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Building Glass Curtain Wall Transparent LED Display

Glass curtain wall transparent led display has the practicality of led display, but also has certain aesthetics and concealment. The glass curtain wall transparent led display is a high-end building lighting product, which can play Hologram Video display and an irreplaceable role in the modern urban building lighting project.

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Product Description


The best choice for promo glass curtain window media led display, with a high level of transparency to provide aesthetics and good lighting in the room but still gives the image high-quality results and brightness of color that looks out of space very well.

The transparent LED screen display that changes pictures and videos to 3D holograms. It is designed to work without the need for a projector or special equipment.


Adhaiwell Transparent LEDs Display can be mounted on the back of the glass any form of glass surface, quick installation, and easy maintenance.

Transparent LED Display

Glass curtain wall transparent led display has the practicality of led display, but also has certain aesthetics and concealment. The glass curtain wall transparent led display is a high-end building lighting product, which plays an irreplaceable role in the modern urban building lighting project.

Transparent led display with 3D Holographic Video Display function  Exhibits for Trade Shows, hologram illusion, Displays.Wow, your audience with holograms and 3D animation for retail. Stand out with transparent led Screen hologram technology in expos and trade shows.

Transparent LED Screens for Glass Curtain Walls are a fantastic choice to create striking visual displays while maintaining the aesthetics of your building. These LED screens offer the unique feature of allowing natural light to pass through while still delivering high-quality visuals. They are often used in applications where you want to showcase dynamic content on your glass facade, such as advertisements, art displays, or information.

Today with the transparent Glass LED all the limitations are removed and can be easily fitted to existing buildings or new planned construction.

Special for the high-level Glass curtain wall transparent LED display field.

Beautiful shape, Lightweight, transparent and quick installation are its most important features.

Glass curtain wall led display

Standard Cabinet

Thin and light;

Standard cabinet dimension:500*1000mm / 1000*1000mm;

Thickness: 50mm   


High Transparency

Adhaiwell series is based on LED side-lighting technology,

its 70% high transparency,

and some types can reach 90% above.



Seamless jointing facade and window lighting structures restore the lighting and view of the glass wall with transparency. There is no need to change the building structure and it could be directly fixed on the glass wall because of its low weight and less space occupied. Advertising effect and artistic effect are more attractive when the advertisement is shown on the glass wall.






Pixel Pitch(mm)

3.9 x 7.8

Pixel Density(dot/m⊃2;)


The overall size(mm)


Screen/Module Display Size(mm)

500 X 1000 /1000x1000

Screen/Module Resolution(dot)

178 X 128

LED Type

SMD 3in1





Viewing Angle


Grey Level


Scan Mode


Refresh Rate(Hz)


Frame Frequency(Hz)


Avg. Power Consumption(W/m⊃2;)


Max. Power Consumption(W/m⊃2;)






Working Temp.

- 20~50℃



Integrated Structure Design

Integrated Structure Design

Customized Size

The LED strip length and Cabinet frame is overlapped with glass frame perfectly, no cabinet frame can be seen. It can be customized according to glass wall’s structure, to match with the building glass perfectly.

The LED cabinet size is customized according to glass wall structure. Plenty of structure designs and frames are provided for you to satisfy your aesthetic demand and theme style.

It is widely applied in building glass, shop windows, etc.


Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

Light structure design, can be hung by steel ropes;

Fast lock for cabinet connection,

Individual strip design with hot plug.

This transparent LED display is a perfect solution for any shaped media display/ advertisement board.

Only 10s for single people to assemble and without any other tools.



Glass curtain wall transparent led display is generally installed in commercial buildings, shopping centers, banks, shopping malls, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmark buildings and other scenes.



Latest LED Display Media Solution

With the Transparent Glass LED panels it is now possible to attach LED panels directly to the glass by way of the innovative mounting technique. The options of gluing, hanging, mounting all help to overcome a variety of location issues particular to each project. In addition is can be designed to install onto the vertical window frame.


The brand-new design and installation scheme are launched to accomplish the highest brightness, lowest weight and easiest installation characteristics. Contact us to learn more about our transparent screen system.


Quickly Splicing


The standard size with 1m x 1m of the Transparent LED series cabinet makes it easy to quickly splicing the customize screen. 




Elevate Your Brand with Adhaiwell's Transparent LED Screens

Discover the future of visual communication and architectural innovation with Adhaiwell's state-of-the-art Transparent LED Screens.

️ Transform Spaces: Turn ordinary glass curtain walls into captivating displays that stop people in their tracks. Let your building make a statement that's impossible to ignore.

✨ Stunning Clarity: Our transparent screens deliver mesmerizing visuals with unrivaled transparency, ensuring your message shines through, even in broad daylight.

Boost Engagement: Whether it's in retail, hospitality, or corporate settings, captivate your audience with dynamic content that tells your story like never before.

Day and Night Brilliance: With exceptional brightness and energy efficiency, our Transparent LED Screens are equally impressive in sunlight or under the starry night sky.

Seamless Integration: Adhaiwell's screens seamlessly integrate with your existing architecture, preserving the beauty of your space.

️ Custom Solutions: No two projects are the same. Adhaiwell offers tailored transparent LED solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Join the future of visual communication and architectural design. Choose Adhaiwell's Transparent LED Screens and leave a lasting impression.

Contact us today and let's transform your vision into reality!




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