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How to Purchase LED Screen Advertising Display?

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LED Screen Advertising Signs are also known as digital signs, LED signs, LED screens, LED displays,  electronic billboards,  electronic boards and so on which can play the advertising with formats of video and images.


digital LED advertising display screens


We all know that LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are efficient and super bright alternatives to incandescent bulbs. Compared with traditional bulbs, LEDs have no filament and will not burn out.

High-quality LEDs are usually grouped according to color and brightness to ensure that the logos made from this are evenly lit, with consistent image quality and lasting bright colors.


3D Holographic Video LED Screen Display

 3D water wave LED Video Display

LED screen signs usually involve the following concepts and indicators.

These indicators can help you purchase a high quality LED advertising display?


01 Pixel Pitch

From a logo sign or signage point of view, the LED pixel pitch refers to the effective resolution, and the resolution of the image depends on the distance between each pixel.

advertising LED Screen Billboard china suppiler


The pixel is usually composed of three LED color blocks: red, green, and blue. The distance is in millimeters. The main led pixel pitch model has P20, P16, P12, P10, P8, P6, P5, P4, P3, and P2, etc. The smaller the spacing, the closer the LED is placed, the higher the resolution, and the clearer and more realistic the image.

SMD LED pixel pitch


02 Matrix


Two LED screens sign with the same external dimensions but the different pixel pitch will each have a different matrix.


For example, a 1.37m*2.53m LED screen sign has a 96*192 matrix when the pixel pitch is 12mm and a 72*144 matrix when the pixel pitch is 16mm.

LED Logo signage china factory


03 Viewing Distance


The optimal viewing distance of the LED screen display is the point where the pixels begin to blend together to form a smooth, consistent image.


Generally speaking, a LED Logo sign with a short distance between each pixel is best for viewing at close range; a wider pixel pitch is suitable for the LED screen display billboard to be installed at a very high position or far away from the visible point.

digital led video display advertising-billboard china manufacturer


04 Viewing Angle and Reading Angle


LEDs used in digital signage are generally considered to be directional light: their output light level is directed towards the viewer. Therefore, when we look directly at the LED screen, the LED is at full brightness; when we move to the left or right of the LED screen, the brightness decreases.


The specified viewing angle is the angle at which the LED brightness is 50% lower than the dead point. Assuming a horizontal viewing angle of 140 degrees, then at 70 degrees to the left or right of the center, the brightness of the LED is only half that of when viewed directly.

highway outdoor led advertising billboard 

The calculation method of the vertical viewing angle is roughly the same, and the vertical viewing angle is unlikely to be equal above and below the LED screen because it is usually viewed from below.


The reading angle is the angle at which people can fully read the LED information. Although it is usually larger than the viewing angle, it will change according to the lighting situation and the marking environment.

outdoor full color SMD P10 LED screen display


After knowing the above indicators that determine the LED display effect of LED screen signs, we can tell customers how to choose LED signs correctly.


01 User Requirements

How do the customers intend to use the LED display will affect the size, resolution, and model of the product.

For example, what kind of content does the customer plan to display? Use static images or animations, or both dynamic and static? Is it single-sided or double-sided? Is it installed on the wall, unipolar billboard, or on the building roof? and many more.

outdoor wall mounted SMD P10 LED screen advertising display

Generally, smaller LED logos sign is best for text and simple logos, while a larger LED screen can flexibly display various image layouts, including logos, text, and product images even video.


In short, technical factors such as line-of-sight, traffic speed, and space limitations will affect the correct choice of LED screen signs.



02 Pixel pitch, Resolution, and Viewing Distance


As we have explained earlier, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution. In general, the pixel pitch of 8mm and 10mm is the most suitable for close viewing, and the pixel pitch of 16mm and 19mm is suitable for signs that are far away from the ground.

RGB LED screen Video display Billboard

How to estimate the viewing distance? The fastest way is to directly replace the pixel pitch in millimeters with the distance in meters. For example, if the pixel pitch is 19mm, then the viewing distance is 19m.

SMD P10 pixel pitch led module

Of course, the smaller the pitch value, the higher the pixel resolution, and the viewing distance is more close. The cost is more expensive with a smaller pitch value.  If you want a close viewing distance then you should take the small pixel pitch model such as P4, P5, P6, otherwise, you can take a large pixel pitch such as P16, P20. The Medium pixel pitch model like P10 and P8 is a very hot model.



03 Video Function


If you need LED screen billboard to display fully dynamic video content, you need to ensure that you select a width and height ratio that closely matches the format of the video content to avoid stretching or distortion of the image.


Building LED screen display



04 Multi-channel Data


Many LED module now use multi-channel data configuration technology, so that even if one LED unit board is broken, it will not affect the LED screen display and reading of information on other LED unit boards.


If there is no multi-channel data configuration, a connection error will affect all the modules in a row, making the logo unusable and inconvenient for maintenance and replacement.


outdoor unipole led display advertising billboard


05 Client Budget


LED screen signs usually belong to bulk purchases, and quality, function, and size will affect the price.

Roof LED cabinet advertising display

Of course, unlike traditional outdoor advertising, LED screen signs can usually provide higher value and sustained return on investment. Especially for advertising media companies, having an LED advertising display billboard has the right to publish advertisements.


Therefore, the stability of quality and the reliability of operation is the priority purchase factors, rather than simply asking for low prices.

Roadside unipole LED advertising display billboard



So who do you trust to build YOUR LED Video Screen Display in China Supplier?


Quality depends on high-quality raw materials. All Adhaiwell outdoor & Indoor led screen display we use the best quality of Nation star Copper Wire SMD Led Lamp, Mean Well LED Display Power Supply and Nova Star controller like Taurus Series (TB1, TB3, TB6, TB8) which allowed us to fabricate better products with low consumption high brightness and longer life of the LED Screen Display.


How to contact outdoor advertising billboard display experts?

You can contact Adhaiwell outdoor LED Display Billboard Experts at any time.

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