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Mupi LED Scroll Digital Signs

Mupi light box are more effective than our competitor's as they are concentrated in areas of high traffic. Adhaiwell has double-sided faces to maximize visibility.
  • Mupi Scrolling Light Box
  • Adhaiwell
  • 9405600000 
  • 4 ft x 6 ft

Product Description


Adhaiwell is a manufacturer of Scrolling, Static and Digital signs from China suppliers.


We are a manufacturer of scrolling signs, static signs, and digital led signs. Our vision is to deliver technologically advanced, yet affordable advertising equipment to the marketplace. Our selection of media solutions for static signs and scrolling signs can not only put your business on the billboards, but in people's eyes and heart.


Adhaiwell SPDE scroll kits, with our technologically advanced advertising, is making the difference in regards to getting businesses known through our scrolling signs, static signs and digital led signs. our scrolling signs will give your advertising the advantage it needs to stand out and catch the eye of potential customers. Our scrolling signs are led backlit and brilliant, and go beyond the scope of what you once believed a sign could be. These scroll digital signs will get your message across in the airports, the malls, movie theatres, gyms, fitness centre and even college campuses. Indoor or  outdoor, Adhaiwell scrolling signs will always stand out.


We continues to offer innovation that changes the face of sign advertising with products engineered for easy installation in a cost effective manner. Static led backlit signs or scrolling led light box signs, on the sides of bus shelter with LED sign technology. Our products are recognized and valued by customers around the world.


Main Features:

1. Ease of installation: No more external sensor is required as motors and all transmission parts are built inside the roller, making the structure very simple.

2. Ease of operation: Scrolling movement and positioning are controlled by our proprietary algorithm, which does not required any sensor tag on the poster.

3. High speed; The scrolling speed can be up to 75 cm per second, faster than many scrolling signs in the market.

4. Reliability: Equipment with brushless motors and planetary gear heads, which ensure great reliability and durability.

5. Versatility: The system can be installed in abroad range of casing for building new scrolling signs or upgrading existing static signs. Synchronization function is already included as standard, but wireless synchronization is option function.

6. Programmability: Display duration of the poster is programmable globally or individually.

7. Scalability: The system is SPDE compatible with timer switch, real-time clock module, Scroll-A-Sound, POPS (Power Off Poster Setting), photo sensing switch , GSM-based monitoring system, etc.

Mupi Statics Led Light Box

Adhaiwell use Backlit Flex or fluorescent fabric to replace the traditional White Milk polycarbonate sheet. More easy, more economic, better transmission of light. But we use a new type device (poster fixed or poster holder)  for fixed and hold the advertising poster on backlit or static light box quickly and fast and best. No clips, no ties, no pins, no glue, no adhesive tapes,simply push the poster up and it's held in the place. With Poster Rapid Fixed , installing poster is as easy as that.



Mupi Digital Scrolling Light box

There is a long poster backlit film or PP Paper scroll on two roller, drive by SPDE motor, you will see the poster move from one to the next. Digital scrolling system control the film move up and down, each poster exposure time, system on/off, light on/off.




Mupi Scroll / Static Standard Size


If you order a large quantity, the design of the base, material and colour can be customized to your specific needs. 




  • Captivating your target audience with our innovative advertising products .Manufacturer of Advertising Display.Supply One-Stop Media Solution.Your Outdoor Advertising Experts.Your Best Partner in China. Adhaiwell is Gold Member of Made-in-China and Canton Fair. Adhaiwell is your trusted partner in China.

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