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Outdoor Naked Eye 3D Video LED Screen Display

Outdoor naked eye 3D LED Display combinate the special L shape with right angle LED Screen + creative 3D Video Footage to achieve a naked-eye 3D display effect.

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  • Outdoor Naked eye 3D LED Screen

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Product Description


Outdoor Naked Eye 3D Video LED Screen Display

Since 2020, South Korea's SM Town's 3D Wave LED Screen designed by D' strict has been popular all over the world. It is really amazing to stand out in this rapidly changing digital 3D Video LED Screen Display market!

3D Wave LED Screen

What is a really naked-eye 3D LED Display?

Outdoor 3D LED Screen is actually a combination of 3D Digital LED Display technology and L shape LED Screen or Traditional Flat LED screen to produce 3D images and 3D animation.

Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Screen is an LED Screen Display that allows viewers to enjoy 3D video content without wearing any glasses.

Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Display combinate the special L shape with right angle LED Screen + Creative 3D Video Footage to achieve a naked-eye 3D display effect. This is the latest LED Screen. Compared with the traditional LED screen, more differences come from the realistic 3D animation visual experience. The customized 3D animation video perfectly integrates the LED display into your building.

The 3D LED display requires higher requirements on Grayscale, Refresh, and Frame rate.

The background of the large 3D LED Screen is integrated into the surrounding environment of the 3D LED screen to achieve the invisible effect of the large 3D LED screen, combined with the 3D animation to produce the naked eye 3D effect.

Why do need a 3D LED Screen Display for your business?

The naked-eye 3D technology makes the LED display effect of the 3D model extremely excellent. Make the picture and video more vivid and real, and bring a strong sense of experience and interest.

The naked-eye 3D technology brings novel forms of advertisements, making it easier for people to accept advertisements. Advertisements are rapidly disseminated among people, bringing huge commercial value to enterprises.

Attracting people to take the initiative to watch advertising content, the large 3D LED screen has become a place for Internet celebrities to check in. People voluntarily forwarded the content of advertisements and quickly increased brand awareness.

How to make an Outdoor 3D LED Display with Adhaiwell company?

Adhaiwell is an expert in the design and manufacture of various forms of outdoor 3D LED displays located in China.

Adhaiwell can help you to make and install the 3D LED Screen and design 3D LED video for your 3D LED Display together.

Adhaiwell, together with global customers, has triggered a global revolution in the 3D LED display industry.

Process making 3D LED Screen in Adhaiwell

The process of making Outdoor L shape right angle 3D Video LED Wall Display and related cost accounting:

1.  Find the site of the building for installing the 3D LED Display

2.  Design and make a Wall-mounted steel structure.

3.  Right Angle LED Cabinet or Curve LED cabinet

4.  Freight cost.

5.  Installed the LED cabinet on the wall-mounted steel structure.

6. Making the naked-eye 3D Video cost.


Find a right-angle building in a bustling city center or a high-traffic commercial plaza to install the 3D LED screen. Measure the relevant data of the 3D LED display to tell us. The 3D LED Screen is very suit for the unique devices for a super Mall, Plaza, and trade show advertising.



Adhaiwell team can find a good solution for your 3D LED display and make free steel structre for your government approval or commercial tender. Adhaiwell is China manufacturers and supplier of LED displays with core strengths in outdoor fixed & indoor rental led display screens, we are able to provide high quality and best price for indoor & outdoor led video walls led screen and fixed led billboard display.


Adhaiwell have many years experience to make the right angle and curve LED cabinet special for L shape with right angle 3D LED Screen. 

In order to present the best display effect, the naked-eye 3D LED display should support high-definition, high-color-depth video encoding in the software, and can be adapted to be played on atypical screens such as polygons or curved surfaces. In terms of hardware, naked-eye 3D LED displays to put more emphasis on detailed images, so the display has higher requirements on grayscale, refresh, and frame rate.


Adhaiwell team can guide you how to install the 3D LED display step by step. 

How to Make Naked Eye 3D Video for 3D LED Display?

The so-called naked-eye 3D video means that you can directly watch 3D videos without 3D glass. 3D LED display supports the naked eye 3D video function.

Adhaiwell is the uniqueness expert of a manufacturer of outdoor naked eye 3D LED screens who can supply one-stop 3D video media & advertising solutions and services in China.

Adhaiwell supplies High-quality hardware of 3d LED screen cabinets, guide of 3D LED steel structure installation, and design 3D video footage.


You can think the 3D LED screen is same as the common LED screen for good understand. Hardware must be advanced to cater the needs for 3D Video contents. The key is the video of 3D.

Naked-eys 3D Video Production Process:

1. Payment 50% deposit.

2. Both parties communicate creative ideas for the 3D video.

3. Confirm the creative script of the 3D Video.

4. Start production.

5. Submit the first draft with a watermark.

6. Modification stage.

7. Confirm the finished product after modification,

8. Pay balance and provide a positive film.

naked-eye 3D video production process




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