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Outdoor SMD LED Screen Display Advertising Billboard Structure 10mx5m

Adhaiwell is a leading LED display billboard manufacturer with over 10 years of experience. The large high definition outdoor digital media LED billboard is completely customized to fit any new application or replace an existing printed billboard.
  • 10m x 5m
  • Adhaiwell
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Product Description

10mx5m LED Display Billboard Structure

Traditional outdoor advertising (such as unipole advertising billboard, lightbox advertising, gantry advertising, backlit advertising, etc.) is no longer satisfied. Electronic LED advertising billboard displays, compared to traditional billboards, have more flexibility and advantages. LED advertising billboard displays can be played to display texts, images, video, and animations. Our outdoor LED billboard display is unique in design, attractive in appearance, and advanced in control technology.


Adhaiwell is a leading LED display billboard manufacturer with over 10 years of experience. The large high definition outdoor digital media LED billboard is completely customized to fit any new application or replace an existing printed billboard.


Easy Install and Free Design

Adhaiwell is designed with easy installation in mind. With on-site assembly constructed from multiple sections, the steel structure of led billboard is quick and easy to install, with much greater resistance to wind and inclement weather. You will feel confident in your investment with 24/7 service and support team to assist you with a phone call or online chat.

Free design for LED Billboard Structure

Features of our SMD LED Screen Cabinet

• Nationstar Copper Wire SMD 2727

• Mean Well Power Supply

• Low Power Consumption

• High Brightness

• Durable Cabinet

• Compact, rugged, and lightweight Steel &  Aluminum alloy construction

• Available P10, P8 ,P6

• Water-tight protection (IP67 rated) with

• Automatic brightness control

• Rear service standard, front service optional

• Indoor, outdoor, and portable units available


LED Billboard advertising displays offer billboard owners a number of advantages over static billboards. LED billboards have the unique ability to display multiple images with no additional upkeep. These dynamic displays also capture the attention of drivers and pedestrians better than static content.

 SMD LED CabinetSMD Full Color LED Screen Display Chinese factory


Outdoor LED billboards have single-column and double-column LED billboard steel structures.


The column LED billboard has two-sided and three-sided LED display screens, two of which are composed of two substantially parallel faces, which are mainly suitable for the sides of a single road, some take into account the visual effect of the vehicle driving, and some two-sided LED display. The screen is set to a small angle. The three-sided LED display is mainly used for road intersections.


At present, the commonly used unipole LED billboard size is mainly 6m x 3m, 10m x 5m, 12m x 4m, 15m x 5m, 18m×6m display size. In the design of the display size fashion should consider the local city appearance management and other regulations, the display size must not exceed 6m × 18m. The height of a single-column billboard varies according to the height of the road surface. The commonly used height is generally 18m above the road surface (from the top of the board).

Outdoor LED Display Advertising Billboard

ADHAIWELL'S Advantages & Services

ADHAIWELL'S LED Unipole Billboard Quality Advantages:

●Select high-quality steel, excellent material, welding standard, construction stability and reliability;

●Adopt the azimuth anti-embroidery measures to effectively reduce the damage of the single column and control the maintenance every two years.

●Advanced production and processing technology to ensure the quality and longevity of single-column billboards;

●The single column can be assembled and assembled with almost no misalignment and has a complete assembly function;

● The monthly production capacity of 2,000 square meters can effectively guarantee the production and delivery cycle of the products;

●The column steel structure adopts the wave soldering process and has a green oil oxygen barrier layer to prevent the wetness and oxidation of the weld seam and improve the service life;

●Used around the clock to adapt to a variety of harsh outdoor environments;

●ADHAIWELL is made of high quality raw materials, standard products and streamlined production. International Quality.

● Price advantage: Have the competitive price in the same product in the market, and have the same or even better

●Performance advantage: good uniformity, high degree of consistency, large viewing angle, long-term outdoor use

●Quality advantage: the whole process controllability of materials to finished products, R&D to production, and guarantee of product quality reliability;

● Service advantage: More perfect service under the same conditions, the same service, with more superior cooperation.

LED Display Advertising Billboard Structure

ADHAIWELL'S After-sales service:

● In order to make customers feel comfortable with the purchase of products, we provide a series of service items to our customers.

●ADHAIWELL provides free drawing design

● Strong visual force, durable, resisting wind and rain erosion, ten-year warranty on the steel structure of the pillars, eight grades of wind resistance, and three grades of earthquake resistance.

● Direct manufacturers have no intermediate links and are manufactured and installed in strict accordance with the standards.

Adhaiwell installed LED display Billboard in Sudan Africa

Learn more about installing new LED billboards on your properties or upgrading your static billboards with dynamic LED technology. To learn more, Skype at adhaiwell , WhatsApp today at +8615302206052 or Get an Online Quote!



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