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Why is Street Lighting Pole LED Display Favored By Many Advertisers?

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Nowadays, the trend of Smart City Street Lighting Pole LED Display is very hot and unusual. With the competition in major segments, with the development and application of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet, Street Lighting Pole LED Screens are used as smart city construction. The "vanguard" of the globe has ushered in a broad and potential market demand, attracting major enterprises to vie for deployment.



 Intelligent Street Pole LED Screen Makes City Smarter.


Intelligent Street Pole LED Advertising Display is an LED screen mounted on the street lamp pole. Although the screen of pole LED advertising display isn’t large, it tends to have multiple screens in one place. Many LED display could repeatedly play a message to achieve the purpose of advertising. The Pole LED Advertising Display can be remotely controlled via 3G/4G/WIFI Wireless, and program can be update anytime and anywhere. Intelligent Street Pole LED DSIPLAY is widely used in the Shopping Street, Tourist Place, Park and so on.


Street light pole LED Display Screens are now fast replacing traditional advertising light box banners. These pole LED screen advertising billboards have been used to play image and video, they have not limited visibility and appeal. 


Intelligent Street Pole LED Advertising Banner specially designed for street lamps. The shape of the LED cabinet is unique, novel and beautiful, and can be well integrated with the pole. The LED cabinet is designed with reinforced iron hoops for added safety and security.

Ultra-light and ultra-thin cabinet design, easy to install, easy to maintain.

The protection rate reaches IP65, the brightness is more than 6000nits, and the Street Pole LED Advertising Display is suitable for the permanent outdoor installation.

Street Pole LED Advertising Display can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient light, neither too bright to produce light pollution, nor because the brightness is too low to affect the advertising effect.

Adhaiwell's Street Pole LED Advertising Display can achieve centralized management, and can simultaneously control all the display through the terminal.



The construction of smart cities is in full swing, Digital Street Lighting Pole LED Screens to stand at tens of billions of new air outlets.


Smart city construction can be called a hot word in the past two years, and it has become another billion outlets after the Internet. In the process of smart city construction, many surrounding industries have benefited from rapid development. Among them, as one of the main livelihood public facilities of urban construction, smart LED display street light poles to play an important role in the construction of smart cities compared to other public facilities, and have also ushered in new development impetus.


The street lamp pole smart LED display is a new type of smart information platform that integrates street lights pole as a carrier and combines WIFI Internet or 4G /5G technology, Internet of Things technology, and even interactive sensing technology. Street lamp pole smart LED screen must be the main display medium on street lamp pole smart LED screen. As a new form of digital signage, with its natural advantages of all-outdoors, it can play a role in remote interactive video, face recognition, weather environment monitoring, Remote cluster control, and other functions, and with the increasingly sophisticated LED intelligent display technology, can bring audiences an excellent visual experience of all-outdoor highlight and high-definition.


On the other hand, the smart street lighting pole LED screen advertising display can not only play audio, video, text, and other multimedia content, but also connect Wi-Fi, 4g/5G to the Internet with a mobile phone, monitor road video information, and display temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, PM2.5 value, etc. Environmental data can also broadcast information such as convenience services to realize commercial value and livelihood service functions. People can pay attention to changes in the surrounding environment in time and make corresponding life and production responses.


It can be seen that the advantages of smart street lighting pole LED screen advertising display products are more prominent, and they can indeed play a greater role in the construction of smart cities. 2019 will be the first year of 5G commercial use. By 2020, 5G will be widely used worldwide. By then, the market will have an explosion of demand for smart light poles equipped with base stations, and LED light pole screens will be the core component of smart poles. , Is an important channel to ensure the operation (charging) of smart street light projects, and it will also usher in a new round of development opportunities in the future.


Highlight the commercial value of Outdoor LED Advertising, unique communication advantages attract attention


In addition to being used in smart cities, Intelligent Street Lighting Pole LED Screen Advertising Displays are now also showing great commercial value in the outdoor LED advertising market. In people’s traditional cognition, Outdoor LED display applications to appear as large LED screens in the field of outdoor advertising display. However, with the accelerated transformation of smart transportation, the popular application of smart street lighting poles has enabled small-area LED displays to be viewed at close range. Gradually favored by outdoor advertisers, it has become a brand-new form in the field of outdoor LED screen advertising.


It can be said that Intelligent Street light pole LED screens with small pitch LED technology, networking systems, and other technologies also have strong competitiveness in the outdoor LED screen advertising "small LED screen" market, and for the first time presents a large-scale application of big data, forming a very large-scale advertisement LED Display carrier.


In recent years, the revenue of the outdoor advertising market has shown a stepped growth. With the rise of modern new retail, how to capture the attention of the audience, effectively communicate information and create a high conversion rate has become a headache for the entire outdoor advertising industry. All of this is a very good entry point for streety light pole LED screen manufacturers and advertisers. With innovative perspectives and precise positioning, they quickly occupy a place in the outdoor LED advertising market, and at the same time, they have opened a distance from traditional outdoor advertising operators.


Compared with static and traditional large-screen advertisements, street light pole LED screens have the advantages of front and rear display and multiple playback forms. They can display dynamic video advertisements, express more promotional content, and are more eye-catching. At the same time, the street light pole LED screen has the characteristics of synchronous reception and synchronous playback, coupled with a design with a viewing angle greater than 140 degrees, in a rushed place such as a road, even if you sit in a moving vehicle and pass a glance, you will not miss it. The content of the ad.


To seize the Street Lighting Pole LED Screen market, the overall concept of LED screen advertiser is indispensable


2021 is the explosive point of the Street Lighting Pole LED Screen industry. Whether it is in the construction of smart cities or the outdoor LED display advertising market, it will play an important role that is not available. With the continuous expansion of the Street Lighting Pole LED Screen market, more and more in the industry LED screen companies began to deploy smart street light pole screens in the market segment, creating products that are lighter, more energy-efficient, smarter, more beautiful, and have more market development advantages have become the market plan of many LED screen companies or advertiser. This trend While intensifying market competition, it also promotes the optimization of smart Street Lighting Pole LED Screen products.


For this reason, LED display companies and advertiser need to have the overall concept, and their sights are in more distant places. In the current competition in the LED display industry, price has no longer become the biggest competitiveness of enterprises competing for the market. Enterprises should think about how to realize products from “Quantitative change to qualitative change” is the only way to develop and produce high-quality and innovative differentiated Street Lighting Pole LED Screen products, continuously improve the supply chain system, manufacturing system, R&D system and marketing system, and while expanding market visibility, establish The core customer base and an effective industrial development ecosystem will be able to grasp the trillion-level outlets of smart cities and occupy a favorable development position when smart street light poles really break out.


Nowadays, smart Street Lighting Pole LED Screen products have been established in every corner of the city. Products that are lighter, more energy-efficient, smarter, more beautiful, and have more market development advantages have become the development goals of major LED screen companies and advertiser. And innovation leads the new development of smart cities, and has contributed to accelerating the development of smart city LED display systems in major cities in globe.

Smart City Digital-Street-Furniture-Pole-Led-Display

China factory of Street-Pole-Lamppost-SMD-P4-LED-Display


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