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10 Secrets Things You Didn't Know About Lamppost LED Screen Display?

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The  Street Lamppost LED Screen Display is a new generation of intelligent advertising equipment, which constitutes a complete CMS software, cloud service, and multimedia terminal LED display and conducts advertising through multimedia contents such as images, text, videos.

As an important category of urban lamppost lighting, smart lamppost LED Screen Display is receiving more and more advantages due to its powerful and comprehensive product performance, the high value of both commercial and people’s livelihood services, ease of operation, and ease of operation. Many OOH operation companies, outdoor media companies, commercial complex operators, public management departments, smart city urban construction departments, and other related parties are concerned and used in some project construction.


The Smart Lamppost Pole LED Screen Display (also called Street Pole LED Screen Display) is a practice of smart city construction based on street lamps or lamppost LED lighting, combined with WiFi / 3G / 4G / 5G Internet technology, power carrier Internet of Things technology, and sensing technology. The main applications include smart street lamp integrated management center, smart lighting management system, and video surveillance Users can choose different application subsystems for combined application according to actual needs of the system, WiFi coverage system, smart sensor, and release system, emergency alarm system, and charging pile system.


Why Some People Almost Always Make/Save Money With Lamppost  LED Screen Display? Call China manufacturer of Street Pole LED LED Screen Display to know how to Wins Customers and business.

Smart Lamppost LED Screen Display

The Advantages of Smart Lamppost LED Screen Display is very obvious, mainly in several aspects:

 1. Accurate Target Audience: 

Target audiences who are about to buy.


2. The Novel Form of Publicity: 

The form of publicity with multimedia of playing image and video on the street and roads side is very novel through the small LED Screens.


3. Long Advertising Period: 

It can be continued for a long time without manual maintenance, the cost is extremely low, the audience is extremely wide, and the price-performance ratio is extremely high.


4. Convenient Upload contents: 

Multiple LED screens can be remotely controlled for online synchronization updates.


5. Wide Audience Coverage: 

Among all public facilities on the ground, street pole lights have the highest coverage; there are many spots and few blind spots, and street pole lights with smart lamppost LED Screen Display in large and medium-sized cities have been installed on every road, and they have assumed the function of geographic coordinates.


6. Complete Public Functions: 

The street pole LED lights that can realize the integration of multiple functions will also carry various information collection functions. Smart lamppost LED Screen Display with high public attention has become one of the livelihood facilities with the highest public attention.


7. Fast Development Speed: 

Synchronize with the expansion of the city, with strong expansion.


8. Easy Maintenance: 

If there is a problem with the LED screen, the LED module can be replaced directly, saving maintenance costs. However, the general digital LCD Signage needs to be replaced with the entire screen, and the maintenance cost is high.


9. Cluster Intelligent Control: 

The LED screen is connected with 4G, high-quality and high-speed dissemination, real-time upload of advertising content, to meet the needs of precise customers, realize the demand for seamless dissemination of brand value, wide-coverage, and maximize advertising value.


10. High-cost Performance: 

In terms of price alone, smart lamppost LED Screen Display has a larger market space than largeLED screens, which are often hundreds of thousands of millions. In terms of media value, compared to large LED screens, the street pole LED Screen Display is easier to form an LED advertising network within a region, and the delivery cost is also low, and they are more likely to be welcomed by customers.

 City Smart Street Pole Lamppost led display

The street light pole with LED Screen is small and light, and it is easier to realize the cluster effect. Just imagine that all the Lamppost  LED Screen Display installed on both sides of the road simultaneously play the same advertising content. The scale effect formed in this way has a strong visual impact on consumers or invisible consumers and can deepen their memory of advertising. Such a promotion method can not only affect more audiences but also influence the audience's buying behavior.


The street LED light pole of the LED screens can be controlled in real-time, and the advertising information can be updated in real-time, eliminating the trouble of replacing street signs in previous advertisements, saving trouble and effort. Through the Adhaiwell intelligent management system, it is truly possible to control advertising freely.


Quality depends on high-quality raw materials. All Adhaiwell outdoor & Indoor led screen display we use the best quality raw material in China supplier of Nation star Copper Wire SMD Led Lamp, Mean Well LED Display Power Supply and Nova Star controller like Taurus Series (TB1, TB3, TB6, TB8) which allowed us to fabricate better products with low consumption high brightness and longer life of the LED Screen Display.

  New Smart & Digital Street Furniture

How to contact OOH experts in China?

You can contact Adhaiwell at any time by WhatsApp +8615302206052. 

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