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Portable Movable LCD Screen Digital Signage Battery Powered

Portable Mobile Digital Signage solutions with battery-powered are the best solution to attract attention for retail, as well as advertise various products, branding, services.

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Product Description

Portable Movable Digital Signage@Battery Powered

ADHAIWELL, your reliable supplier of Portable Movable LCD Screen Digital Signage Battery Powered in China!

We offer you the most advanced portable, battery-powered LCD screen digital signage, perfect for various applications that require mobility. Whether you're at trade shows, events, retail stores, restaurants, or other locations, our products deliver outstanding performance.

Portable Movable Digital Signage is a relatively latest type in the digital signage media or advertising arena. This mobile digital signage has a full HD LCD screen. It can play many advertising & media contents of images and videos by USB plug & play system. Ideal for foot traffic areas, and waiting rooms or retail stores, and so on.


Adhaiwell is an expert in the manufacture of LCD screen digital signage in China. The portable removable LCD screen digital signage can be powered by electric or battery-powered. It runs for up to 8-10 hours from one 6-hour charge. Just plug into it to charge the built-in battery.

Mobile Digital Signage

Portable Removable / Battery Powered

Mobile Digital Signage Solution

Supports JPG images and MP4 videos

Perfect for restaurants, retail, conferences, and more



Portable Digital Signage for Stores

Why Choose Battery Powered Portable Movable LCD Screen Digital Signage

Portable Mobile Digital Signage solutions with battery-powered are the best solution to attract attention for retail, as well as advertise various products, branding, services.

With our cloud-based digital signage software you can schedule and update your content remotely to attract and inform customers at your doorstep.  The LCD digital signage is a great way to attract and engage with customers and convey sales, promotions and other info in a more memorable way vs. traditional print/posters that rarely get noticed.   And since it's battery powered, you'll have lots of freedom on where to place the display for maximum exposure for your business.

Product Features:

   LCD Screen: 

Our LCD screens can be customized in size and resolution to suit your needs.

   Battery Powered: 

The products come with built-in rechargeable batteries, allowing you to use them without the need for a constant power source. Battery life varies based on screen size and usage.


Our digital signage provides multiple connectivity options, such as HDMI, USB, and wireless connections (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth), enabling easy input and content updates.

   Content Management: 

Many of our portable digital signage products come with built-in software or free content management systems (CMS) that allow you to remotely manage and update the displayed content.

   Durability and Portability: 

Our products are built to be sturdy and durable, with a portable design that often includes rugged construction and handles for easy transportation.


LCD Screen Digital Signage with Lithium Battery Powered

● 32-inch Full HD LCD screen.

● Contents work with a plug & play system.

● Removable digital signage runs on a battery.

● Suitable for indoor and semi-outdoor locations.

● Portable digital signage rolls over everywhere easy with wheels.


Digital Signage Solutions - Powerful & Easy-to-Use

Adhaiwell provides a digital signage player & free software that makes it easy to create your own creative digital posters that attract customers & grow your business



Easy to recharge

Runs for up to 8 hours from one 6-hour charge. Just plug in to charge the built-in battery.



Portable Removable with Universal Wheels

Combined universal wheels moving ease and optimal viewing angle.

For additional security, a brake can be used to lock this in place.



File Types Accepted: Photo & Video

Compatible File Types: JPG, JPEG, PNG, AVI, DAT, VOB, 3GP, MKV, MOW, MP4, RM/RMVB, TS, FLV.



Optimal Size Selection

 Digital signage size selection is driven by the vector of Signage Design and Informational Ergonomics associated with it.


 Portable digital signage solutions with battery-powered are the best solution to attract attention for retail, as well as advertise various products, branding, services.





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