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Three Profit Models for Mobile Phone Charging Station Digital LCD Signage

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Three Profit Models for Mobile Phone Charging Station Digital LCD Signage

Mobile Phone Charging Station Digital LCD Signage is a multi-function advertising display mobile phone charging station that is based on mobile phone charging as a core function, audio and video advertising system, and compatible with light box advertising. According to the above functions, there will be corresponding three major profit models, which the industry calls “Three Golden Keys”.



The first "Golden Key": Selling Services.

The operation method is to build mobile phone charging station digital LCD signage in stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, newsstands, hotels, restaurants, entertainment places, tourist attractions and other places to provide emergency charging, discharging and disinfection services for mobile phone holders. Consumers enjoy services through coin-operated methods. Investors earn money on the coin. In terms of the way, "selling service" is the most basic function of the mobile phone charging station advertising machine. It relies on globe extremely high mobile penetration rate, the increasing use of other digital products, and the growing interconnectedness of the population.


The second "Golden Key": Selling Products.

Operators can sell mobile phone charging station digital LCD signage to demanders and users, such as communications companies, banks, mobile phone manufacturers and so on. Most of the buyers of the products need to use the mobile phone charging station Digital LCD Signage as a tool to increase the service function and enhance the corporate image and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise through the establishment of the mobile phone filling station. If you find a large single buyer in the process of selling products, the benefits are considerable. It can also be sold to advertising agencies for advertising operations.


The third "Golden Key": Selling Advertising.

The mobile phone charging station Digital LCD Signage is a brand-new advertising carrier installed in a public place with a lot of people. It uses the digital LCD screen advertising machine to play video, text, graphics and other means to advertise for the enterprise and charge advertising fees. Since the mobile phone charging station advertising machine has very obvious characteristics and advantages compared with other advertising carriers, the operation is proper and the profit is considerable.


The three profit models of mobile phone charging station Digital LCD Signage have introduced above. If they are operated properly, the business opportunities and potentially high returns are exciting.


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This 42-inch LCD Screen Digital Lockers Network Digital Signage and Remote Control System Mobile Charging Kiosk is mainly targeted for self-service cell phone charge in unsupervised or semi-supervised positions.

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