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What Are the Advantages of Bus Shelter Advertising?

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With the spread of big data, Internet of Things and cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, technology is integrating digital and offline worlds, and outdoor has the ability to enhance the influence of digital and mobile marketing online. With the development of our city, connections are becoming more and more common, and there will be more and more opportunities to open up and down the world.

Bus Shelter


Bus shelter advertising is one of the most common advertising vehicles for outdoor advertising. What are the advantages of bus shelter advertising?


1. The bus shelter is spread over the city center road, covering the city's most core business district. The flow of people and traffic is dense and the coverage rate is high. So the chances of advertisement on bus shelter being seen are greater.

 Bus Shelter With Advertising Light Box

2. Large-area light box display, good viewing angle, strong visual impact, and small visual interference. Night light box is the provider of lighting, more conspicuous.

 Bus Shelter With Advertising Box

3. What do outdoor advertising have in common? They all emphasize one point: the goods in the ad are not far from the current position. These outdoor advertisements show the direct reason why local businesses primarily use outdoor marketing to promote: outdoor advertising is aimed at consumers in nearby areas.

 Bus Shelter with Bus Shelter With Advertisement

4. The cost of outdoor advertising is low, and it can be used to manufacture gimmicks for brand secondary transmission and enhance brand image and influence.

 Wooden Bus Shelter

5. People's environmental awareness is awakened, and the aesthetic consciousness is generally improved. The audience's review of advertising is not only limited to conveying product information, but also is viewed in an appreciation posture, and has more artistic aesthetic requirements for advertising. Outdoor advertising is the only form of visual communication that is one of the elements of urban landscape that can be juxtaposed with surrounding buildings, road traffic and landscaping.

 Blue Bus Shelter

In the new competitive environment, advertising pays more attention to resource mix. After more than 30 years of development, China's outdoor advertising market has built a network of outdoor media resources through a series of development, financing, and mergers and acquisitions.


It can be foreseen that it will be three to five years or even longer in the future. In the time, outdoor advertising still plays an important role in advertising, the more advertising styles and applications, and there will be more and more bus shelter advertising styles and applications.

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