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Creative Bus Shelter: Interactive Bus Shelter in Paris

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Italian street furniture design company metalco developed an interactive outdoor bus stop called “Osmose” for Paris.

interactive outdoor bus stop 


The bus shelter was built at Gard Lyon Station, and the intelligent station of the bus shelter was designed by the French architect MAc aurel, the first interactive bus shelter they designed.


bus shelter at Gard Lyon Station 

"Osmose" is designed primarily for office workers, but at the same time takes into account the needs of people with disabilities and healthy people in the 21st century. The details are more user-friendly:

1) Tourist ticket office

2) Self-service charging station for electric bicycles

3) Traveler Library of "Lending Books, Keeping Books"

4) A gentle reminder when the bus approaches


Self-service charging Bus station 


Let's take a look at the specific design of the bus shelter:

The rest space of the bus shelter is 85 square meters. The open space is divided into three parts, facing the station. The leftmost part of the platform is a set of static maps with lighting facilities. The map has transit time. Come to decorate the wall next to it. Visitors to Lyon can purchase tickets from the ticket booths next to these backlit maps.

digital map bus shelter 

Infomation Bus Shelter 


The middle section has two benches, one facing the street and the other on the back. In the middle of the two seats is a glass pane, which is decorated with a white heating system. It transforms different colors and creates a fantastic feeling at night. This central area also has an interactive digital map close to the street seats, which shows the location of the approaching bus in real time.

Digital bus stop 


On the far right is an open-air reading room, which consists of the same comfortable bench in the middle and a small bookcase for borrowing books.


open-air reading bus Stop 

 borrowing books bus station stop 


Metalco also has sockets for charging small personal devices, and bicycle charging stations are located behind open-air buildings.


bicycle charging bus stations 


Gard Lyon's platform features a slim layout and a white exterior that makes it more visible at night. The lighting of the platform varies from green to purple depending on the time of day.

 more visible bus shelter stop 

Dulex Bus Shelter 


The city's map is bathed in warm red light at night. The map is depicted by heated glass segments, and the map is equipped with sounding components that broadcast the arrival time of the bus in real time.

city's map bus stop station 


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