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Why Scrolling Light Box

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What are the advantages of scrolling light boxes?

The scrolling light box (also called as rolling or rotating light box) is an advertising light box that successively displays different posters of the image up to 6 posters. The principle is to use the digital scrolling system to rotate the two pipes to achieve the effect of installing multiple images in one light box, and the time of each posters scrolling is It can be customized according to the different requirements of customers, which greatly enriches the form of light box advertising.


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Scrolling light boxes have always been a wide-ranging light box, they can always be seen in the streets and alleys, and the scrolling light box scrolling advertising form is very attractive, allowing pedestrians to stand in the eye, is a tool for advertising. Why scrolling light boxes will be popular, Adhaiwell as a manufacturer specializing in the production and development of light boxes, think that the advantages of scrolling light boxes are:


1. The scrolling light box adopts a digital scrolling control system, which is extremely smooth and noise-free when the poster is converted and can be placed in an environment that needs to be kept quiet.


2. There are usually three types of scrolling light boxes, the cold steel plate painted, aluminum profiles, stainless steel, and the materials used to make the light boxes are strong and durable. The aluminum profile scrolling light box has a short construction period, and its aluminum has strong adhesion, and there is no discoloration or plaque after spraying. Cold plates and stainless steel can be made into various self-shaped shapes by bending and welding.


3. The scrolling light box adopts LED light source, soft light, long life, high brightness, low heat and low power consumption. The scrolling light box canvas uses PP paper, backlit film, etc., which complement each other and add a dynamic and beautiful scenery to the city.


4. The materials of the scrolling light box are mostly made of recyclable resources. The lightbox is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and easy to use.


5. The scrolling light box can also be equipped with LED electronic display on top of the light box, voice playback, electronic calendar, remote control, multiple light boxes running at the same time and other functions.

scrolling light box with top LED screen sign


The production of scrolling light boxes is not complicated but also not simple, which leads to the quality of scrolling light boxes. It is especially important to choose a good scrolling light box manufacturer. Adhaiwell adheres to the business philosophy of honesty and service and is willing to provide first-class products for customers and work together with customers to develop together.

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