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7 Global Famous Naked-eye 3D LED Ads Creative Design Collection

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From 2020, there have been more and more naked-eye 3D LED screen display billboards around the globe.

Naked eye 3D vision is full of "deterrents". Every time the naked eye 3D videos appear, it will attract a large number of passers-by audiences.

Kérastase Naked-eye 3D Video

Adhaiwell collected a variety of Famous Naked-eye 3D Ads Creative Cases from different countries today to see which one is more attractive to you.

Naked-eye 3D means that the naked eye can directly see the stereoscopic visual effect without using external equipment such as glasses and helmets on the special LED screen. The imaging principle of naked-eye 3D basically comes from human binocular parallax.

Naked eye visual effect ≠ Glasses-free 3D technology. The naked-eye 3D visual effect is more of a pseudo-three-dimensional effect formed by optical illusion, while naked-eye 3D is an imaging technology. Glasses-free 3D technology, the current mainstream mainly includes light barrier technology, lenticular lens technology, integrated imaging technology, etc.

Most of the naked-eye 3D LED animation videos listed in this article to belong to naked-eye 3D visual effects. Although they are not Glasses-free 3D technology in the true sense, they present various surprising three-dimensional effects through the creativity of designers.

Powercell Skinmunity Naked eye 3D Video

The selected naked-eye 3D LED animation videos come from more than 10 countries, including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea, Germany, Japan, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Mozambique, and the Czech Republic, and are represented in form, content, and concept.

What new possibilities are there for naked-eye 3D visual effects or technologies in the future? We hope that this simple collection can bring some inspiration to relevant designers.


South Korea:

Naked Eye 3D: Soft Life

What would it be like to turn a rigid and boring life into a soft state?

Naked Eye 3D Soft Life Korea

Naked Eye 3D Dog Korea

D'strict, a creative team from South Korea, turned this vision into reality, where people, objects or animals, and plants in everyday life become soft and flexible, they collide with each other in a 3D "closed space", but live in harmony, giving the passing audience a chance Bring a relaxing and pleasant visual sensory experience.


Chengdu, China

Xiaomi Mobile phone naked eye 3D animation

New product launching

Xiaomi Mobile Naked eye 3D Animation Video Announce

The naked-eye 3D CG image created for the Xiaomi Mi 11 made the Xiaomi mobile phone fly out of the 3D LED screen and exhibited it in the real scene of the naked-eye 3D large screen in Chengdu. The shocking vision of the huge mobile phone breaking through the screen attracted the crowd to stop and watch, and the super visual impact further highlighted the thin and light body design of Xiaomi's new flagship phone and the brilliant color glass transparency.

Naked eye 3D Panda in China

Baby panda stealing the limelight on the streets of Chengdu

Watch them eat bamboo and play.

You can watch the naked-eye 3D LED video all day.



Naked eye 3D DNA City Life

Italy naked eye 3D DNA city life

Italian artist Fabio Volpi created a naked-eye 3D digital artwork for a building on the streets of Milan. This naked-eye 3D visual image creative comes from the DNA sequence. Through this work, the artist expresses that each building may have its own life and also enriches urban culture Life.


Russia & USA:

Naked eye 3D shows in Times Square, New York

Naked eye 3D show in Times Square New York

Russian creative team RADUGADESIGN's recent new work for the ZAZ10TS competition, facing the challenge of Alone Together (group loneliness), in the naked-eye 3D video, expresses people's general desire to leave where they are and get out as soon as possible, although no one knows if all this What can we have when it happens


South Korea:

Naked Eye 3D: Dancing People

What would it be like to mix people of different cultures and personalities together?

Naked Eye 3D Dancing People in Korea

Naked Eye 3D Dancing People Korea

Naked Eye 3D Dancing People Artistic Expression

The naked-eye 3D LED animation work "Artistic Expression" created by the Korean creative team d'strict shows the dancing of two people with no obvious identity in a 3D closed space.

They reach out and touch each other, as if to break free from the shackles of spatial dimensions, in the digital world. Traveling back and forth with the real world, and finally getting together again, the creative team hopes to present a vision of a future harmonious world through this naked-eye 3D work.



Naked Eye 3D: Street New York

LOUIS VUITTON 5th Avenue VR Concept

Naked eye 3D Ball face

Taking inspiration from the world around him, Shane blends computer graphics into realistic contexts in an attempt to form public art exhibits. His hyperreal style, which frequently defies the laws of physics, plays with space, time, and texture to create feasts for the eyes.

Naked eye 3D Aquarium soggy potato chips in glass jar

Naked eye 3D Chips Aquarium:   Looks like soggy potato chips in the water of a glass jar.

3D Ball in tunnel of building

Within each concept, seemingly mundane real-world settings are transformed into eye-catching installations, blurring the line between fiction and reality.

A sea of spherical objects that swirl around the space, ricocheting off the walls, windows, and each other. The artwork went viral after it captivated viewers on social media, accruing over 17 million views online.



Naked eye 3D video shows advertising creativity

Japan naked eye 3D cat

The 3D cat swiped the 3D LED screen as soon as it debuted.

Different from the common cool style of advertising.

The naked eye 3D cat video sends a lazy beauty to the rushing office workers.

Nike naked eye 3D vidoe ads

Nike's anniversary naked-eye 3D LED ad

Fusion of Japanese style + mechanical sense

After seeing the 3D video ad, I want to place an order at once.

The commercial value of a naked-eye 3D large led screen is extremely high.

The naked eye 3D LED advertising is actually a 3D visual effect creative + advanced 3D LED Screen + specific observation position.

Ocean waves, spaceships, light rails, pandas, lions, star appearances... All these elements have become the inspiration for the creation of naked-eye 3D advertising videos. The outdoor 3D LED media industry is quietly emerging with a technology trend of glasses-free 3D vision.

Artists and designers from all over the world have poured in to use their creative visual imaginations to create refreshing three-dimensional effects for outdoor media, and push them on the Internet and social hot searches, arousing the curiosity and onlookers of the audience.

Naked-eye 3D LED Screen Display has gradually become the new darling of the outdoor media industry, making the industry quickly focus on launching many creative works.

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