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How to Choose the Suitable Pixel Pitch for LED Screens Display?

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Many people will be worried when they purchase digital LED displays for the first time. They don't know how to choose the LED display with the Suitable dot pixel pitch according to the installation environment? How much budget should be made for the LED display? So, choosing the right LED screen is not a trivial matter. Making the right choice is not only related to the success or failure of the outdoor advertising marketing, but also to the company's reputation, and ultimately to everything related to the brand reputation.


To avoid these aspects being affected, you should ask yourself the following questions: How to choose the correct pixel pitch of the LED screen? What should be considered when choosing the type of LED screen that responds to our needs?


In order for you to always successfully purchase an LED Screen or digital LED signage, today adhaiwell will give you some expert advice that you should keep in mind.


What is the dot pitch of the LED display?

Many people don't know what is the meaning of the P4 / P 5 / P6 / P8 / P10 for the LED screen.

SMD LED Pixel pitch describes the density of the pixels (LED clusters) on an LED display and correlates with resolution. Sometimes referred to as pitch or dot pitch, the pixel pitch is the distance in millimeters from the center of a pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel.

what is SMD LED Pitch 

The P Rating measures the distance between the dots used to display the image on the LED screen. Lower P Ratings have higher resolution, i.e. a clearer picture and a lower minimum viewing distance requirement.

The distance between the center points of two pixels is the dot pitch of a LED module, and the dot pitch and pixel density are the physical properties of the LED display screen. The information capacity is the quantitative unit of the information-carrying capacity displayed at one time with the pixel density per unit area.

The smaller of dot pitch, the higher the pixel density, the more information capacity per unit area can be displayed at one time, and the closer the distance suitable for viewing.

The bigger of dot pitch, the lower the pixel density, and the less information capacity per unit area can be displayed at one time, making it more suitable for long-distance viewing.


The dot pitch of the LED Screen Display is actually the dot distance between the LED lamp bead and the lamp bead.

Common indoor LED display screens are SMD P4mm, SMD P3mm, SMD P2.5mm, SMD P 2.0mm, SMD P1.8mm, SMD P1.5mm, etc.

Common outdoor LED display screens are SMD P4 mm, SMD P 5 mm, SMD P6mm, SMD P8mm, SMD P10mm, SMD P 12 mm, etc.

The smaller the dot pitch, the better and the higher the resolution.


How to choose the optimal LED screen resolution? You must remember that there are more pixels on this LED screen display, the higher the image quality.

Of course: the higher the number of pixels, the more expensive the LED screen. Therefore, it is necessary to find an ideal balance between good visibility and competitive price when buying LED screens.


Is the dot pitch as smaller as possible when we choose a led display?


The answer depends on the situation. Generally speaking, the smaller the pitch, the better the LED display effect, but for the long viewing distance, the viewing effect of the big pitch and the small pitch is the same, and the small pitch is relative to the big pitch. The price is cheaper, in order to reduce some expenditures, depending on the situation is the most important decision.


For example: when we require the viewing distance to be very close to the LED display screen, SMD P3 below can meet this requirement; such as the Mupi LED screen on side of the bus shelter.


For the street light pole LED screen on the roadside. This viewing distance is slightly longer. At this time, the SMD P4 model is used, and the viewing effect is very good; but if you use it for security, TV stations, airport signs, meeting room and other occasions that require high accuracy, At this time, we must carefully consider models below SMD P2.


When the LED display screen is installed in a high place and the audience's viewing distance is relatively long more than 50 meters, such as station, the top of the building, etc., this SMD P 6, SMD P8, or SMD P10 is can meet the requirements.


The viewing distance is an important value to choose the interval between two possible LED pixels. For example, if we have a 3 x 2m LED screen, we can choose a pixel pitch of 10 mm if we want an optimal vision from 8 m away. But if we want to reduce its viewing distance, making it closer, then it’s better to choose a pixel pitch of P 8 mm or P 6mm.


Not really. Please remember that smaller pitches are more expensive cost. For example, we make the LED screen size as 3m × 2 m and install it at 10 m viewing distance, the image quality will be the same, whether the pixel pitch is 10 mm or 8 mm. Choosing a smaller pixel when it is not necessary is a waste of money. 

Of course, if you don't care the cost, more smaller pitches is better and higher resolution. 

The most suitable is the best choice.


How to choose the LED screen display dot pitch?


The selection of LED display dot pitch is related to two factors:


1. The viewing distance of the LED display

Where is the LED display screen placed, and how far do audiences stand to see it, this is only an important factor in determining the dot pitch when choosing an LED display screen.


The following are the calculation formulas for the three distances of LED Screen:


Minimum Visual distance of LED Screen (the distance at which a smooth image can be displayed)


Minimum Visual distance of LED Screen = pixel pitch (mm)×1000.


Optimal Visual distance of LED Screen (the distance at which the viewer can see a highly clear picture)


Optimal Visual distance of LED Screen = pixel pitch (mm)×1000~pixel pitch (mm)×3000.


Furthest Visual distance of LED Screen:


Furthest Visual distance of LED Screen = LED screen height (m) × 30 (times).


For example, the SMD P8 mm LED display screen with 6m x 3 m,

The minimum Visual distance is 8 meters.

The optimal viewing distance is 8~24 meters.

The furthest Visual distance is 90 meters.


Pixel   Pitch

Minimum Visual distance

Optimal Visual distance

P 0.90mm


0.9m ~ 2.7m

P 1.26mm


1.26m ~ 3.78m

P 1.58mm


1.58m ~ 4.74m

P 1.90mm


1.9m ~ 5.7m

P 2.50mm


2.5m ~ 7.5m

P 3.00mm


3m ~ 9m

P 4.00mm


4m ~ 12m

P 5.00mm


5m ~ 15m

P 6.00mm


6m ~ 18m

P 8.00mm


8m ~ 24m

P 10.00mm


10m ~30m


If the viewing distance is closer than the minimum distance, you can distinguish the pixels of the LED display screen. if the graininess is stronger, you should be stood far away from the LED screen. Now, the human eye cannot distinguish the features of the details. In fact, this is also a rough figure.


For outdoor LED displays, P6 or P8 are generally used for the short distance and P10 for the farther.


For indoor display screens, generally, P2~P3 are available, and P4 or P5 is used for the farther.


Summarizing Pixel Pitch 

·         Pixel pitch refers to the density of pixels

·         A smaller pixel pitch indicates higher pixel density and higher resolution

·         Pixel pitch is important because it influences viewing distance

·         The smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the viewing distance

·         The optimal viewing distance of your screen informs the pixel pitch value



2. The total number of pixels of the LED display.

For video, the basic format is VCD with a resolution of 352*288, and the format of DVD is 768*576. Therefore, for the video screen, we recommend that the minimum resolution is not less than 352*288 so that the display effect is good enough. If it is lower, it can be displayed, but it will not achieve better results.


Therefore, generally choose LED display, the smaller the dot pitch, the better, the higher the resolution will be, and the display will be clear. However, factors such as cost, demand, and scope of application must also be considered comprehensively.


3. How to calculation the LED display screen resolution


There are two types of LED displays: indoor and outdoor LED screens. Outdoors LED Screens are mainly suitable for long-distance viewing. Indoor LED displays are mainly used in stage backgrounds, meeting rooms, hotel banquet halls, front desks, and other places. Due to close viewing and the LED screen area is limited by the environment It cannot be too large, so there is a higher requirement for resolution.


Calculation formulas the resolution of the LED display:


W (mm) / pitch x H (mm) / pitch=


Divide the width and height of the LED display by the pixel pitch, and the resolution will become out.


Or the resolution per square of the LED display = 1/pixel pitch (in M)/pixel pitch (in M)


For example, if an LED display screen has a Width 5760 mm x Height 2880 mm, and a pixel pitch of 3mm, the actual pixels are 1920 pixels × 960 pixels.


Sometimes it is necessary to select the LED display specifications according to the pixels. If you use 1024×768 pixels to make a P2.5 display, then the calculation method is 1024 pixels×2.5 pitch=2.56 meters, and the height is 768 pixels×2.5 pitch=1.92 Meter.


The calculation method is the same for indoor and outdoor and even small pitches. When choosing an LED display, the viewing distance, pixels, and size should also be considered. These three influence each other.


The most suitable is the best choice.


Still have doubts about how to choose the pixel pitch for a LED screen? Adhaiwell will offer you one-step media LED solution with best quality.  A team of experts that have more than 10 years of experience and with presence in more than thirty countries will guide you so that the purchase of your LED screen is a success. You can also use our LED screen price calculator to get an approximate budget instantly.

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