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Outdoor Street Furniture LED Display Screen Digital Parking Pylon Signage

Outdoor street furniture LED advertising digital parking indicator pylon LED signs.

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Product Description

Specializing in Outdoor Digital Pylon LED Signage!

Adhaiwell LTD is Outdoor Street Furniture Digital LED Pylon Signage Manufacturers with Low Price Parking Pylon LED Signs and High quality, has a wide variety of customizable Mall Pylon LED Signage. Adhaiwell's Outdoor Street Furniture Digital LED Pylon Signage, made in China, is produced to exacting specifications for a quality product designed to last.

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Freestanding pylon sign structures in monument (ground-based) and pylon signs forms can be as small and intricate or as large and informative as the application requires. An extremely effective form of advertising, these signs go right to the source of your customers, the traffic on the street. Adhaiwell has the professional team in place to meet your pylon or monument sign needs.

Stand-alone identity through the tall column support and enable them to be present and in the distance, called "Optimus Prime" logo. Tall, stand-alone identity and many other types of identification, compared with higher visibility, and is widely used in business, such as gas stations and hotels, these business-oriented in the driving population, or the service is faced with quite a lot of strange visitors.


  • Materials: iron
  • Frame: aluminum
  • Panel: Galvanized plate
  • Base: Galvanized Sheet
  • Size: box: 3000*750*315mm (customized)
  • Amount of displays: 3 pieces (customized)
  • Color: silver, black, full colored customized
  • Logo sign can be customized


 LED Screen of Commodities & Specifications

300cmX75cm Outdoor Pylon P4 Full Color SMD3535  LED Signs 

Cabinets Material: Iron alloy Cabinets.

Control system: 3G and TCP/IP Communication and control.

Cabinet size:1pcs 75cm(W)*300cm(H)

Power Supply: AC110V/220V

Resolution: 512X1024Pixels LED 1,512X256Pixels LED2.

Pixel pitch:4mm.


Pixel density:62500Pixels/m2.

Viewing angle:120°

Viewing distance:5m-12m.

Input voltage:DC5V/AC110-240V.

Power consumption:1000W/m⊃2;

Installation way: Fixed installation.

Maintenance way: Back side service.

Life time:≥100000hours.

Operation temperature:-10℃~+40℃


Warranty: 1 year.

Packing way: Wooden box packing.





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