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Taxi Digital Signage LCD Advertising Display Market Analysis

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Taxi Digital Signage LCD Advertising Display Market Analysis 

As an important means of transport for the city, taxis are huge in quantity and have strong mobility. Their swimming infiltration in the city is unrivaled. It can be described as pervasive, and the selection of advertising tools focuses on the size and spread of the audience rate. At the same time, taxis are a good vehicle for displaying an image of the city.


Digital LCD display screens are installed on the headrest pole of the car/ Taxi as a platform for information & advertising dissemination, which can beautify the city's appearance, take off for the urban economy. To achieve rapid development of practical purposes.



The information storage capacity of the screen is large. It can appeal to the public through electronic screens for daily advertisements, news, policies and regulations, public information (such as meteorological information), urban culture, and transportation information. 

The public welfare is particularly prominent. It is the government’s Mouthpiece, a window of urban civilization. It is also the best way for the president to campaign for publicity.



Taxi Digital Signage LCD advertising display is used as a media publishing advertising tool. Compared with traditional advertising media, it has the characteristics of strong mobility, wide distribution, high information transmission rate, and no limitation of time and space. The propaganda effect and low advertising price will be of concern to more businesses. All of these characteristics have determined that the taxi-based advertising platform will weave the largest media network in the city.



Enterprise businesses use taxi platforms to advertise. With taxis, they have the mobility that is not available in radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. The advertising content is forcibly seen by passers-by; the height of taxi advertisements is the same as the line of sight of people. The content of the advertisement can be spread to the public at a close distance to achieve the maximum visual opportunity and the highest achievement rate.


Enterprises such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, MTN, Car, airline and movie companies can establish brand image through such a platform, influence consumer purchase decision, and achieve the purpose of advertising through continuous information prompts. Its good advertising communication effect not only enables enterprises and their products to maintain their brand image in the market for a long time, but also enhances their popularity, and can also cooperate with them for strategic promotion or seasonal product promotion activities.



Advertising contains huge market demand and potential. With its multiple resource advantages, it will provide one of the most valuable advertising resources for many media and merchants in the city and become the most effective way to release advertising services for products and services. We believe that the unique form of advertising is on the back of the taxi, which will surely become a highlight of the new advertising carrier.


The new form of media

Taxi digital LCD advertising display as a brand-new media, will cause great concern in the entire market, have the opportunity to form a sensational effect, can achieve unexpectedly great communication value for enterprises.


Wide Audience

All car owners, taxis, passers-by, passengers;


High frequency of contact

In order to create the best operating income, taxis must actively pursue the target consumers and move their jobs in the most densely populated areas.


Revenue Forecast

1000 cars will play the same advertisement synchronously in the city. It is easy to accept $50 for 30 seconds/time.


New China supplier taxi headrest monitor taxi tablet headrest mount seat player

10.1 Inch Car Headrest Advertising Touching LCD Display for Taxi passenger

10.1 Inch Car Headrest Advertising Display 3G Wi-Fi Ultra-Thin LCD Digital Signage Remote Control

Taxi Car Seat Advertising 10 Inch Android Tablet PC 4G GPS WIFI AD Player



Product Profile

1. Built-in PCI-E 3G /4G module (industry grade), Support 3G /4G sim card. online update information


2. With an option of a Capacitive touchscreen.


3. DC, 6V-40V power, Support Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Overshoot 


4. Optional Customers themselves APK or 3rd APK Software


5.10.1inch panel and Head pillow All in one


6. The headrest fixing can fit all models of car & Taxi, Adjustable pitch


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