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What is Cold LED Screen with Common Cathode Power Supply?

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After the emergence of the common cathode LED cold display power supply technology, it caused great concern in the market. The power supply mode can achieve an energy saving of 75%, and the surface temperature of the LED display is reduced by 55%. Excellent performance has attracted everyone's attention. Why is the common cathode LED display power supply technology so excellent? Let's take a look at the following small series!

In a word, the cold Led screen is that the surface of the LED display has less heat, the surface temperature of the LED screen cabinet is low and energy is also saved well.



 What is a common cathode LED display?

“Common cathode” refers to the common cathode power supply mode. The common cathode LED display adopts a separate power supply of R, G, and B to accurately distribute voltage and current to red, green and blue light beads. The current passes through the lamp bead to the IC negative electrode, the forward voltage is reduced, and the conduction internal resistance is small.



what is the difference between the Common Cathode / Common Anode LED display?


1. The power supply direction is different: the common anode LED display current flows from the PCB board to the lamp bead, and the RGB lamp bead is uniformly powered, which increases the forward voltage drop of the circuit; the common cathode LED display current passes through the lamp bead and then goes to the IC negative pole. The pressure is lowered and the internal resistance is small.


2. The power supply voltage is not the same: the common anode LED display usually gives red, green and blue light beads a voltage higher than 3.8V (such as 5V) unified power supply, power loss; common cathode LED display according to red, green, The actual voltage required by the three blue chips (red lamp bead voltage is about 2.5V, blue and green lamp bead voltage is about 3.8V). Separate precision power supply, less power loss, and the heat generated in LED display work are much lower.



The common cathode LED display is lower heat: through the comparison of the above common cathode and common anode power supply, we know that the common cathode LED display is much lower than the common anode LED display, but the common cathode LED display ratio Conventional common anode LED displays to have much lower heat.


The LED module part is designed with an aluminum die-casting case. The heat on the PCB board directly transfers heat through the aluminum, and the heat generated by the light-emitting chip and the driving IC is directly radiated outward through the aluminum bottom case, and the heat resistance is small, the heat transfer area is large, and the whole The aluminum bottom case is a heat sink of the LED chip, and the bottom case is made of die-cast aluminum alloy. The flatness and consistency of the LED display are also greatly improved, and the product weight is reduced and the material is saved under the premise of ensuring the hardness and strength of the product.


After the end of the LED display life, the bottom aluminum alloy material can be recycled and reused to reduce the environmental load. The aluminum alloy product has excellent oxidation resistance and strong environmental adaptability, and it can be used for a long time under any environment without aging. The die-casting aluminum alloy material also makes the product have sufficient anti-electromagnetic interference and radiation capability, and meets the special requirements of the first-line market such as EMC Class B and the US FCC for the anti-radiation of LED display screens, and improves the international competitiveness of the products.


The conventional plastic bottom case has poor heat dissipation and is prone to aging cracking and deformation in a harsh environment for a long time, which affects the flatness and service life of the LED display. Another disadvantage of the plastic bottom case is the plastic material, which is difficult to effectively prevent electromagnetic wave interference and prevent its own electromagnetic waves from interfering with the surrounding environment, which may cause occasional loss of peripheral electronic devices.



Where is the common cathode LED display saving money?


1. Power saving, provincial operating cost: Precise power supply reduces LED display power loss and reduces operating costs.


2. Provincial installation input costs: low heat temperature rise can also save air conditioning, fans and other cooling equipment.


3. Provincial maintenance and repair costs: the follow-up fully enclosed die-cast aluminum bottom shell, the components are protected one by one so that the LED display life is about twice the normal screen.



What are the advantages of a common cathode LED display?


1. Super-cooling, low power loss, low heat, low LED screen temperature rise, long life, and good display effect.


2. Super waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, V0 fire standard, protection grade IP68, can be directly placed in boiling water to cook, can withstand 130 degrees high-temperature inspection, can be placed under the 3 m pool to soak and work normally; Extremely cold, hot, high-violet and other harsh environments, keep no deformation, no aging, no water leakage, no fire.


3. Galvanized lock design, easy to maintain before and after, the cabinet is light and thin, the thickness of the whole screen is small, free of air-conditioning installation.


4. Cold light source high brightness, super high refresh, eliminate ghosting without tailing, the picture is more fresh and delicate, high fidelity.


5.  Energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly can achieve energy savings of 75%.


LED display screen temperature is too high and power consumption is too large, has been a key factor affecting the life of LED display products, and "common cathode LED display" can solve these two problems well. The actual measured data shows that the screen temperature of the common cathode LED display is 20 degrees lower than that of the conventional common anode LED display product under the same brightness condition, and the power consumption is lower than the conventional common anode. LED display products are 50% lower. According to statistics, the global annual production of LED display is more than 3.5 million square meters, calculated according to the power consumption of 300 watts per square, and consumes 1.75 billion kWh of electricity per year. This is not counting the amount of electricity consumed in the production process. If all adopt a common cathode LED display, it will save the society at least 725 million kWh per year. I hope that the future common cathode LED display can become a powerful competing product in the LED display market that can bring great economic benefits and value to customers!





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