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3D Wallpaper Painting Digital UV Inkjet Printing Machine

3D Wall Printing Machine, input the wall painting by USB, the wallpaper can be printed on the wall automatically. It leads to a new trend of a customized wall decoration with 3D effect.
  • 3D Wall Painting Printer

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Product Description

3D Wall Decorating Printing Machine, input the wallpaper painting by USB, then the wallpaper can be printed on the wall automatically directly. It leads to a new trend of a customized Wall Decoration with 3D effect.

3D Wallpapers Automatic Vertical Wall Printer 


1.Unique, Novelty, Individuality

The machine is totally one kind of inkjet printers, which can totally replace the traditional manual painting, any picture can be available, input it in the computer, any picture can paint on the wall directly.


2. Broadly Market Prospective

Family TV setting wall, sofa setting wall, bedroom, dining room, children room, corridor, porch, staircase wall, hotel, club, plaza mural company, corporate image, kindergarten drawing, hairdressing hospital, shopping mall, government propaganda pictures, etc.


3. High Profit, Time-saving, Low labor cost

The expense is less than USD1, 12-15ml of ink per sqm. The wallpaper printer machine can run at least 22 hours one day and you needn't worry about paying more, one machine can do the job more than four persons. No need of large painting team.


4. Variable Ink Drop Technique: Make sure printing photo in high resolution, clarity, and vivid color


5. Patent Pattern Model: The wall printing machine can continue printing if the machine out of power during printing.


6. Environmentally Friendly Ink: Washable, high color saturation, and colorfastness, wide working temperature range.


7. Customize Software: One step simple operation


8. Fast Digital Transfer: Fiber cable transfer


9. Free Software installation: Printer Machine has its own industrial computer.


Art Painting UV Wall Printing Machine


The 3D Vertical Wall Decorating Printing Machine is suitable for a variety of special materials such as Painted inside and outside wall, wall putty, paint the walls, white porcelain, ceramic tile, walls, glass, paper, canvas, wall, colored glaze, shell powder, wall paint color tablets.

 5D Smart Art Painting Wall Printer Inkjet Printer UV Wall Printing Machine

 UV Flat Vertical Digital Inkjet Wallpaper Printer



3D Wall Printer Machine 


Aluminum-magnesium alloy, Frame structure

Mode of Operation

Wireless touching screen

Nozzle type



special designed for wall printing

Painted resolution

720dpi ~ 9600 dpi

Image type


Actual painted size

Height :2500mm , Width 6000mm (could   be extended)

Atlas type

USB drives


AC110V / AC220V , 50-60HZ

The power consumption


The system platform

Windows 7 / Win8 / Win9   / Win10

Machine language

Chinese, English


40 KGS


 wallpaper wall printing machine



Q: How much ink does it cost to print one square meter?


A: The cost is $ 0.5-1 per square meter. Look at the specific print content. Simple pictures use very little, complicated patterns are slightly more, and the more colors are used and the inks are used more.


Q: How much is a group of ink? How many square meters can be printed? Where can I buy ink?


A: A set of ink is $80 for in 4 bottles in One group. It can print 200 square meters, depending on the complexity of the printing.

Generally, you can buy ink from the manufacturer. The quality is guaranteed, and you can use it from outside. The main reason is that the color is not as bright as the original manufacturer. The color saturation of the original printing is very good, and the customers prefer the original products.


Q: If I buy the wall painting inkjet printer to do work for the client, what is the charging standard?


A: It can be calculated by wallpaper or by one square meter. Generally, it is calculated by square meters. Outdoors are generally between $ 30 ~ 80 per square meter, and indoors are generally between $40~ 120 per square meter. Tile walls and glass walls are a bit more expensive. The specific amount depends on your local market environment and how much your customers can accept. If you think you can make money, you can set a price for him. That's it.


Q: I have a low level of education and no experience. Can I learn how to use machines?


A: Our high-definition wallpaper inkjet printer is easy and quick to operate. You can get started in 10 minutes, set the wallpaper size, and put it into the machine by USB and press the print to start, no experience is required. In addition, we will send engineers on-site training or video teaching training to teach you the operation of the machine by hand. You can learn how to print pictures in one hour. If you learn slowly, we can train you on the internet.


Q: What are the advantages of your machine and other China suppliers?


A:  Our machine has built-in industrial computers into the machine, so customers don’t need to buy another laptop to connect to the machine. Our machine is equipped with an ink baking lamp, and the machine is used as a painting baking lamp while drying the painted paintings, which can achieve the effect of drying immediately. Our machines are equipped with silent rails, and there is no noise in the printing screen. Our home computer is foldable. Just fold down the computer during transportation. The transportation is very easy.

Our machine can print white ink, which is equivalent to a UV flatbed printer that can print any material such as acrylic, wood, glass, mobile phone case, etc.

China Printer 5D Art Painting Wall Printer UV Wall Printing Machine 



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