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How to Install Outdoor LED Advertising Signs at High-altitude?

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Outdoor Advertising LED Signs  play an important social and economic role in today’s society, with Emerging Digital Display Technology for Outdoor Advertising electronic Signs ranging from outdoor large LED screen billboards to small ‘sandwich boards’, and more recently, electronic signs becoming a common feature along with high altitude building.

Install the LED Advertising Signage  



The principal aim of an advertising sign is to attract attention. This can present a safety issue when advertising installs at high altitude buildings. So "Safety First" is the core principle.


Two commonly used equipment for installing or maintaining high-altitude electronic signs are articulated boom trucks and telescopic aerial work platforms.


Whether it is rent or purchase, high-altitude equipment is a must safety measures.



Characteristics of High-altitude Equipment for Installed Electronic Advertising Signs


Both types of equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages, adapting to different business types.


Articulated boom trucks have limited functions, usually unable to carry out material handling, and due to the limitation of the elbow, the straightening distance is limited.


Working near live areas, this articulated boom truck has the advantage of being able to operate in narrow spaces, such as between power lines.


Especially in narrow spaces such as alleys, the gyration radius of the toggle bucket is shorter, which is more convenient and flexible to operate.


Telescopic aerial work platforms usually adopt a fool design, which can maximize the lateral range, provide tools and workers with a larger platform size, and an automatic leveling platform, and have boom and material handling functions.

Safety measures of installation signs


The disadvantage is that there is usually no insulation and cannot be lifted like a crane on a truck.


No matter what kind of high-altitude installation equipment is used, the sign installer must be trained and certified before the operation.


In the United States, boom trucks (and cranes) need to pass ASME B30.5 certification, and aerial work platforms need to pass ANSI A92.2 certification. ANSI A92.2 certification requires more stringent stability than the ASME B30.5 certification.



Precautions for High-altitude Installation LED Advertising Signs


Before officially starting the installation of LED Advertising Signs, make an installation plan, clarify the marked size and installation location, the up, down, left, and right order and front and back of the installation, check the required products, accessories, accessories, and tools, and clarify whether there are materials that need to be processed on-site, high altitude and Cooperation matters of ground personnel, etc.

Outdoor Advertising Electronic Signs


Every time the installer is officially lifted off, the machine must be thoroughly inspected routinely, and then trial lifts and verification tests are started to ensure the structural integrity and performance stability of the machine and to help discover possible problems at the installation site, such as the reasonableness of the location space, whether other objects will be touched during the rotation, etc.


Therefore, "stepping on the field" before the installation of LED Advertising Signs is necessary. You can familiarize yourself with the operation site, clarify the lighting and lighting conditions, and find out whether there are obstacles that interfere with the safe operation of the equipment, including electrical wires, telephone lines, building protrusions, etc., and even birds’ nests, honeycomb. If you encounter a large swarm of wasps while working at heights, it is also very troublesome.



Protection Requirements for High altitude installation of LED Advertising Signage


Before operating on the machine, workers must properly wear all personal protective equipment, including safety belts, lanyards, etc., as well as safety helmets, goggles, and gloves.



In addition, the use of high-altitude equipment must be very careful in busy road sections or shop areas. If it is really impossible to avoid busy hours, in addition to enclosing the work area with road cones, isolation belts, isolation piers, signal lights, etc., ground command and care personnel are also required.


If the LED advertising signage is installed in an inclined area, make sure that the high-altitude equipment is placed on a level and firm foundation, and use mats or debris to align the legs of the high-altitude vehicle, and make sure that the wheels are blocked.


Of course, in addition to high-altitude vehicles, hoisting is also one of the methods adopted by foreign high-altitude installations, and the requirements for safety details are even higher.


Under the COVID-19 situation, some protective requirements have been added for installation outside, including masks and hand sanitizers.


Maybe from some point of view, the operation details of high-altitude installation of electronic advertising signs are slightly different from those manufacturers in China, but "safety first" is the same core principle. Adhaiwell has more than 10 years of experience in the Installation of LED Advertising Signage, our team can provide you with professional safety guidance for High altitude installation of outdoor LED Advertising Signage.

High altitude installation of LED Advertising Signage

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