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Advantages of Bus Shelter Advertising Display

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Advantages of Bus Shelter Advertising Display


01. Irreplaceability of Location

The distinguishing feature of bus shelter advertising from other traditional media is its non-renewability. Some unique locations and unique bus shelter advertisements are irreplaceable. The limited nature of resources is the driving force behind high profits.


02. Exclusivity of Buyout Management


The purchase of media resources of the bus shelter advertising company generally adopts a contracting method to buy out the right to use for a certain number of years. Therefore, certain forms at a certain stage have strong exclusivity.


03.High Audience Rate with Low price.

The number of advertisements for bus shelters is large, the arrival rate is high, and the publicity effect is good. The price is relatively low compared to the types of advertisements such as outdoor columns.


Play-Doh opens a can of imagination on the streets of Bogota


04. Stable Influence

From the perspective of future development, it is the evergreen of advertising media. Due to changes in the communication environment, market environment, and lifestyle, the advertising media is on the eve of a reshuffle. The mass media represented by television will be greatly affected. Regardless of how it changes, outdoor advertising as part of the living environment will only become more and more influential. When all the media are in the audience, the only mass media is outdoor advertising.

 Bus Shelter Advertising

05. Strong Selectivity for Regions & Consumers

 The bus shelter advertisement can be set according to the common psychological characteristics and customs of consumers in a certain area; on the other hand, the bus shelter advertisement can provide repeated publicity for the fixed consumers who often operate in this urban area, which makes the impression strong.


06. Higher Attention Rate

Bus shelter advertisements can make good use of the blank psychology that consumers often generate in public when they commute to and from work. At this time, some well-designed bus shelter advertisements, including the colorful changes of the night, often leave a very deep impression, which can cause higher attention and make it easier to accept advertisements.

 Bus shelter made in Adhaiwell

07. Have a certain nature of compulsion appeal

Even consumers who are rushing to the road may leave a certain impression on the random glimpse of the advertisement, and leave a deep impression on certain commodities through repeated iterations.


08. Colorful forms of expression, enhance the image of the city


The bus shelter advertisement has its own characteristics, and it also has the function of beautifying the cityscape. The effect of advertising and the city's appearance is seamless, which makes consumers accept the advertisement very naturally.


Guangzhou City bus shelter made in Adhaiwell


Bus shelter advertisements frequently appear in various parts of the city, attracting the attention of the people coming and going, becoming an advertisement form with a wide audience, a high repetition rate, a relatively concentrated target population, and relatively low advertising costs. The strong creative bearing and the large-scale visual impact effect, the potential consumption information transmitted to the consumers at the sales terminal has a direct influence on the target consumers.


However, on this basis, we must also pay attention to the investigation of the location and cycle of advertising, while strengthening consultation with advertisers, strengthen the management of bus shelter advertising, strengthen the placement of public service ads, improve the quality of advertising images, and regularly Check maintenance and maintain a relatively clean, orderly state, etc. Make the communication effect of bus shelter advertising more effective.


In summary, a large wave of investigation and research is enough to prove the power of public transportation advertising, and public transportation advertising has become a highly permeable outdoor advertising media, and its advantages have directly laid a position in the outdoor media!

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