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Is the Cheapest Bus Shelter the Smartest Choice?

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With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, travel has become the most troublesome thing for people! Excessive traffic on the road will always lead to traffic jams, making most people forced to choose to take the bus. During the waiting process, the bus shelter has become the most popular public transportation facility for the general public, which has increased the density of the bus shelter in the city.


In the process of mass production of the bus shelter, the most popular bus shelter, how is the bus booth quote calculated? Next, ADHAIWELL will give you an analysis!


1. Design Fees

There are many different styles of the bus shelters, and the styles chosen by different cities are also very different. Therefore, some bus shelter manufacturers will provide customized service for the bus shelters, and design the renderings according to the individual needs of the customers to determine the final style of the bus shelter. There are also some customers who choose the bus shelter manufacturers to provide the existing style maps.

ADHAIWELL can design the bus shelter for customers free of charge! However, for the bus shelter, the style is not the key factor in determining the price of the bus shelter. To calculate the final price of the bus shelter, it is necessary to consider the following aspects.

Bus Shelter Light Box


2. Material Selection

The most common materials for the bus shelter are: stainless steel, galvanized sheet and aluminum alloy. There are many kinds of materials available on the market.

The price of each material is different, the cost of the bus shelter is not the same, and the price is different. In addition, the thickness of the material is also an important factor in determining the final price of the bus shelter.

 Bus Shelter With Advertising Light Box

3. Bus Shelter Specifications

The specification is the size of the bus shelter, the size is proportional to the price. The same style and material. The larger the specification, the higher the price, and the smaller the price, the lower the price. However, the size of the bus shelter cannot be chosen because of the cheapness of the map. The size requirements of the bus shelters in each city are also high and low.

For many first- and second-tier cities, the requirements for the bus shelters are relatively high, and the main roads and traffic are high.

The local bus shelters will be built about a relatively long time of about 8-12 meters, while the secondary trunk roads are medium in length.

The bus shelters in the township roads are generally about 6 meters long enough for passengers to use.

 Bus Shelter With Advertisement

4. Craftsmanship

The design of the exterior style is influenced by factors such as geography, environment, ecology and urban culture. There are many different styles and styles. Of course, the simpler the style, the less involved in the craft, the natural price will be more favorable.

 Bus Shelter

5. Function Selection

Bus shelters have solar energy, LED display, voice broadcast system, electronic stop sign, wireless WIFI, USB interface charging, real-time monitoring system, etc., which will increase the quotation of the bus shelter.

 bus stop advertising

6. Installation and Transportation

The price of the bus shelter includes the transportation and installation costs in addition to the price of the bus shelter itself.

 Bus Shelter Light Box

Each factor will affect the quotation of the bus shelter. ADHAIWELL reminds you that when you choose a bus shelter manufacturer, you can't just pursue low quotation. The price of a good product will definitely not be low. Only the low price is pursued, how to guarantee the quality of the product?


ADHAIWELL.COM, is a professional bus shelter manufacturer who has a professional bus shelter design and production team, can customize all kinds of bus shelters, including the bus shelter with advertising light box, want to know the price of the bus shelter, welcome to inquire!

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