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Digital Lcd Signage

What is Latest Digital Signage? 
You know those TV screens you see installed in more & more public areas like stores, restaurants, above gas pumps, food menu boards & lots of other places. Well, that’s called Digital Signage.

Digital LCD Display Advertising Signage Screens have become the ideal solution to advertise your products or services. Using a LCD advertising screen, "digital signage" allows for the greater control and flexibility over how a message is delivered to your targeted audience. Digital signage is the use of digital technology such as a digital screen and software to deliver content such as information, advertisements and entertainment to a captive audience.

Advertising Player - Digital LCD Signage 
Digital & Touching LCD Advertising Player for Retail, POS and POI 
- Simple Design and solid built
- Easy USB update function
- IR Infrared Body Motion Sensor and Remote Control
- Durable quality - long hour play and replay
- VESA bracket for easy shelf / wall mount

LCD Digital Signage Equipment - Advertising Player
LCD advertisement player enhance customer experience directly at POS. Digital Signage devices e.g. Retail multi media display players running dynamic content like videos and animations as visual eyecatcher accompanied with audio for acoustic experience are definitely affecting customers at the point of decision in front of products and service.
Standalone Digital LCD Signage
Touching Inquiry Digital LCD Signage
HD Touching Windows Digital LCD Signage
Slim Wall Mounted Android Digital LCD Signage
Ultrathin LCD Screen
DIGITAL LCD SIGNAGE  Free Phone Charging Locker Kiosk

Digital LCD Signage

Adhaiwell Digital LCD Signage will give you a pleasant surprisemore than the discovery of the New World. 

Floor Standing Standalone Advertising Media Player

Latest Models & Thinner & Clearer
Floor Standing / Ultra-thin / Standalone
Remote Operation & Smart Play

42" Standalone Digital LCD Signage

Floor Standing Android LCD Media Player Advertising for Quick Service Restaurants

50" Standalone Digital LCD Signage

USB version advertising player: update advertisement by USB and autoplay. 

55" Standalone Digital LCD Signage

Network version advertising player: update advertisement through internet, OS and Android.

Multi Touching Interactivity Digital Signage

Latest models & Thinner & More Sensitive
Ultra-thin / Multi-touching / Smarter
Easy to Use & More Sensitive

42" Android Touching LCD Kiosk

World's leading solutions for Digital Lcd signage.Make the world more wonderful.

50" Touching LCD Screen Kiosk

Application fields:public places,shopping mall, restaurant, square, airport,commercial buidings,etc.

55" Digital Touching LCD Kiosk

Touching digial LCD Signage is with mini PC built in, customers can install Windows or Linux freely. 

Wall Mounted Digital Signage LCD Advertising Player

Slim Network Wall-Mounted
Android Digital LCD Signage  Advertising Player

42" Wall Mount Digital LCD Signage

Digital signage can not only offer advertising effect but also promote your brand value.

50" Wall Mount Standalone Signage

You can get both advertisingment and decoration promote your brand image via digital lcd signage.
55" Wall Mount Digital Signage TV
Advertising digital signage may be installed everywhere, such as increasing sales in a retail marketplace etc.

Infrared Touch Query Interactive Digital Signage Horizontal Desk & Table

Ergonomic Design & More Comfortable
Multi-touch / Query  / Faster
Multi-touching & Convenient

42" Query Touching LCD Signage

Put the desk touching LCD signage inearby your front desk or meeting room,play your company products video and pictures.

50" Touching LCD Digital Signage 

Place the Query Desk Touching LCD Signage where people passby ,show your tourism route with video and pictures.

55" Interactive Digital Signage Table

Touching Digital LCD Signage with Andriod system  designed to bring your message to audiences in a variety of settings. 

Ultrathin Portable Digital Poster LCD Display

     No calibration required.Just plug and play
      Ultra Slim Bright LED Backlit HD Display
      Remote Control & Management

Ultrathin Portable Digital Poster Lcd Display
Ultra slim bright LED backlit HD display.
No calibration required. Just plug and play.
With remote control and management. Plays HD videos and live streaming.
Supports splitting the screen into multiple windows with different content being reproduced in each of them.
Whether you require a specific display format, or need a display solution that excels as a stand-alone digital signage platform, we have the display solutions to tailor to your individual application.
The possibilities of their application are infinite and they can be used at practically all places where there is a need to display some kind of information, for marketing or for engaging customers.

42" LCD Display Digital Signage Phone Charge Kiosk

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