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LED Frameless Aluminum Fabric Light Box Digital Display Screen Signage

LED Backlit fabric textile printed and sewn with silicone beaded edges for frameless light box signage. Printed backlit duratrans signage on fabric.
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Product Description

Specializing in LED Frameless Fabric Light Box!

Adhaiwell LTD is Led Frameless Fabric Light Box Manufacturers with Low Price Fabric Light Box Frame and High quality, has a wide variety of customizable Aluminum Fabric Light Box Frame  for all your client passed the store's window. Fabric LED Light Boxes are the latest visual display trend for big, bold graphics that capture a viewer's attention. Adhaiwell's  Frameless Fabric LED Light Box, made in China, is produced to exacting specifications for a quality product designed to last.

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Powered by Adhaiwell green LED lighting, the Fabric Light Box series provides bright and even illumination for large graphic prints applied as wall mounted, hanging, or freestanding marketing solutions. Available in different profile sizes, the frameless appearance of our Fabric Light Boxes creates a sleek and modern look that allows for versatility of use in virtually any environment. Our Fabric Light Box is the ideal lighting solution designed to help elevate your brand to be the focus on any commercial landscape.

Adhaiwell Fabric LED Lightbox is the perfect way to make your graphic stand out. The Fabric LED Lightbox Single Sided is designed to be attached to a wall. Graphics on all Lightboxes are fabric, making graphics installation quick and easy.

LED Backlit Farric-Light-Box

Adhaiwell Fabric Lightbox should have the wall section directly behind it painted white to reflect the light beams. For narrow Fabric light boxes, only the 2 longest opposing sides need to be illuminated, larger lightboxes may require all 4 sides to be illuminated.

Our Fabric LED Lightbox double sided has a graphic on both sides that are illuminated equally. The Lightbox is usually bolted to the ground for stability.

Sewn Silicone Edge Profiles

LED Backlit Fabric Framess is different than Duratran Transparencies, where the media has to be snapped into place, by the light box frame. The edgeless look that is unique to Backlit Fabric is accomplished by sewing a silicone beading around the edge of the printed fabric. This process allows the edges to be inserted into the channel grooves of the edgeless light box frame, stretching the fabric taut. There are different size channel grooves depending on the light box, that is why we stock several sizes of silicone beading to accommodate all styles of edgeless frame light boxes.  Don’t know the size that you need? We’ll be more than happy to send you out a “fit kit” that will help you find the right size beading.


For narrow lightboxes only the 2 longest opposing sides need to be illuminated, larger lightboxes may require all 4 sides to be illuminated.

LED Frameless Fabric Light Boxes are a high-impact and low-maintenance way to get any message or exhibit noticed.

Our Fabric Light Boxes can be custom-built to any size and they are guaranteed to grab the attention of people everywhere. Added benefits include durability, portability, and versatility.


Our expert team is on hand to guide you through the process of selecting the correct option for you.

Easy Carry & Easy Install

Easily assembled in minutes with no tools or special skills required

Comes complete with secure carry-case

Lit by energy-efficient LED bulbs

Easily assembled in just minutes using only one tool

No electrical knowledge required

Easily dissembled again too, for using somewhere else!

Can be wall-mounted or free-standing

Choice of grey or black frame (or paint in colour of your choice)


LED Backlit Fabric for Frameless Lightboxes

Fabric has become a formidable alternative to traditional printed Duratrans for large backlit signage due to its light diffusion properties. When the edges of the Backlit Fabric graphic are sewn with silicone beading and stretched taut over an edgeless light box frame, the illuminated fabric displays the image with a smooth, frameless look. Printed using our enhanced image resolution process with premium Backlit Fabric allows for dense color, text clarity and contrast that is unmatched in the printing industry.

There are many different types and sizes of Frameless Light Boxes that require Backlit Fabric. We have you covered, no matter the size, there is a Backlit Fabric solution that fits.


LED Backlit Fabric for Frameless Light Boxes

Backlit Fabric is taking retail environments by storm because it is a stylish and affordable alternative to traditional backlit signage. Whether you are printing fabric for an existing frameless light box, or interested in purchasing the hardware, is the source for premium backlit fabric products.





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