influx of domestic and foreign artists and designers, outdoor media has been created with a refreshing three-dimensional effect, which has aroused the curiosity and onlookers of a large number of audiences and even made hot searches.

What Kind of Technology is The Naked Eye 3D LED Screen?


The naked-eye 3D LED screen technology utilizes the parallax characteristics of the human eye so that the viewer can experience realistic and shocking stereoscopic visual effects at a specific angle and without the aid of other equipment. This technology uses two different angles of LED screen surfaces to create video content that conforms to the principle of perspective.


When people stand in front of the corner and watch, they can see the side and front of the object at the same time, presenting a realistic three-dimensional effect. The designer matches the content that he wants to express with the structural space observed by the eyes and then achieves the perfect integration of the creative content and the real environment. It also gives a very large space for video creativity to make all kinds of whimsical content and brings a refreshing feeling to the market, which is very topical and easy to become a hot spot-on social media.

What Kind of Technology is The Naked Eye 3D LED Screen

Are all outdoor LED media Displays suitable for the naked eye 3D Screen?

From the perspective of hardware equipment, not all outdoor LED media suppliers in China are suitable for naked-eye 3D effects. This method has high requirements for the fineness of LED screen quality installation and the creativity of realistic materials. There are still many LED media players in the industry that are not high-definition LED media players, and the dot pitch of the LED module coefficient is low, so the effect of presenting this kind of visual technology is not very ideal.


From the perspective of the shape of the large LED screen, most of the current naked eye 3D screens are corner screens with the right angle and curve LED screen. Use two adjacent right-angled two-dimensional flat large screens to present different faces of three-dimensional objects, and use spatial perspective and the imaging properties of the adjacent two sides of the folding screen to create the optical illusion of light and shadow, light and dark, and virtual reality to the human eye, making the screen content present a volume, And therefore have the best viewing angle.


Through research and testing, the Adhaiwell 3D Video technical team found that two-dimensional flat LED advertising screens can also play naked-eye 3D videos.


What are the difficulties in the commercial application of naked-eye 3D LED screen technology in ooh media?

First of all, for the outdoor media industry and commercial customers, the equipment cost and creative cost threshold for applying naked-eye 3D technology are too high, which will result in a relatively low cost-effective commercial value. In addition to the need for media operators to continuously optimize the quality of their equipment, the cost of creative production also ranges from a few hundred dollars /second to thousands of dollars /seconds. Not all media & advertising company’s providers and commercial customers can afford such a high amount. Cost, many small and medium media operators in the industry have also been gradually "pushed into the cold."


In addition, creative 3D technology also needs to adapt to different LED screen shapes, sizes and viewing angles, and other parameters for a customized creation. Therefore, each additional large LED screen requires an additional time cost and a production cost. It is difficult to achieve multiple locations. Multi-screen full coverage. Taking into account the timeliness characteristics and heat cycle of creative images, to avoid people's visual fatigue, the actual broadcast cycle of a naked-eye 3D LED screen display advertisement is usually very short, which is not suitable for the daily commercial placement of outdoor LED media & advertisement.


Secondly, for much mature media & advertising operators and creative companies, 3D technology is not the most difficult. This kind of content output with extremely large viewing limitations, how to commercialize applications, how to combine with customers' products, brands, etc., is a special need to think about. Therefore, the most difficult thing is to realize the ideas and ideas of commercial value, which is the key to the effect. While making the picture dazzling, how do we fit the marketing needs of customers? In an open marketing scenario such as outdoor, how can we solve the limitation that the audience has only one best viewing angle?



In addition, there are subdivisions of creative angles and creative ideas. Free creation of artistic work, you can design a vivid character animation from the visual effect, such as a tiger, a character, etc., just to create a strong visual impact; the difference in commercial applications lies in the creativity of commercial advertisements It is a process of serving customer demands. The most important thing is how to accurately express these cutting-edge visual effects and creativity and under the premise of ensuring timeliness, serving the needs of customers, producing a good chemical reaction between the two, and ultimately achieving commercial value for customers.


As far as brands are concerned, not all products and brands are suitable for naked eye 3D video. Brands and products should serve the communication demands in the choice of visual expressions. Does the 3D effect, a creative expression with strong visual impact, match the brand’s tonality and the product’s staged promotion goals and promotion cycles; whether it is winning the attention of the audience and while mobilizing emotions, it also enhances the brand's mind; it allows the audience to understand and love the brand and products more, rather than a flash in the pan.


Adhaiwell 3D Video Technology team has been deeply involved in 3D video creativity for many years and has rich experience. It can tailor unique naked-eye 3D video effects for your brand or products, and do better publicity and communication for your brand and products.

The development status of naked-eye 3D Video creativity in the outdoor LED media industry

The visual presentation of the naked-eye 3D video is more shocking than traditional video commercials. Many companies have discovered this communication advantage early on, and have applied it to customers' outdoor advertising, and created many classic commercials case.

Although the current application mode and communication effect of naked-eye 3D video are still in their infancy, the component of visual dazzling technology is higher than that of advertising communication. As 3D technology matures, the visual experience and content creativity it carries become more and more important. If you are only satisfied with the technical achievements and cannot transform them into an interesting humanistic experience at the creative level, it will be very regrettable.


Adding digital technology, emerging media, and specific content together in a novel and creative way is a blessing to the creative effect of outdoor LED media. At present, it is fashionable, cutting-edge, and the icing on the cake, which can detonate social media communication methods in the short term. But whether it can be normalized in the future is worth thinking about.


For the outdoor media industry, relying on naked-eye 3D video alone cannot support the future development of the entire industry. We have seen more the value of the story, event marketing, and secondary communication of the application of this media technology, which is more suitable for short-term communication demands of brands and products. From the long-term construction of the brand mind, with the frequent introduction of similar cases, the influence of the audience and the popularity of communication will gradually weaken. The high cost and long production cycle also make it unable to support the demand for normalized communication, long-term investment in the media, and the development of the industry.



What problems should be paid attention to when using naked-eye 3D display billboard technology ?

Scene Problem

Due to its unique location advantages, outdoor 3D LED media are located in commercial districts or arterial roads with dense traffic of people and vehicles. The offline detonation of naked-eye 3D video visual effects has requirements for the environment, which will be limited by the surrounding environment of the media, and is only suitable for places where people can gather such as business districts and pedestrian streets. The large screens at main traffic roads and intersections need to be technically adjusted from time to time according to the external environment such as outdoor light to avoid interference with the line of sight of passing vehicles and affect safe driving.


Commercialization issues

Before the arrival of aesthetic fatigue, if a more mature application model cannot be produced, this 3D technology will only serve as a bright spot, not a business model. In the application of business cases, the content creation process, from the design of the picture composition, the organization of the lens language, to the angle of on-site viewing, etc., are all factors to be considered. It needs to be polished and refined repeatedly. The display of each picture is different. There must be clear advertising attributes in order to maximize the effectiveness of the communication and enhance the commercial value.


The problem of creativity enhancement

3D Technology plays the role of cooperating with creativity to strengthen the advantages of the scene, but it only gives creativity a greater space for development. Limited by the entire creative ability, cost, and many other factors, if the entire creative ecology surrounding the new technology cannot be followed up, the development of the new technology will also be embarrassing. Whether the current naked-eye 3D video creativity has a huge optimization in terms of capacity and cost is also doubtful.


Therefore, for the ooh media industry, to fully evaluate the cost and value, it is necessary to continuously improve and explore the significance of the dissemination of creative content to the social public space, and not blindly follow the trend. While digitizing and techno localizing, strengthen the social, artistic, aesthetic, and commercial attributes of the content itself.

Creativity Naked Eye 3D video

The future of digital OOH media & advertising


Outdoor 3D LED large screens billboard are using a more advanced visual communication method to convey advertising information. Since then, large LED screens have personality and initiative, and their communication methods are more scene-oriented. The communication value of outdoor media & advertising is constantly being explored.


Because OOH media & advertising is attached to a specific urban space, the choice of media value is very scientific. The uniqueness and non-renewability of geographic location determine the uniqueness of each outdoor media. With the renewal of the city, the outdoor large LED screen that has been used as a big TV has developed new usage and needs and has been given more expectations, both the artistic value of the urban public space, the transmission of content information, and Part of the urban lighting system, it is gradually becoming a new form of media.



The biggest feature of outdoor media & advertising is the advantage of space. In order to give full play to this advantage, digitalization must solve two problems, one is the digital identification and definition of outdoor scenes and audiences, and the other is the digital dissemination of advertising information. These two aspects are also the two legs of the current development of outdoor digital marketing technology. 

At best, a naked-eye 3D LED screen display is just a toe on one of the legs. In digital communication methods, the core issue to be solved is attention and participation. Immersive advertising experience and new outdoor content advertising will be the main directions. The content and format of digital media that we are discussing today will be promising in the future. In addition to the naked-eye 3D video technology, it also includes the blessing of technology, the endowment of art, the use of IP, sensing technology, mobile terminal interactive technology, and the continuous iteration of screen technology such as curved screen technology and transparent screen technology vision. New technologies and directions are also Will draw inspiration from the past visual creative process.


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