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What is Transparent LED Screen Display?

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- Indoor Transparent LED Screen Display for viewing from outdoor.

That's right, it's not that you are dazzled, nor is it a surprise to the city's New favorite. At this moment, you see the new darling of the LED display industry - LED transparent screen. In recent years, LED transparent screens have emerged, its thin and transparent, stylish and beautiful makes it quickly gain countless eyeballs, becoming a major innovation in the LED display industry.

Transparent LED Screen Display

LED transparent screen, as its name suggests, is transparent. Compared with traditional LED display, it pursues higher permeability. It is suitable for banks, shopping malls, theaters, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels, automobile 4S shops, Glass curtain of municipal public buildings. Fixed installation and use in landmark buildings and other occasions. LED transparent screen is widely used in indoor window glass, shopping malls, glass curtain walls, etc. 

Since its inception, LED transparent screens have been continuously improved and improved, and the miracle of display effects continues to occur. For example, recently launched the transparent screen, which is light, transparent, efficient and low-cost, and has been recognized and appreciated by customers. Below, we will come to a comprehensive understanding of, a product that pushes the transparent screen to a new height.


The penetration rate is up to 70%, the air is transmitted, the light is transmitted, the brightness is automatically adjusted, and the line of sight and lighting are not affected.

Indoor installation for outdoor viewing

Brightness up to 4000 nits, as long as there is a glass curtain wall, you can apply this product, usually for indoor installation and outdoor viewing.


Provide a complete set of project solutions, make reasonable adjustments according to the environment and needs, and realize the concept of customer creative display under the premise of ensuring the stability of the products as always.


Thin and light

The cabinet is made of aluminum, no bottom shell, no mask, only 6cm thick, no steel structure, can be directly attached to the original glass curtain wall, greatly reducing installation space and cost.


Quick installation

The thin and light features provide convenience for installation. The display can be installed in a hanging, hoisting, floor-supporting, column-type, wall-mounted, wall-mounted manner depending on the application.


Whether it is in traditional LED display, hollow screen, grille screen, grating screen, curtain screen, light bar screen, fence screen, transparent screen, etc., Yuanheng Optoelectronics has a comprehensive, comprehensive and mature solution. The combination of innovation and art creates a stylish and beautiful product and is dedicated to adding the most colorful scenery to the development of the industry.

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