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How to Buy LCD Screen Digital Signage from China

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Digital Signage Is Going to Change Your Business Strategies. Benefits of Digital Signage That May Change Your Perspective. Buy the best ADVERTISING LCD DISPLAYER from China supplier.



This guide is for anyone who is interested in getting started with digital signage. It covers everything you need to know and do to get set up with your first digital signage project. We'll cover everything from the important questions you should consider and tips for getting the most out of your investment.


What is Digital Signage?


The ADVERTISING LCD DISPLAYER (also called Digital Signage) is a new generation of intelligent advertising playing equipment, which constitutes a complete advertising broadcast control system through digital signage CMS (Content Management Software), network information transmission, and multimedia terminal display.


What are you show on your Digital Signage Display?


Digital Signage can play multimedia advertising content such as image, text, video, calendars, and small plug-ins (weather, exchange rate, etc). The original idea of digital signage was to turn advertising into an active one, so the interactive nature of touching LCD screen digital signage makes it have many public service functions, and attracts customers to actively browse the advertisements.


Where can be installed Digital signage?


Digital signage is the ability to show any type of media & advertising on a digital LCD display. Digital signage is everywhere - the mall, restaurants, hospitals, universities, and lobbies. It’s a great tool for marketing a new product, promoting brand awareness, communicating with staff or students, and engaging just about any audience in your space.


Therefore, the initial mission of digital signage was to change the mode of passive advertising and to attract customers to actively browse the advertisements through interactive methods. And the development direction of digital signage has been continuing this mission: intelligent interaction, public service, entertainment interaction, etc.


What are the hardware components of Digital Signage?


Digital Signage is usually referred to as an LCD screen advertising machine. The key components include a glass substrate, color filter, polarizer, driver IC, liquid LCD panel, matching inner film, backlight module, ITO Conductive film, other materials, and chemicals used in the CELL process. The principle of LCD is that the light from the backlight light source shines on the polarizing plate. After the light passes through the polarizing plate, it will be polarized. The polarized light will pass through the liquid crystal because the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules is affected by the voltage generated by the electrode. Therefore, the liquid crystal can change the polarization angle of the polarized light, and the light intensity will be different due to different polarization angles. The light of different intensity will pass through the red, blue, and green elements of the color filter, and it will show Various elements of different brightness and different colors, and finally through each pixel, can form various images and graphics that can be seen by the naked eye.


What function is digital signage content management software (CMS)


A Content Management Software (CMS) is what allows you to show content on your LCD Display. Content management software can range in price and abilities. It can show a variety of content from text, images, video, web pages, and more.


Some people called digital signage alongside paper media, radio, television, and the Internet, and call it the "fifth media."


Content Management Software (CMS) realizes the remote centralized management of the content release and the content is updated at any time.

In response to customer’s business needs, centralized control and unified management method are adopted to combine various media files such as pictures, slides, animations, audio, video, and rolling subtitles into multimedia programs, which are transmitted to the digital media controller through the network, and then the digital The media controller performs orderly playback and control on the corresponding display device in accordance with the control rules, and inserts all kinds of real-time information such as news, pictures, and emergency notifications at any time, and delivers the latest information to the audience in the first time.


Adhaiwell's system adopts centralized control management and automatic broadcast solutions, with distributed structure, open interface, human-computer interaction, and good scalability; at the same time, the system has powerful functions, a friendly operation interface, easy installation, and easy maintenance. The digital media information publishing system is based on network architecture, integrating program editing, program transmission and publishing, business interactive query, information guidance, and centralized control management. It can also interact with bank query systems, real-time exchange rate pricing systems, automatic real-time weather forecast information, The perfect combination of real-time stock information, financial real-time data system, touch query system, queuing system, OA office system, attendance system, enterprise training system, industrial control system, real-time database, etc.


Why Should Digital Signage Effective to Your Business?


Digital signage is the most effective advertising equipment that you will use to communicate with your audience. Everywhere, digital signage catches people’s attention every time.


We have to face it: static light box signs, scrolling posters, and flyers are just not as exciting or effective as a digital sign. Digital media is the new trend in the 21st century.


Digital signage can improve your marketing and advertising initiatives through powerful calls to action and engaging visuals. Or if you’re looking to improve communication with your visitors, staff, or students, your message will get noticed with digital signage. In fact, digital signage attracts the attention of 63% of people, making digital signage hard to ignore.


And it’s cheaper than it’s ever been! The overall cost of digital signage has been on a steady decline every year. Historically, a digital signage installation required an upfront investment of a few thousand dollars, but now due to the increased commoditization of parts, a fully functioning digital signage project can be accomplished for only a few hundred dollars.


How to Choose the Right Digital Signage


There are hundreds of different types of digital signage displays available. You have two choices to make when it comes to picking a display - do you want to use a simple TV or a commercial display, and do you want to go interactive or static?


Function classification:

Stand-alone digital signage, online digital signage (3G/4G/WIFI), touch digital signage, Bluetooth digital signage, voice digital signage, etc.


Application scope:

Indoor digital signage, outdoor digital signage, taxi digital signage, floor digital signage, DID LCD splicing wall, etc.


Installation method:

free standing digital signage, wall-mounted digital signage, combined digital signage, etc.


Display method:

Non Touch advertising machine  & Touch advertising machine

China's top Digital Signage Manufacturer-Adhaiwell.

Adhaiwell is an expert in the design and manufacture of various forms of digital signage located in Shenzhen, China. Adhaiwell, together with global customers, has triggered a global revolution in the digital signage industry. You may hardly realize the importance of choosing the right digital signage vendor, but to be honest, there are many advantages to making a wise choice.

Considering that Adhaiwell has been committed to providing quality and ensuring customer satisfaction for many years, it is the best choice. Marketing is to promote the company's services by establishing relationships with a large number of people in the right place and at the right time. As a result, Adhaiwell has been on the market for ten years and has become one of the best suppliers of digital signage and media players. 

With the combination of a variety of technologies to produce new, larger and better things, users can rest assured to give play to the best performance. Technology will become faster, have the potential to do more, and will become more streamlined to make work easier and aesthetically enjoyable at the same time, which is why you should join the growing technology competition and invest in something valuable. Your friends showed off their better equipment before you.


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Digital Signage Is Going to Change Your Business Strategies. Benefits of Digital Signage That May Change Your Perspective. Buy the best ADVERTISING LCD DISPLAYER from China supplier. This guide is for anyone who is interested in getting started with digital signage. It covers everything you need to
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