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Knowledge of Digital LCD Signage

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Knowledge of Digital LCD Signage

Before the sale of Digital Signage FAQ

Q: the creation of a basic information system network, what product you need?

A: need one computer equipped with Windows operating systems, server software, network connection, network and a display of the player. You need to install the server software on the computer to manage players, publish content updates. Player will automatically download the latest release of content over the network and stored in the internal memory. Final display updated content will be played out.

Q: DSM80 how many players can support the information publishing software?

A: you can support any number of players, and increase as your information distribution system network expansion,

Q: the Player supports what?

A: our player supports video (Mpeg 1/2/4, standard definition, 1080P HD), picture (JPEG, BMP), information (text messages), streaming video (MMS).

Q: where player can be installed in?

A: the Player size is very small, can be installed on the back wall of the display. In addition, your player can also be hidden in the ceiling and some hidden place.

Q: Home what are the differences between the television and commercial display?

A: because they use different, so the difference could be substantial. Although a commercial display prices expensive than household TV, but it also applies to information publishing system. Their differences are as follows:
Household TV is based on daily needs, using only a few hours a day. Commercial display 24x7 sustainable use; TV interface; business better screen quality, fewer defects.
Commercial business environment were taken into account in the design of the display. It can even worse environment, resistance to high temperatures and high humidity, so its internal structure more robust.

Media Player FAQ

Q: Why the display content has been cut off on the edge after connecting media player to display screen? 

A: Most of TV and display equipments have such problem with HDMI input. It is due to TV/screen itself, and you can try to adjust the layout zone to meet TV/screen size.

Q: How can I switch video output? 
A: Take out SD card and reboot player. Wait for 2 minutes, and use the remote controller to switch video output. Press red key to VGA video output, HDMI key to HDMI output, YpbPr key to YpbPr output.

Q: Why the player can not power on/off at the set time after a certain time? 
A: The battery of player is usually out of power after using 3 to 5 years. Please contact manufacturer for repair.

Q: Why the content is not full screen? 
A: Please check the below issues at first. 1. Does the program resolution match the player resolution? 2. Does the program itself in full screen?

Q: Why it shakes when playing HD video? 
A: Please check the bit rate of HD video at first. It should not be too high. And then make sure the video format is 50Hz.

Q: Why player display blank screen after booting? 
A: If it is media player, please check player resolution matches to display resolution. And then confirm that it is in the start up time you set. If it is not, please unlock the player and press the power key of main board.

Q: Why it display five colour stripes after starting up player? 
A: The start-up image of players can be customized. In default, it is five colour stripes.

Q: Why it always display five colour stripes? 
A: It means there is content to play. Please send some content to player.

Q: Why the image can not be switched when playing images? 
A: It is due to the clock issue on main board. Please contact manufacturer for repair.

Q: Why it can not connect with server after inserting 3G or WiFi USB disk? 
A: The 3G or WiFi USB disk must be the specific model. Please contact us for more details.

Server FAQ

Q: What to do if the web browser does not support Java? 
A: Please install Java virtual machine at first.

Q: What to do if program template can not be visit when server login through IE browser in Windows 7?
A: It is due to IE capability setting issue of Windows7. Please go to “Setting->Internet Option->Combatively View to adjust browser layout mistake automatically”.

Q: What is the default user and password?  
A: In default, user is admin and password is 

Q: How long the software login will overtime in default? 
A: In default, it is 20 minutes. If there is no operation on management software, it requires re-login software with user and password.

Q: Why there is no heartbeat time display on server after connecting player to server? 
A: Please check below issues: 1. Player ID is correct on server. When adding player ID, it must be prefixed with “0x”; 2. Player network connection is correct, WiFi encryption is the same as router; 3. The server address set on player is correct; 4. If player IP is static, confirm that it is in the same network segment of server. If all of above settings are correct, please check network devices, such as router, wireless AP, etc.

Q: Does it support multiple video zones?
A: No, it only supports one video zone. But multiple image and message zones are supported.

Q: What is virtual machine software? 
A: Simply, virtual machine software allows user to simulate one or several computer base on one computer. Usually, VMware is recommended. Please check to get more details.

Q: Why DSM80 management software install in VMware at first? 
A: VMware has below advantages: 1. It is very stable, and the standard service platform of Google. 2. Quick installation, just copy the VMware files to hard disk and install VMware software. And then the server is ready. 3. Easy to backup and restore data, just need to backup and restore Vmware files.

System Update FAQ

Q: Can I update content of network player without network access? 
A: Yes, DSM80 players support update without network access. Please export programs from software and copy them to USB flash disk, and then insert USB flash disk to update players. 

Q: Why the update page does not appear or there is no optional campaign name after inserting USB flash disk into player? 
A: Please check below things: 1. Campaign is available on USB flash disk; 2. The USB flash disk format is FAT32.

Q: Why the image can’t display or the image zone is blank screen after updating new campaign? 
A: The image size should be less than 5000x5000 pixels in default. And it is suggested that the image size is the same as image zone size.

Q: What to do if there are unexpected things happen during player upgrade, for example take out USB flash disk, player power off suddenly, etc? 
A: It requires doing nothing. Player firmware has protection mechanism

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