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Scrolling Poster Display Engineer SPDE HW 51A / 76A/ 120A Scrolling Kits

The new generation of scrolling posters display system kits for your multi-image scrolling poster signs. Adhaiwell is the pioneer of supplying scrolling advertising systems in kits. Only we can supply large format and big size of scrolling kits for 4m x 3m & 6mx 3m in China.

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  • SPDE HW51A / 51AE / 51AX / 76AE / 120A

  • Adhaiwell

  • 8479899990

  • 9405600000 

  • 1.2m x 1.8m or 4m x 3 m or 6m x 3m

Product Description

China Supplier Best Quality of SPDE (Scrolling Poster Display Engine Kits) Scrolling System made in Adhaiwell. Contact us for more about scrolling posters now!

Adhaiwell is a leading manufacturer of Mupi Scrolling poster display engineer system kits with over 10 years of experience in the industry from China supplier. If you are looking for an scrolling system Kits of SPDE- HW 51A / 51AE / 51AX / 76A / 76AE / 76AX / 120A motor kits. Supply has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decision for your business. Stand out from competitors with our vibrant and attractive outdoor scroller light box products.

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The new generation of scrolling posters display system for your multi-image scrolling poster signs.

How to Install / Change / Replace the Scrolling Printing Poster.

Why Choose Adhaiwell Scrolling Posters Display Engine Kits

- Best Quality in China

- High-Speed DC motors

- Easy to replace poster

- Up to 6 posters each side

- Increased your target audience 

- Minimum maintenance and costs

Scrolling light box Specifications

Dynamically leading the advertising industry

Adhaiwell is a manufacturer of scrolling advertising displays in China. We are passionate about designing, building and supporting high-quality products that make you more successful. Our people build signs to suit you and your markets.

Poster always perfectly positioned

Our expertise provides reliable and innovative scrolling poster display system solutions.

Scrolling posters make money for you

The scrolling poster main controller developed by Adhaiwell can regulate changes in conditions. All the changes are immediately processed digitally to ensure that the posters always remain perfectly positioned.

Tightened Inspection 

All products are produced under strict quality control conditions and will be run 24 hours in our factory before shipping.

Long Lifetime

Full digital control minimizes paper tension and doubles or even triples poster life, compared with traditional scrolling posters.

Customized Designs

Adhaiwell has some standard scrolling posters signs designs, but the design also can be customized to meet your needs regarding shape and colour.

Adhaiwell can supply different type of scrolling poster display system kits to meet your needs regarding size.


SPDE HW-51A | 51AE | 51AX Scrolling Kit System

Suitable for small to medium sign of up to CLP size of 3sqm. 

Roller Diameters: 51mm 

Maximum Width: 2m 

Maximum Size: 3 sqm ( 1.5 x 2m )

Motors: BLDC

POPS (*): Optional

Synchronization: Built-in

Two Channel timer: Built-in (relay module required)

Max Power: 50 W

Power Supply: 220V AC 50/60Hz, or

110v AV 50/60Hz, or 

12V DC (converter required)


SPDE HW-76A | 76AE | 76AX Scrolling Kit System

The Best Seller Suitable for medium to large sign of up to from 6sqm to 12 sqm.

Roller Diameters: 75mm (76A)

                             80mm (76AE)

Maximum Width: 3.5m  (A)

                            5m  (AE)

Maximum Size:  < 6 sqm (3m x 2m ) (76A)

                          /<12 (4m x 3m ) sqm (76AE) 

                           /< 15 ( 5m x 3m ) sqm (76AX)

Motors: BLDC

POPS (*): Optional

Synchronization: Built-in

Two Channel timer: Built-in (relay module required)

Power Supply: Built-in (relay module required)

Max Power:  76A | 76AE : 70 W ; 76AX : 150W

Power Supply: 220V AC 50/60Hz, or 110V AV 50/60Hz, or 12V DC (converter required)


SPDE HW-120A Scrolling Kit System

Heavyweight Champion Suitable for large sign of up to 18 sq. meters

Roller Diameters: 120 mm 

Maximum Width: 6m 

Maximum Size: 12 sqm (4m x 3m ) to 18sqm (6m x 3m)  

Motors: BLDC

POPS (*): Optional

Synchronization: Built-in

Two Channel timer: Built-in (relay module required)

Max Power: 220 W

Power Supply: 220V AC 50/60Hz, or

110V AV 50/60Hz

Elevate Your Scrolling  Light  Box Advertising with Adhaiwell SPDE Scrolling System Kits.

Capture attention like never before with the Adhaiwell SPDE Scrolling Light Box – the ultimate solution to amplify your advertising impact. Designed to captivate and engage, this versatile masterpiece transforms mundane displays into captivating narratives, giving your messages the spotlight they deserve.

Unveil the Features, Embrace the Benefits:

Dynamic Scrolling Mechanism: Seamlessly showcase multiple messages or images in succession. Keep your audience engaged as your content unfolds with a captivating rhythm, leaving a lasting impression.

Indoor and Outdoor Brilliance: Crafted to withstand the elements, the Adhaiwell SPDE Scrolling Light Box thrives both indoors and outdoors. Rain or shine, your message remains vibrant, ensuring 24/7 visibility.

Durable Construction: Engineered with precision, this City Scroller Light Box boasts exceptional durability. Its weather-resistant design ensures your investment is safeguarded, minimizing maintenance concerns.

Enhanced Visibility: Draw in a larger audience with the hypnotic motion of scrolling visuals. Transform passersby into intrigued customers, driving foot traffic to new heights.

Experience the Feels:

Imagine the thrill of captivating potential customers with every passing image. Feel the reassurance of weather-resistant construction that keeps your message shining through any conditions. Experience the pride of boosting your brand's visibility and engagement.

Your Advertising Revolution Starts Now:

Unleash the power of Adhaiwell SPDE scrolling light box to redefine your advertising strategy. Join the league of innovative businesses that elevate their brand presence effortlessly. Embrace technology that entices, withstands, and delivers results.

Act Now: Elevate your advertising game today! Take the first step towards captivating visuals and unprecedented engagement. Invest in the Adhaiwell SPDE scrolling light box and watch your messages come to life like never before.




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