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How Much Does Outdoor Billboard Advertising Cost to Rent?

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Whether it is a marketing agency that wants to find the right advertising space for new customers in Times Square or is inspired by the "three billboards", everyone may think about how much a outdoor billboard? The answer is: different.

Like most ads, billboard pricing is based on the CPM model, which is the price per thousand exposures. Of course, CPM varies by company and specific billboards. According to the American Association of Outdoor Advertising, the average thousand-dollar price for bulletin boards (large billboards) is between $3 and $18, while the average thousand-exposure price for posters (small billboards) is between $1 and $ 13. So, assuming 100,000 impressions per month, the price of the bulletin board is $300 to $1,800, and the poster price is $100 to $1,300.

Billboard price per thousand exposures

In some cases, outdoor CPM is more affordable than other marketing media.

As with any other product or service, supply and demand are important factors in determining the cost of a billboard. The more attractive to advertisers, the higher the price, including the location, audience exposure and demographics, and the type of signage that affects the final price.

01 Position

The location of the billboard is a very important factor in determining the price. In addition to factors that affect the number of audiences in the region, billboard location can also affect its visibility. Answering the following questions can help you determine the appropriate pricing for your billboard owner.

Is the billboard in the normal sight of people?

Are there any parts that obstruct the view?

What else do people do when they pass by?

Is there an element that distracts the line of sight nearby?

For example, billboards located on the other side of the highway are typically less expensive than billboards on the same side of the driver because the driver and passengers are more focused on the driving side. When looking for an ad slot, it's important to consider how people actually interact with the sign or poster.

The popularity of a location also affects its billboard price. Billboards in rural areas may cost as little as $250, while billboards in urban areas may cost tens of thousands of dollars. For example, the annual fee for Times Square billboards is about $1.1 million to $4 million.

Times Square has more than 330,000 visitors a day, plus more exposure through TV and movies, home to the world's most popular billboards.

02 Exposure and demographics

For a traditional printed billboard with a four-week rental period, the monthly price is the price per thousand exposure multiplied by the number of people who can see the ad. But how do billboard owners know how many times their signage will be exposed? This depends on an outdoor audience analysis company such as Geopath.

Using anonymous location data from mobile phones and cars, as well as custom data sources such as traffic statistics and pedestrian counts, Geopath is able to determine the audience coverage and frequency of viewing for a given billboard. Then, the size and visibility of the sign, as well as the dwell time (free time before the sign) or the speed of people passing through, are introduced to estimate the exposure of the sign.

For more in-depth analysis, OOH audience data can also be segmented based on demographics such as age, gender, and buying habits to help brands and advertisers better understand the people who see their ads and ensure their content is engaging Target Audience. These demographics also have an impact on prices because advertisers are more interested in some of their audiences. For example, in cities, the price of billboards in wealthy and mature communities may be higher than in less affluent regions because their audiences have higher levels of disposable income.

03 Billboard type

Traditional billboards vary in size, although prices are not necessarily positively related to size, but generally the larger the billboard, the higher the price. Larger signage is usually more visually impactful, but the steps to install a large roadside billboard are much more complicated than installing a small poster. In addition, because printing requires more material, production costs will vary by size. However, printing is a relatively inexpensive part of the process, with a total cost of about $300 to $500 (2061.51 - 3435.85 yuan).

04 Billboard standard size

4 Sheet Poster – 40′′ x 60′′ (1.02 x 1.52 m)

6 Sheet Poster – 47′′ x 70′′ (1.20 x 1.80 m)

12 Sheet Poster – 120′′ x 60′′ (3.05 x 1.52 m)

16 Sheet Poster – 80′′ x 120′′ (2.03 x 3.05 m)

32 Sheet Poster – 160′′ x 120′′ (4.06 x 3.05 m)

48 Sheet Poster – 240′′ x 120′′ (6.10 x 3.05 m)

64 Sheet Poster – 320′′ x 120′′ (8.13 x 3.05 m)

96 Sheet Poster– 480′′ x 120′′ (12.19 x 3.05 m)

Billboard Rental Periods:

• Bulletin (Large Billboard): Range of $1,500 - $30,000 per location per 4 week period

• 30 Sheet Poster (Medium Billboard): Range of $750 - $2,000 per location per 4 week period

• 8 Sheet Poster / Junior Poster (Small Billboard): Range of $300 - $750 per location per 4 week period

• Digital/LED Bulletin (Large Digital Billboard): Range of $3,500 - $25,000 per location per 4 week period for an    ~8-second spot in a loop of ~64 seconds

• Wall scape: Range of $10,000 - $50,000 per location per 4 week period

The cost of billboards depends on format, construction, and design. It generally ranges from $300 to $500 for the creation of a standard vinyl board. Hiring a design firm can cost anywhere from $150 to $1,000.

How much does it cost to rent a blank billboard?

Format and Construction of billboard:

We should keep in mind that the material used to construct a billboard should be weather resistant. Wood is the cheapest source to make a billboard advertisement. To build a wooden sign, you would need telephone poles and 2” x 4”s of plywood. It can cost between $2,000 and $10,000 to build, based entirely on the height and size.

Vinyl is the other standard material used for the ad. Printing an advertisement on vinyl for a 14-foot by 48-foot bulletin billboard requires almost 700 square feet of material and will cost between $300 and $500.

The ad space on a mobile billboard ranges from $500 to $800 per day. Pricing is based on geographic location and length of the mobile ad campaign. Production pricing ranges from $1,200 to $1,600 for two mobile billboard banners.

Billboard Design Costs:

Costs associated with designing a billboard typically range from $150 to $1,000. Billboard design differs from other advertising and graphic design, so choose a designer with extensive experience creating billboard ads tender. Adhaiwell can supply you free design for your ads billboard. Adhaiwell Makes Buying Billboard Easy & Save Ads billboard budget.

outdoor-unipole-billboard-ads free design

05 Breaking the existing thinking framework for outdoor advertising

Most advertisers like the big picture, while outdoor media ads offer a lot of creative choices, but these features are usually not available in other media. Every year, the Cannes Film Festival brings together outdoor advertising from around the world, and the best ones will receive the first prize. However, it is important to remember that any temporary size, setup, materials or installation will incur additional costs.

outdoor advertising billbaord structure

The Milwaukee Brewers' billboard won the OBIE award for the non-traditional billboard and poster custom installation category.

06 How much is a digital billboard worth?

Pricing for digital billboards is very similar to traditional print posters, where location, exposure and demographics, and screen type all have an impact on prices. The average price per thousand exposures for digital signage is $9 to $32 (RMB is about $61.85 - $219.89), making this type of media slightly more expensive than similar static products. However, digital products offer flexibility and more budget options that other products cannot achieve.

By using content such as video and HTML5, ads can be more creative than simple static posters. Images, animations, and even sound all appeal to the viewer. Many screens also enable touchscreen or mobile interaction to enhance the immersion of active content.

Some audience analysis companies, such as Quividi, also focus on digital outdoor media services. With real-time audience identification data, you can trigger an event only when the relevant audience is near the screen. This data can also be used to better quantify activity coverage and exposures, giving advertisers insight into the effectiveness of their activities.

Unlike the traditional rental cycle of a traditional billboard, the activity on the digital screen can be run at any time. Digital outdoor activities can be turned on or off in minutes because physical installation is not involved. Brands also have the flexibility to target ads to specific time periods of the day instead of playing a single-segment ad through the digital player at full time. Therefore, while digital billboards have a high cost per thousand impressions, they can often be reduced by targeting the activity to a specific time period in the area where the target audience is located.

Programmatic digital outdoor media can make this process easier. Similar to online and mobile advertising, digital billboards can also use real-time data sources to form automated purchases, such as time, week, or more creative content such as weather, traffic, sports scores, store inventory, etc... Almost all can be quantified. Although we won't cover this topic in detail in this article, be sure to download our Programmatic Digital Outdoor Media Handbook for more information.

digital led billboard

As one of the world's largest digital billboards, Harmon Corner is sure to attract the attention of the audience.

07 What is the price of a billboard?

Due to too many factors affecting the price, no specific answer can be provided. However, if you want to rent an event billboard, be sure to carefully consider the following to determine which billboard is right for your event:

Who is your target audience?

How many audiences do you want to reach?

When does your event need to be played?

What level of creativity do you need to ensure your audience understands the content of the event?

What is your budget?

What is the price per thousand of your other marketing channels?

One final tip: Billboard costs are not static and can usually be negotiated with the owner!

How to contact outdoor advertising billboard display experts at any time, you can contact outdoor Billboard Experts at any time - ADHAIWELL.COM


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