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Phone Charging Station Digital Signage

Adhaiwell's Digital Signage Mobile Phone Charging Station is an innovative digital media solution for charging your guests multi devices while they are at Coffee, Bar, KTV, Hotel, station or airport application.
  • 42 inch LG LCD
  • Adhaiwell
  • 8528591090
  • 9405600000 
  • 42 inch

Product Description

Specializing in Phone Charging Station!

Adhaiwell is a leading manufacturer of digital  signage  Cell Phone Charging Station with over 10 years of experience in the industry from China supplier. If you are looking for an Indoor Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk with Advertising display. Supply has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decision for your business. Stand out from competitors with our vibrant and attractive Digital Media signage LCD screen media with Phone charging Station products.

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Multiple support cable, support IOS, Android and other mobile phones on the market, smart fast charging technology, Adhaiwell Phone Charging Station, you can easily identify the device model, automatically match the 500ma-2.4A charging current, to achieve the best charging effect.


Smartphone charging stations for events

Rental of customizable charging stations with advertising


Professional 42" LCD advertising display, 1920 * 1080 p HD picture, stereo surround sound gives you the ultimate sensory experience, support jpeg/png/BMP picture format, Wmv / Avi / Rmvb / Mp4 video format.


The attendees will be able to leave their phones charging while doing any other activity Phone-charging-Station-Digital-Signage-Solution-made-from-Adhaiwell


Mobile Phone Charging Station | Digital Media Solution

Create a rest & charge area so your attendants can bring their phones back to life 

Main Funcation:

1. 9 doors with locker have Standard charging 3 in one cable. Charge nearly all cell phone in the market including iPhone series, android phone, and other micro USB devices.


2. Charging for 15 minutes can charge about 30% of the power (specific charging efficiency due to the phone model, battery quality and power consumption and a certain difference);


3. On the Digital LCD screen of the mobile charging advertising machine, you can play various information such as various information, clock, weather forecast and train time of high-speed rail or airport.


4. Customized Locks. We have four kinds of lock for your choice such as key locks, combination locks, pin padlocks and swiping card locks (optional). They also provide a safe environment for cell phone charging.


5. Remote Control

Change advertisement content as your wishes. Support switch to different signal (e.g.: HDMI, VGA, AV); Check, programs quickly: Help your advertisement switch smoother, display more advertisement at the same time. 




Attendees can trade their ID to take a charger with them while they use the service


What is LCD Advertising Digital Signage?

LCD Advertising Digital Signage is a highly powerful and flexible communication method: dynamic digital signage (LCD screen) that displays digital media to a public audience. LCD Advertising Digital signage software works over an Internet connection, delivering rich advertising & media content such as images and video to digital LCD screens. Use LCD advertising display digital signage to grow your revenue, reduce your cost and reinforce your brand.

How does Mobile Charging LCD Advertising Digital Signage work?

1.Place single or multiple LCD screens in your venue

2.Sign up for an account and get immediate access

3.Create your content of image and video online

4.Broadcast the advertisement to your LCD screens online from anywhere to anywhere


Applications of  Phone Charging Station | Digital Media Solution

This 42-inch LCD Screen Network Digital Signage with safe Lockers and Remote-Control System Mobile Charging Kiosk is mainly targeted for self-service cell phone charge in unsupervised or semi-supervised positions.


• Airport, Train Station, Bus Station

• Shopping Mall, Chain Store

• Hotel Lobby, Restaurant, Coffee, Bar

• Healthcare Center, Hospital, Bank, Business Building, Financial Service Office

• Gym, Museum, Concert, Theater, University, Library, Tourism and many other public areas.




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