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What is the Advertising Advantage of Scrolling Signage?

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The scrolling light box is also called a roll poster light box. The principle is to use a digital scrolling system kits with driving the posters up and down, then to achieve the effect of installing multiple posters in an advertising light box, which creates an immediate and exciting visual impact.


The scroll signage has a timer for the backlit lighting. The LED scrolling display is used to publish public welfare information or advertising posters by dynamic to increase visual appeal. The scrolling light box display time of each poster is adjustable from 1 to 256 seconds. Some people like the scrolling speed of the scrolling image poster fastly and some people prefer the slower speed. You can arbitrarily adjust the time you want to display in the range of 1-256 seconds.



Adhaiwell's scrolling advertising light box has the option function of power-off poster setting (POPS) to ensurer the image poster stays intact on the center of the window when the power is suddenly or temporarily interrupted. When the main power goes off for any reason, POPS automatically sets the scrolling display to a complete poster.

But POPS requires a battery to function.


This POPS function is very important whether it is for scrolling light boxes, scrolling advertisement light boxes or rotate advertising litter boxes, newspaper column light boxes, etc. Anyone who sees half a page of advertisements will not be comfortable. Therefore, we, Adhaiwell has taken this into consideration and have designed a humanized power outage for you, so there is a complete scrolling light box screen displayed in front of everyone.

Scrolling light box Specifications


  • The SPDE scrolling system kits can drive 2 to 6 printing posters display


  • The display time of each poster is adjustable from 1 to 256 seconds


  • The scrolling system controller itself has a clock function, automatic accurate time


  • Multiple scrolling light boxes signage can run synchronously


  • If the SPDE scrolling system is abnormal, if it rotates continuously for 20 seconds, the system will start the self-protection function and automatically stop running


  • The LED-backlit lighting can be controlled by the timer


  • Roller can be manually controlled to rotate up and down


  • Microcomputer chip program control


  • Especially equipped with scrolling light box POPS function to ensure that sets the scrolling display to a complete poster when the main power goes off for any reason.


  • The scrolling display and transformation are smoothly, and the running is quiet


  • Improve the efficiency of the use of advertising positions with low cost


  • Easy to change advertising printing image posters by the poster zipper




1. Decoration publicity projects for exhibition halls, museums, libraries, gymnasiums, art galleries, exhibition halls, opera houses, universities, middle schools, vocational schools, hospitals, banks, insurance, and securities.


2. Conference center, exhibition center, certificate center, municipal engineering, department store, supermarket chain, shopping plaza, jewelry monopoly, cosmetics chain, beverage trade, tobacco, and alcohol trade, fast-food chain, medicine chain, stationery center, boutique center, furniture Advertising, and promotion projects for centers, home appliance wholesale, musical instrument monopoly, etc.


3. Municipal plane lighting system, square ground lamp project, park attraction introduction project, local lantern festival project, community bulletin board project, waiting booth project, bank self-service cash withdrawal project, telephone booth project, power emergency project, building display project, airport passage project, Subway railway station exit engineering, etc.


4. Landscaping projects for hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, villas, tea houses, western restaurants, cafes, cake and pastry shops, bars, karaoke halls, dance halls, saunas, beauty salons, fitness rooms, health centers, etc.

mupi scrolling signs



  • Public Welfare:

The rolling light box advertisement is actually a part of the city appearance. The mupi scrolling signage advertisement is made into a landscape, which makes people feel a better life. Therefore, the pleasing mupi Scrolling Signs advertisement on bus shelter has great benefits for beautifying the city environment and enhancing the company's image and visibility.


  • Mandatory:

Scrolling light box advertisements have a wide distribution of dots, and the audience accepts strong mandatory and low interference.


  • Mobility:

Scrolling Signages advertisements are mainly set on the main roads in urban areas, and the route is fixed. When the audience of the advertisement is flowing, the content of the scrolling light box advertisements or printing image posters will continue to appear in the minds of the audience, which will be extremely effective. Increase the number and frequency of advertising audiences. 


  • Complementarity:

When the customer is in the advertising period, the customer can choose the form of advertisement to maintain the reputation of the company's brand for a long time; it can be used as a continuation of TV and newspaper advertisements, combined with TV and newspaper advertisements to strengthen market influence; no TV advertising period Maintain the popularity of the product; the free publicity cycle can quickly and intuitively express itself, display products, expand the market, and transmit the information simply and quickly.


  • Long-term:

The advertising of the scrolling light box has a relatively long time. It adopts a stainless steel structure or aluminum profile frame. The modernized tempered glass is equipped with modern lighting and simultaneous scrolling effects. Its advantages are stronger than traditional advertising forms.


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