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Why choose Backlit Fabric Frameless LED Light Box?

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When we walk in shopping malls and streets, we often see a variety of Backlit Fabric Frameless LED Light Boxes come into our eye, and now more and more businesses choose this advertising light boxes products of Fabric Light Boxes to attract the audiences.


Fabric Light boxes

Backlit Fabric Frameless LED Light Box in recent years popular in Europe and the United States and China, the use of simple operation, advertising effect is obvious, no border, no size restrictions, luminous uniform brightness, suitable for any size any location.


Still worry about the store is not enough people to worry about it? Frameless fabric led light box to help you attract the customer's eyes.

Backlit fabric led light box with Frameless design, simple and stylish so that your store instantly tall.

Backlit Fabric Light boxes

Backlit Fabric Frameless LED Light Box are widely used in shopping malls, beauty salons, specialty stores, supermarkets, banks, hotels, hotels, airports, subways, stations, and other places where advertising required.

Today, I will explain why we should choose a backlight fabric frameless LED light box from the following two aspects:

1.What is Backlit Fabric Frameless LED Light Boxes

2.Advantages of Backlit Fabric Frameless LED Light Boxes

What is Backlit Fabric Frameless LED Light Boxes

The printing poster of the Backlit Fabric LED light box is printed with UV printing inkjet technology and environmentally friendly UV ink. The material of the picture is a mostly PVC Soft Film, Meshless Backlit Flex, Pearl Backlit Fabric, etc.


The Backlit Fabric Frameless Light Boxes uses a backlit LED strip, with high brightness and uniformity. Compared with the traditional light box, the Backlit Fabric Frameless light box has no cover, no frame, flat picture, and strong impact.


Advantages of Backlit Fabric Frameless LED Light Boxes


♦ The color of UV printing is durable and does not fade, the screen material is diversified, and the three-dimensional effect is strong.


♦ The installation of the Backlit Fabric light box is more flexible, and it can be divided into indoor and outdoor, and it can be hoisted, hung, and mounted. The screen is easy to install and easy to change the printing poster.


♦ The brightness of the LED lighting can also be adjusted according to the scene.


♦ The light source of the Backlit Fabric light box uses Backlit energy-saving LEDs, and the brightness is higher than the traditional technology in the market, which saves energy.


♦ Backlit Fabric Frameless Light Boxes has the characteristics of not being easy to aging, rusting, and convenient. It has adopted some anti-aging and corrosion materials to improve its service life. It is a new generation of new environmental protection and energy-saving LED advertising light box products.

illuminated tension fabric light boxes

LED Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

Backlit Fabric Frameless Light Boxes with LED strips are neatly arranged and beautiful. Using a constant current circuit, the structure is safe and simple, with no ultraviolet rays, no infrared rays, no flicker, etc., and it is green and environmentally friendly. The screen of the Backlit Fabric Frameless Light Boxes can be installed with PVC Soft Film, Meshless Backlit Flex, Pearl Backlit Fabric with soft silicon seam strips of smallpox soft film. The screen can be replaced quickly, and the poster is guaranteed to not fade within 5 years.



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