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Outdoor Advertising: A “Gold Mine” for Brand Marketing

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Outdoor Advertising

Recently, Alibaba Cloud has launched a global expansion plan, and Hong Kong is the first stop. In order to allow the brand to quickly gain recognition in the Hong Kong market, and to make the brand closer to Hong Kong consumers, Aliyun chose outdoor advertising. Through the combination of public transport body advertisements, bus shelter advertisements , outdoor advertising billboard , transparent curtain led wall advertising, Mupi led signage the brand has a sense of presence.

Alibaba Cloud Advertisement

Aliyun chose outdoor advertising as the "biggest" of propaganda, not surprising.


For brands that are opening up new markets, there is really no advertising form that can open the market faster than outdoor advertising and more naturally integrate into the lives of consumers.


Outdoor advertising exists in the corners of the city. It helps brands break barriers and quickly enter new markets.


Outdoor OOH advertising is the most unique imprint in the city. It exists in the corners of the city: bus shelter advertisements in the bustling area; bus shelter advertisements on both sides of the boulevard; outdoor led billboard advertisements in the bustling business district; neon flashing, brilliance LED advertising display, transparent curtain led wall advertising, mupi led signage, mupi scrolling led light box.


Through the combination of different forms of outdoor advertising, it can help brands to fully cover new markets, form a huge marketing momentum, and break the barrier of geographical communication.


Outdoor advertising exists in a real-life moment, it can help the brand close to the consumer and enter the hearts of consumers.


Brands can only become consumers' choices if they are close to consumers.


All consumer spending decisions have a hidden premise: TRUST. Only when consumers “TRUST” the brand can they make consumption decisions.


So how does the brand gain the “TRUST” of the consumer? The easiest thing is to increase the exposure and continue to convey the brand information to consumers. The straightforward point is to say “Brushing Presence”.


In life, why do we trust a person, we must know this person, even if we have not been photographed, we must have chatted online. If this person and we often face each other and often chat, isn't "trust" better than someone who doesn't deal with it or even a complete stranger?


The same is true for brands.


When a consumer generates a certain demand, a brand that is often seen in life is more trustworthy than a strange brand, and the chance of being purchased is higher. In addition to opening new markets and being close to consumers, outdoor advertising is also an indispensable channel for brands to expand their voices and increase their visibility. When the internationally renowned luxury jewelry brand Burberry changed its logo last year, it also chose to put outdoor advertising to strongly announce the new logo.

transparent curtain led wall advertising

For a well-known brand like Burberry, changing the logo is not a trivial matter. It must give consumers a clear understanding of the new brand image in a short period of time. Outdoor advertising has a unique advantage in this respect. It can not only complete regional communication well, but also trigger secondary transmission and expand influence.


Outdoor advertising is originally one of the city's logos. If outdoor advertising is unique enough, pleasing to the eye, and interesting, it will attract passers-by to take pictures and upload them to social networks, causing secondary spread. According to a survey of authoritative research institutions, in 2017, one in four Americans posted photos of at least one outdoor billboard on their Instagram account. This ratio far exceeds the rate of mention of TV, radio and web advertising on social networks such as Instagram.


Today, in the Internet of Everything, outdoor advertising can not only achieve regional communication but also can form influence in the world through the secondary transmission. In the past two years, the marketing value of outdoor advertising has become more prominent. More and more brands are turning their attention to outdoor advertising. It is like a “gold mine”, which brings a surprise to the brand.

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