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What is Smart Street Lamppost LED Screen Display?

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In recent years, with the acceleration of the new infrastructure of the Internet of Things and the construction of 5G, the development process of the Outdoor Street Smart Light Pole LED Screen industry has been accelerated. 

The smart light pole LED screen is based on the Internet and LED technology. As a brand-new outdoor digital advertising display platform, it not only solves the pain points of traditional outdoor media advertising, but also integrates multiple advantages, such as remote control, convenient management, and advertising display. The effect is good, the interaction is stronger, etc.


The intelligent street lamp pole LED Signage has a small box size with a small investment, but the return is large, so it is deeply loved by the majority of advertisers. 

Different from the traditional outdoor LED display screens installed between high-rise buildings, LED light pole screens are mainly suitable for 2-3 meters short-distance advertising occasions, such as streets, parks, communities, squares, and other places, the size is generally small, and the application is Small LED pitch products such as SMD P2.5, SMD P 3, SMD P4 or SMD P5 LED screen.

Adhaiwell launched P2.5 and P4, two mainstream outdoor small-pitch, ultra-high-definition displays, with pixel density, and enjoy extraordinary visual effects when viewed at close range. The refresh rate is as high as 3840HZ. There is no scanning line, the photo effect is good, and the content is displayed more clearly. 

Street Pole Digital LED Displays are also more vivid and eye-catching than the traditional static road flag display when installed in the street, thus bringing a greater information dissemination effect.

What is Smart & Digital Streetlighting Pole Led Display Sign?

Outdoor City's New Smart & Digital Street Lamp Pole Led Signage is a public lighting fixture with an LED screen sign that incorporates technology, such as cameras, light-sensing photocells, and other sensors, to introduce real-time monitoring functionalities.  This state-of-the-art LED display is designed to deliver a modern, tech-forward aesthetic to your urban landscape.

Featuring an ultra-bright, energy-efficient LED screen display, this streetlighting pole LED sign is perfect for showcasing advertising, directional information, and artistic displays to the public. With its sleek design and customizable capabilities, Adhaiwell's Outdoor City's New Smart & Digital Street Furniture Pole Led Display is the perfect solution for revitalizing your city's streets.

Street lamppost Pole LED Display is a type of electronic display board that is typically used for outdoor advertising, with a large viewing angle, wide viewing distance, and high brightness. The display is made up of many LED modules, which are connected together and form an image. This type of display is typically seen in sports arenas, airports, shopping malls, and other public places. They can also be used for internal communication, such as displaying information within a facility.

Benefits of Smart Street Lighting Pole LED screens

1. Multi-functional use to meet a variety of needs

The Smart Street Lighting Pole LED screens effectively integrate multiple needs such as smart transportation, municipal publicity, security monitoring, commercial advertising, environmental monitoring, 5G base station application, information publicity, and advertisement release. One pole is multi-purpose, reducing the cost of repeatedly building multiple poles and further beautifying the cityscape.

2. Remote Management & Easy Maintenance

Street pole digital LED screen displays are electronic devices that can be centrally controlled, remotely managed, and displayed with one click through computers and mobile phones. Ordinary billboards can only be replaced one by one. The labor cost, material cost, and time cost are much higher than the street smart light pole LED screen.

3. Small space occupation with small safety hazard

Compared with large outdoor LED screens, the small street light pole LED screens occupy less space, which not only beautifies the urban space but also reduces potential safety hazards.

4. Low power consumption, more energy-saving

The lamppost pole LED screen supports a variety of installation methods such as vertical columns, horizontal poles placed sideways, and centered suspension. The visual size of the LED screen can be customized according to needs with low power consumption, and more energy-saving.

5. Higher ROI

Using the lamppost pole LED screen, the displayed advertising content can be changed at any time, which is equivalent to increasing the advertising space. The more advertising spaces, the lower the marginal cost and the higher the return on investment.

6. LED cabinet structure is simple and easy to install.


What Are the Differences Between Pole LED Screen and Normal LED Screen?

1. Outstanding Energy-saving Ability & Cost-effective

Normal LED displays with big sizes are indeed cheap in average unit cost, but the power consumption of the finished products is high. As a livelihood project, smart street lights are equipped with LED light pole screens that have both commercial and livelihood services.

Therefore, energy saving is one of the basic requirements that must be met. Although the cost of conventional LED display screens is cheaper, the direct result is high power consumption, so they cannot meet the requirements of energy saving and consumption reduction.

2. More Power Supply and Fans Cooling

Normal LED displays have less power supply and fan configurations, and cannot withstand high temperatures of 80°C.

The street light pole LED screens are all installed on the street light poles on both sides of the road. The LED cabinet is an all-metal structure and is small in size. In summer, the temperature inside the box can reach above 60°C even when it is not working.

Therefore, in order to meet the requirement of high-temperature resistance of 80°C, the LED light pole screen not only needs to increase the power supply but also increase the number of fans inside the cabinet.

3. High Brightness & High Refresh

Normal LED displays cannot meet the requirements for parameters such as high brightness, high refresh, and clarity that can be used in street lights.

The street light pole LED display can fully fit with the smart light pole. The exquisite and beautiful appearance makes it look more technological and modern. At the same time, the smaller size of the LED light pole screen requires higher brightness, higher refresh, and higher definition. The street lamppost LED display screen can achieve enough attention.

4. High Intelligent

Normal LED displays have single functions and cannot take on the important task of a smart display terminal.

Street light pole smart LED screen is part of a smart city, and it is also the early entrance to the layout of the city's Internet of Things. Therefore, the collection and analysis of big data are required functions. At the same time, the street light pole smart LED screen must also have highly intelligent application functions such as audio, WIFI probe, automatic brightness adjustment, synchronous switching, intelligent temperature control, intelligent monitoring, network control, etc.

What Control System Do Choose for Smart Lamppost LED Screen?

The best control system for a Smart Lamppost LED Screen is a centralized control system. This system allows for centralized control and management of the entire system, including the lampposts and their LED screens. Centralized control systems can be managed from one central location, allowing for easy monitoring and control of the system, and can be customized to meet the needs of your specific application

The smart lamppost LED screen is based on the Internet and LED technology. As a brand-new outdoor advertising & media display platform, it has the characteristics of an eye-catching display effect, wide audience, high arrival rate, remote and easy management, etc., which greatly improves the role of advertising.

With many Advantages such as remote control, convenient management, good advertising display effect, stronger interaction, etc.

Adhaiwell mainly uses Huidu LED Control System for Smart Lamppost LED Screen.

Huidu Smart Lamppost LED Screen control solution adopts a 4G network or network cable to connect to the Internet, realizes remote management, remote power switch and program release through the cloud platform information release system, GPS and RF modules can realize multi-screen synchronous playback, advertising promotion The visual effect is more shocking. The S107 brightness sensor allows the display to automatically adjust the brightness, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


The smart pole LED screen controller system greatly improves operating efficiency, lights up the beauty of the city, and is welcomed by more and more users.

Main Functions and Features of the Adhaiwell Smart Lamppost LED Screen

Smart Lamppost LED Screen has the features of a large number of LED screens and wide distribution sites. Using the CMS cloud platform can realize remote cluster control then you can manage the LED display screen in a unified manner without leaving home.

1. Remote Management | Cluster Control

Multi-screen remote cluster control, no need to go to the site to operate, simple and convenient.

2. Remote Switch Power Supply

Remotely control the power supply of the light pole screen, energy saving, and environmental protection.

3. Multi-screen Synchronous Display

Multiple Smart Lamppost LED screens play the same picture at the same time, improving the overall display effect and enhancing the advertising effect.

4. Automatically Brightness Setting

Timing brightness and automatic brightness adjustment, high brightness during the day, better display effect, low brightness at night, more energy-saving.

5. One-click Publishing:

One-click publishing, scheduled playback; using the program list management function, flexible and convenient.

6. Weather Information Display:

Automatically obtain Internet weather information, and keep abreast of weather conditions when traveling.

7. Environmental Monitoring:

Support real-time environmental monitoring such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, PM2.5, noise, etc.

8. Free CMS Cloud Platform

Provide free CMS cloud platform server for users who do not need a self-organizing network, no need for self-maintenance, saving costs.

Smart light pole screen is connected to the Internet through 4G or 5G, Wifi, and a wired network. Based on the network and cloud platform, it realizes screen information release and management functions through cluster control, such as remote centralized monitoring, light box screen monitoring, and inspection reports.

9. Docking with Third-party Data Systems

High compatibility, can be customized to connect with third-party data systems.

Control System Hardware Solution Options for Smart Lamppost LED Screen

LED Control System | HD-C16C

HD-C16C is an asynchronous full-color control sending card for small and medium-sized LED displays, which supports Internet remote cluster management.

Remote control of the power supply of the display.

10 HUB75E interfaces on board, which can be directly connected to the LED module.

Support for playing video, Program content such as pictures and texts.

4G Communication Module

Provide basic equipment for the control card to access the Internet, realize remote cluster management of LED displays, multi-screen synchronization, obtain Internet weather information, etc., and support global communication networks.

Through 3G,4G, or 5G signals, the content of the street light pole LED screen can be transmitted wirelessly, sent and received in groups.

Realize batch release of programs, timely update of video and image content, emergency insertion, etc.

Brightness Sensor (HD-S107)

Smart Lamppost LED Screen works around the clock. At different time periods, the ambient light changes significantly. Through brightness sensing, the LED display screen can automatically adjust its brightness as the brightness of the surrounding environment changes, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Automatic LED display brightness, whether it is in a dark environment or in sunlight, the LED screen can be seen clearly, and the best display effect can be maintained at any time.

RF Synchronous Playback Module (Option 1)

The RF module based on LoRa technology realizes the synchronous playback of multiple LED display contents.

The system can realize the real-time synchronous playback function of all LED screens.

Realize the simultaneous broadcast of a large-scale advertising campaign on the different pole LED screens in the whole city and improve the overall impact effect and advertisement grade.

GPS Synchronization Module (Option 2)

Use the method of satellite timing to realize multi-screen synchronous playback.

Choose one of the two with the RF module, and support the GPS positioning function at the same time.

Multiple pole LED screens play the same image and video at the same time, improving the overall display effect and enhancing the advertising effect.

FAQs of Smart Light Pole LED Display

(1) What temperature can Street Smart Lamppost LED Screen bear?

Street Smart Lamppost LED Screen should bear temperatures up to 80 degrees because it usually installs on roads.

(2) What are the differences between Street Pole LED displays with normal LED displays?

A. Cost: Compared with normal LED display screens, street pole LED displays need higher production costs.

B. Utility: Street Smart Lamppost LED Screen has higher utility as parameters and quality have more strict requirements.

C. Energy Consumption: Street pole LED screens have less electricity and more energy-saving.

D. Functions: Street Smart Lamppost LED Screen has more smart functions.

E. Auxiliaries Hardware: there are many additional options hardware for a pole LED screen should use, such as WIFI, acoustics, automatic brightness adjustment, automatic temperature control, etc.

(3) What are the general standards of street pole LED signs?

The installation height should be 3m to 4m, and the size of the screen can be 0.5㎡ to 1.5㎡. The maximum consumption can be 800W for per screen, and the average consumption is 240W per screen.

(4) Why do Street light pole LED screens need higher costs than normal LED displays?

A. Street light pole LED screens need a more complex production process with multiple baking varnish and accessories assembly.

B. Pole LED screen has more comprehensive systems which are multi-functional even small size.

C. Higher performance requirements required better protection ability, sunlight resistance, many other smart functions, and so on.

(5) How can street pole LED displays resist high temperatures?

A. Reasonable inner design: Install the sending cards, receiving cards, power supply, fans, etc reasonably.

B. Shorter inner trace to improve thermal convection.

C. Adding more fans to improve ventilation so as to strengthen heat dissipation.

D. Choose high-quality components such as sending cards, fans, and cables, which can resist higher temperatures than standard ones.

E. High-quality power supply should be installed as the conversion efficiency will reduce with the rising of temperature, so there should be more power supply units.

(6) How long is the lifetime of the pole LED Display?

The lifetime can be up to 10 years as the luminous attenuation of street pole LED displays can be relatively low.

Smart traffic street light pole LED screens can not only realize the comprehensive utilization of urban street light poles but also decorate the environment through colorful pictures, making the road no longer monotonous. Moreover, corresponding publicity content can be arranged and broadcast according to different festivals and major events in the city to create a festival and event atmosphere and beautify the city.

In the current era of smart city construction and big data interconnection, the outdoor digital advertising & media market is also constantly ushering in new changes.

As a digital display terminal in the emerging field of smart light poles LED screens, While serving as an advertising medium, it undertakes the important task of helping the construction of smart cities, which also puts forward more requirements for Smart Street Light Pole LED Screens.

Adhaiwell will also continue to carry out product research and development upgrades, improve production efficiency, launch more cutting-edge products, play an active role in new infrastructure, and help the construction of smart cities.

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