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How to Start 3D Wallpaper Printing Business?

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What is 3D Digital Wallpaper Printing Business? 

Yes, Digital Printing!

Thanks to today's advanced digital printing technology, the wallpaper industry has made an amazing recovery in the past few years.

At the same time, it is becoming easier for startups with limited budgets to use digital printing solutions.


If you want startups to succeed, it's important to understand the wallpaper needs of millennial.

Although tastes are always different, today's best-selling wallpaper designs do have the following things in common:


Meet the Wallpaper Needs of Millennial.

1. Excellent Image Quality.

The realistic 3D wallpaper trend and all the amazing designs and photo murals it brings are everywhere.

I think the wallpaper looks exactly like planks, exposed bricks, concrete, mosaics.

Even custom printed photo wallpaper designs have excellent HD resolution.

2. Meet the Requirements of Environmental Protection.

Wallpaper in public areas must meet flammability standards, which means that EN 15102-compliant toner must be used for printing.

In general, consumers also strongly want the wallpaper to have no chemical smell, in other words, it can be printed without a solvent.

3. No More Steaming and Scraping.

What are consumers' favorite things about wallpaper these days?

It enables them to give their home or office a new look on a regular basis at a low cost.

This means that you'd better make sure that the wallpaper is easy to paste and dry and can be covered with white, in other words, you can print directly on the wall.

4. Broadly Market Prospective

Family TV setting wall, sofa setting wall, bedroom, dining room, children room, corridor, porch, staircase wall, hotel, club, plaza mural company, corporate image, kindergarten drawing, hairdressing hospital, shopping mall, government propaganda pictures, etc.


5. High Profit, Time-saving, Low labor cost

The expense is less than USD1, 12-15ml of ink per sqm. The wallpaper printer machine can run at least 22 hours one day and you needn't worry about paying more, one machine can do the job more than four persons. No need of large painting team.


 Digital Wallpaper Printing is a New Trend.

 In order to successfully take advantage of the real trend of wallpaper, the wallpaper industry is increasingly using digital printing technology for the following reasons:


1. Seamless, Spotless Printed Matter.

Digital wallpaper printing not only ensures the seamless alignment of channels on the wall but also eliminates the risk of uneven ink distribution.

For example, the Adhaiwell wallpaper digital printing solution comes with a prepress workflow that includes automatic tiling, printing all at once, and the ability to produce printed matter that matches traditional printing technologies, such as offset printing.


2. Sustainable Wallpaper Printing.

Printing wallpaper digitally also means being able to use oily UV environmentally friendly ink, which is environmentally friendly, not only because it is solvent-free and does not emit VOC, but also because it is made in factories running using 100% green energy.


3. Perfectly Compatible with The Wall.

Digital wallpaper printers can be printed directly on the wall, so you can rest assured that your customers will buy products that can be easily used and removed.


Print Custom Wallpaper On Demand.

Sitting on wallpaper is the worst nightmare for any wallpaper start-up.

This is the case unless they are printed digitally.

In contrast to analog wallpaper printing solutions, digital printing is the most cost-effective business model for short-term printing and on-demand printing, even achieving zero inventory.

Wallpaper printing startups engaged in digital printing can even quickly expand abroad without the need to use decentralized printing models to open foreign offices: designs are ordered, documents are sent to printing partners where demand occurs, and wallpaper is printed immediately and sent the wall painter directly to the customer's wall for printing and only required one or two workers.


Start your Digital Wallpaper Printing Business at home with ADHAIWELL who Wallpaper printing machine companies from China supplier with good price.

Is your startup still looking for a digital wallpaper printer?

Please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp +8615302206052 for more information about our scalable solution.


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