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How Many Types of LED Backlit Lighting for Advertising Light Box

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With the continuous development of the LED industry, various types of LED products have gradually entered various industries, especially in the current commercial field, and are widely used in lighting, lighting decoration, and advertising. As a traditional advertising medium for advertising, the advertising light box is more and more selected on the light source of the light box. 

ADHAIWELL believes that in addition to the need to understand the light box picture materials, it is also important for customers who specialize in light boxes to have a certain understanding of the types and applications of LED light boxes.

High Quality LED Backlit Lihgting

1. The Development Process of LED Backlit Lighting

Since the earliest time, the light source of the light box used fluorescent tubes and modules as the main illumination source. Later, with the continuous development of the light source of the advertising light box, the staff who made the light box paid more and more attention to the simplicity and long-term use of the installation, and led under the premise of the same brightness and effect of the light source and the fluorescent tube, there is almost no difference. Therefore, in comparison with the advantages of LED strips and fluorescent tubes and modules, no customer chooses fluorescent tubes as the light source for light boxes, and led strips have officially replaced modules and fluorescent tubes as the mainstream light source for light box lighting.

2.The Classification of LED Backlit Lighting

The LED Backlit Lighting is mainly divided into three types: the shutter light backlight, the high-power side light source, and the diffuse reflection backlight. According to the brightness, the light-emitting mode and the light-emitting angle, there are also differences in the application of the light box. Let's briefly introduce the three LED light boxes.

2.1 Curtain LED Light / Grid LED Light LED Backlit Lighting

Roller shutters, also known as curtain LED lights and grid LED lights, are widely used in advertising light boxes because of their simple installation and convenient maintenance. Currently, there are 2835/5730/5050/5630 models on the market, which can be selected according to different needs. The unique feature of the roller blind lamp is that the spacing of the light bar can be adjusted arbitrarily. As long as the light bar spacing is not greater than the thickness of the light box, it can meet most lighting requirements of the light box.

Roll curtain Grid led backlight for double sided lightboxes

2.2 High-power Side LED Backlit Lighting 

The high-power side LED backlit lighting is a kind of LED light box light source that emits light from the side. The power of the high-power side LED backlit lighting can reach more than 1W. For the installation of the light box, it is only necessary to install the light bar up and down or left and right, directly connected to 220V electricity, compared with the roller blind The lamp requires a small number of light bars, and the installation procedure is simpler and has a wide application prospect.

High power side LED lighting for Fabric faced aluminium lightboxes

2.3 Diffuse Reflection LED Backlit Lighting 

The diffuse reflection led backlight is a kind of light box light source with a lens. The illumination angle is larger than that of the roller blind light and the side light source. Generally, the light can reach 170°, which is because the light-emitting angle of the diffuse light strip is large. The number of light bars can be appropriately reduced on the light box, which can effectively save costs.

Diffuse LED backlighting for outdoor light box

3.The Application of LED Backlit Lighting for Advertising Light Boxes

The LED Backlit Lighting of the led light box is different according to the different light boxes. For single-sided light boxes, it is recommended to use the roller light strips. The brightness can be selected according to the different places where the light boxes are located. If the indoor light boxes are selected, the brightness can be relatively moderate. 2835 light bar, if it is outdoor, you can choose the 5730 curtain light with relatively high brightness, and the outdoor light box should pay attention to waterproof. It is recommended to choose waterproof shutter light. If the thickness of the light box is below 8cm, the diffuse light bar of 3030 can be selected, which can effectively save costs and improve efficiency.

For the double-sided light box, it is recommended to select the side light source, the light bar is arranged above or below the light box, and the farther the light bar is from the light box screen, the better the lighting effect is, and it is suitable for the light box with the distance within 3 meters.

LED Backlighting Advertising Light Box

4. How to Choose LED Backlit Lighting 

LED Backlit Lighting should pay special attention to the brightness is not the higher the better, in general, the LED light bar can only work within the rated current working range, beyond this current is overloaded for the LED light bar, Of course, in the high current working state, the brightness of the LED light bar is definitely improved, but under long-term overload working conditions, the light decay of the LED light bar will be greatly accelerated, which is why many people use the LED light bar. The light box that was made was just brighter at the beginning, and it was not so bright after a while. At present, many products on the market increase the brightness by increasing the current, and the life of the LED strip and other stability are exchanged.

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