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Hollywood Cool LED Billboards Take You To Play with LED Screen

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The Sunset Strip is located in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The 27-kilometer Sunset Boulevard road is lined with palm trees and movie billboards. This is the symbol of Hollywood celebrity culture and is synonymous with Hollywood starlight. Let’s take a look today at what the brainstorming designers have done for Hollywood billboards:


Hollywood Cool LED Billboards Take You To Play with LED Screen

The prism, designed by JCDecaux and Zaha Hadid Architects, looks at the shape, maybe you guessed that this advertising billboard came from the hand of British architect Zaha Hadid who had just passed away. In addition to being used as a Ads billboard, this will also become an information center serving the surrounding communities.

 Hollywood Cool LED Billboards Take You To Play with LED Screen

The prism structure is in the form of a typical sculpture, made of brushed aluminum. Adjacent pedestrian plazas are built with landscape pavilions and seating for day breaks, and integrated lighting at night provides a variety of lighting.


Outdoor Billboards with LED Screen


Outdoor Billboards with LED Screen


Tom wiscombe, designed by Orange Barrel Media, Tom Wiscombe Architects and MoCA, looks like a billboard on the market. But in fact this is a vertical 3D billboard. Led advertising Billboards can be used to display promotions through live broadcasts or to present multimedia art curated by the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA).


Outdoor Led Billboards

The housing features high-resolution LED technology, video projection and stage lighting, all integrated into a custom-designed perforated metal case. According to the plan, nearly 75% of the ads will be non-commercial after the screen.


Outdoor Billboards


LED Billboards


Unfolding sunset, the design of the boundary between fuzzy physics and digital experience. Utilizing technology, visual effects and urban space, the program aims to provide public participation in “beyond the audience”.


LED Billboards with LED Screen

The flexible panel range meets the needs of multiple audiences, combining business content with art, performance and social media. These panels produce visual illusions as they merge into a single image, with different viewing experiences at different angles.


Cool LED Billboards with LED Screen


Cool LED Billboards


Spectacular was designed by TAIT Towers Inc., and its 'bow tie' was inspired by the Black Tie Club from the 1930s to the 1940s. TAIT hopes that this design will reflect Hollywood's past and present as a truly new landmark.


The Sunset Strip is world-renowned for its vibrant heritage of logos, entertainment and nightlife, with a long tradition of commemoration. There are many Led movie billboards on both sides of the road, which is a must-see for tourists. It has always been introduced as a representative of Hollywood celebrity culture, and it is also the center of Los Angeles nightlife culture.


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