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Why Outdoor LCD Screen Digital Signage Advertising Display

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Why Outdoor LCD Screen Digital Signage Advertising Display

With the development of technology, urban infrastructure has been continuously upgraded. A variety of new functions and new equipment emerge in an endless stream, in order to facilitate the people, improve the quality of life and level. A variety of convenient software and new types of interactions have emerged, all of which require a liquid crystal display to carry the operation. The indoor advertising equipment is currently relatively complete, and the outdoor advertising LCD Display market is yet to be developed.



Adhaiwell is a manufacturer of Outdoor Digital Signage from China suppliers. Will you want something special design for your outdoor digital signage? No worries, we can build it for you. Our all-weather outdoor digital LCD signage can be well used for both, public interactive urban multimedia screens or highly visible advertising displays.

1. Outdoor LCD Screen Advertising Digital Signage Kiosk is waterproof and dustproof.


The outdoor LCD Screen Advertising Digital Signage waterproof, dustproof, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant and other outdoor standard features make outdoor LCD screen use many outdoor LCD scenes, such as bus stations, communities, pedestrian streets, parks, scenic spots, etc. and operate normally for 24 hours.


2. The outdoor advertising LCD Display uses a high-brightness LCD screen panel.


The high-brightness LCD display is exquisite, vivid, colorful, and clear, making it ideal for close-up viewing and use. And its high-brightness display makes it completely clear in the outdoor environment, and the brightness is automatically adjusted with the ambient light intensity, which can reduce power consumption and reduce light pollution.


3. The image of LCD screen Display is vivid and diverse.


The outdoor LCD digital signage can play text, pictures, and videos, and can be displayed on separate screens. The text is moved and the sound is released. Let the surrounding audience quickly get attracted. The sound plus picture greatly mobilizes the viewer's emotions and touches his heart.


4. Interactive query methods are diverse.


When using the outdoor touching LCD digital signage is equipped with the inquiry software, it can provide the public with services such as reading newspapers, inquiring news, and notifications. Or install a game that allows people who are shopping or walking to experience the joy of the game. Let the people interact and integrate into the application to enhance the experience and immersion.


5. A wide range of applications.


The outdoor LCD advertising digital signage can be applied to the electronic stop sign, providing public transportation information and inquiries for the public, enriching the boring time of waiting for the car, and also integrating into the smart community, so that the community can announce the notice to the owners at the first time and change the monotonous written in the past. Enhances the image of hotels, shops, etc., attracts customers, etc.;


Because the outdoor LCD Screen Media solution has many characteristics, it adapts to the development of the city and enhances the sense of future technology. And its beautiful display, contribute to the construction of smart cities and contribute their own strength. With the current development trend, the future demand for outdoor advertising machines will increase sharply, and the market prospects will be great. 

For more information on outdoor advertising machine consultation and information, please pay attention to ADHAIWELL outdoor commercial display advertising platform from China supplier, we look forward to meeting you!

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