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Features and Advantage of Outdoor Digital Signage

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Outdoor digital signage provides a rich range of experiences for many advertisers. With the popularization of innovative technology, it is becoming more and more common to see outdoor digital signage in the outdoor environment. Outdoor digital signage is an important form of brand promotion for brand advertisers.


As the new outdoor LCD screen slowly emerges from the market, its high-brightness LCD screen panel adopts a new generation of LED backlight technology, coupled with an embedded information release system, so that the outdoor digital signage can clearly display and play images and videos under strong light. The advertisement's contents of images and video are not limited by the number of advertisements. Outdoor digital signage is a multimedia device that meets the needs of the outdoor advertising & media market. It gradually replaces mupi light box advertising and is especially suitable for shopping malls, commercial streets, subway stations, and bus shelters, government enterprises, schools, high-end communities, parks, tourist attractions, etc.


If you see outdoor digital signage every day, it may be very effective. It can be seen outside many places, especially in areas with a high flow of people. It is not only eye-catching but also makes the brand more easily rooted in the hearts of the people.


Outdoor digital signage can provide many promising solutions for your business. Because these LCD screen displays are displayed around the clock, it usually takes a long time for customers to view them.



Outdoor digital signage can also be very effective in conducting business.

For example, if you own a retail store, placing digital signage outside may be more effective than using posters or other forms of static advertising. Passers-by can check out new trends and products for sale to attract people who may not even be interested in the first place.

For government buildings, public information can be placed on the outdoor LCD screen, and security information can be provided for individuals. People who visit the organization after work can use the method of payment to enable latecomers to perform their duties.

Outdoor Digital signage can also display pathfinding maps outside large corporate buildings and inside educational institutions. Outdoor digital signage can be used in any industry.


To understand the outdoor digital signage industry will be what new features and advantage。

Here are 14 main industry features as follows:


Features of the Outdoor Digital Signage


1. Use of intelligent frequency conversion fan cooling system  for temperature control, constant temperature, energy-saving, wide voltage, and long start-up life;


2. All-weather, high score, high contrast, high brightness, visible under strong light, greatly improving the layering of the image and video, even in the hot summer sun, it will not affect your visual effect;


3. Automatic light sensor control, according to the surrounding environment changes, automatically adjust the brightness, energy-saving, and environmental protection, especially suitable for working in harsh environments (maximum energy saving);


4. Built-in fixed-frequency air conditioner to control the temperature, which can meet the outdoor LCD ambient temperature-30℃--55℃, and work normally under direct sunlight;


5. Create a new cooling mode for outdoor LCD screens, heat exchange cooling, excellent energy-saving, and air-cooled cooling system, stable and reliable performance;


6. Outdoor protection level reaches P5, waterproof, dust-proof, temperature-proof, anti-corrosion, and anti-riot to meet the harsh outdoor environment;


7. Based on technologies such as wireless network 4G/wifi and wired RJ45 network, it can realize remote publishing and management of broadcast content;


8. Support various multimedia file formats; MPET-1/2/4, MP3, AVI, DAT, PPT, etc.;


9. The whole machine adopts highly integrated modular design, standardized design, working status is clear at a glance, and quick maintenance can be achieved;


10. Super long life, 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work, up to 60,000 hours or more;


11. Optional functions of outdoor digital signage: touch LCD screen, built-in PC computer, security monitoring system and other functions;


12. Intelligent switch control, intelligent monitoring system, which can monitor the environmental operating conditions (temperature, temperature, vibration) inside the machine at any time;


13. Installation method: use pouring cement base, pre-embedded 8 M20 bolts, hidden and closely connected to the machine base, able to withstand level 10 typhoon;


14. According to industrial use, it can provide customized solutions for a variety of outdoor information release systems and other applications.



Features of the Outdoor Digital Signage Controller System


1. Multimedia playback

Supports almost all video, picture, and audio formats 

Support HD video decoding 

File video and streaming video playback


2. Weather information

Display temperature weather logo 

Automatically update weather data


3. Terminal management

Supports almost all video, picture, and audio formats 

Support file video and streaming video playback 

Support HD video decoding


4. Play strategy

Provide carousel/interstitial/on-demand programs 

Can make a play schedule 

Supports flexible setting of switching times, etc.


5. Timer switch

Can remember the time and date 

Can automatically switch the device according to the specified time 

Up to 5 automatic switch-on time periods per day


6. Record statistics

Can count the number and time of a certain program broadcast

Can count the terminal boot time and number of times

You can watch the current and historical playback records of the terminal


7. Split-screen display

Supports arbitrary screen division

Video area/picture area/subtitle area/period area/weather area

Supports horizontal and vertical screen display


8. Terminal monitoring

 can watch the terminal network status connection record

can record time abnormality/network abnormality/abnormal shutdown

Provide real-time screenshot function of terminal playback


9. Automatic download

There is a program update, the terminal automatically downloads the content

Can set download start and end time

You can manually stop the download before the download is complete

10. Built-in wireless WIWF

Built-in wireless WF, easy to surf the Internet


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