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Most Practical Calculation Formulas for LED Screen Advertising Display

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If you would like to buy and install an LED screen and make money by selling advertising, you should know how to calculate the cabinet size and quantity? And how to calculate LED display pixel pitch, module size, viewing distance, etc. But when you want to making money with LED advertising screens, they are totally unprepared, which means that they cannot advise you on how to run it successfully.


LED Advertising Display Screens usually requires to use some calculation formulas during the installation process, such as LED pitch spacing, length and height of LED Module, the qty of LED modules used, etc. Today, Adhaiwell will summarize the most calculation formulas commonly used for your reference and study.


Q1. What is high quality of LED Screen Module

 The high-quality LED module has High definition, high refresh. The smaller the pixel spacing, the more pixels per unit area, the clearer the image quality. the higher the resolution of the LED screen.



01 High-quality LED Chip

The LED module uses nation star copper bracket LED lamp beads.

Uniform current, consistent brightness, higher gray level.


02 PC Circuit Board

The circuit board adopts wave soldering process,

The green oil oxygen barrier prevents moisture and oxidation of the circuit and improves the service life.


03 High Brush IC

High-quality IC chip has high refresh, non-destructive brightness adjustment, eliminating noise, and no afterimages with high-definition image.


04 SMD LED Chip Packaging Technology

High resolution and wide vision,

Fine image quality and stable performance



Q2. Calculation method of LED Point spacing


The center distance from each pixel to each adjacent pixel;


The dot pitch of P10 LED is10 mm.

The dot pitch of P6 LED is 6 mm.

The dot pitch of P3 LED is 3 mm.



Q3. Length and Height of LED Modules


Spacing Distance × Dot Number = Length/Height


For example:

Length of P10 LED Modules = 32 (dot number) × 1.0cm = 32cm


Height of P10 LED Modules = 16 (dot number) × 1.0cm = 16cm




Q4. The Quantity of LED Modules


(1)   Total Area ÷ Length of Modules ÷ Height of Modules = the Number of LED Modules


e.g., 1:


For 4m x 3m = 12 square meters of P10mm LED display, the number of LED display should be:


12㎡ ÷ 0.32m (length) ÷ 0.16m (width) = 234.375pcs ≈ 235 pcs


(2) For more accurate calculation:


Number of LED Modules for Length × Number of LED Modules for Height = Total Number of Modules


e.g., 2:


The number of LED modules for length equals to 4m ÷ 0.32m (length of single LED module) = 12.5pcs ≈ 12 pcs


The number of LED modules for height equals to 3m ÷ 0.16m (height of single LED module) = 18.75 ≈ 18 pcs


So, the total number of LED Modules is 12pcs × 18pcs = 216pcs


The final actual dimension of the LED screen is

Width = 12 x 0.32m = 3.840 m

High = 18 x 0.16m = 2.88 m


Q5. The Quantity of LED Cabinet


The standard dimension of the LED cabinet is 960mm x 960 mm with 320 mm x 160 mm of LED module.

960 mm ÷ 320mm = 3

960 mm ÷ 160 mm = 6

So, one standard LED cabinet has 3x6=18 pcs of LED module.


e.g., 1:


For 4m x 3m = 12 square meters of P10mm LED display, the number of LED cabinet should be:


12㎡ ÷ 0.96m (length) ÷ 0.96m (width) = 13.02pcs ≈ 12 pcs


(2) For more accurate calculation:


Number of LED Cabinet for Length × Number of LED Cabinet for Height = Total Number of LED cabinet


e.g., 2:


The number of LED cabinet for length equals 4m ÷ 0.96m (length of the single LED cabinet) = 4.1pcs ≈ 4 pcs


The number of LED modules for height equals 3m ÷ 0.96m (height of single LED cabinet) = 3.12 ≈ 3 pcs


So, the total number of LED cabinet is 4pcs × 3pcs = 12 pcs


The final actual dimension of the LED screen is

Width = 4 x 0.96m = 3.840 m

High = 3 x 0.96m = 2.88 m



Q6. Viewing distance of LED Screen Display

The viewing distance can be the appropriate distance that you can see the images on the LED screen clearly. Usually, we have to consider the minimum viewing distance, optimum viewing distance and maximum viewing distance. However, we should know that the correct viewing distance not only relates to the pixel pitch, but also the full size of the LED screen and the specific condition.


(1) Minimum viewing distance


Pixel Pitch(mm) × 1000/1000 = Minimum Viewing Distance (m)


For example, SMD P10 LED screen with 10mm pitch has a minimum viewing distance of 10 meters, and SMD P8 LED screen has a minimum viewing distance of 8 meters.


(2) Optimum viewing distance


Pixel Pitch(mm) × 3000/1000 = Optimum Viewing Distance (m)


The optimum distance is three times longer than minimum viewing distance. SMD P10 LED screen has the optimum distance of 30 meters.


(3) Maximum viewing distance


Height × 30 = Maximum Viewing Distance (m)


For example, a LED screen with 2m height can be viewed from 60 meters away.



Q7. Calculation method of the LED display scanning method


In a certain display area, the ratio of the number of lines lit at the same time to the number of lines in the entire area.

At present, there are two driving methods for LED display on the market: static scanning and dynamic scanning. Static scanning is divided into static real pixels and static virtual. Dynamic scanning is also divided into dynamic real images and dynamic virtual. The driving device generally uses domestic HC595, Taiwan MBI5026, Japan Toshiba TB62726, generally have 1/2 scan, 1/4 scan, 1/8 scan, 1/16 scan.



Q8. How to Calculate Resolution

The Resolution Per Square Meter = 1/pixel pitch (m)/pixel pitch (m)

For example, resolution of P16 LED screen = 1/0.016/0.016 = 3906 point/㎡

You can easily understand there is a negative correlation between the pixel pitch and resolution, that is, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution, and the better the image quality.


Q9. How to Calculate the Consumption and compare with Common LED Display?


Calculate as 50sqm led screen ( Daily working time 10h,1KW = USD 0.25 cost)


Common P10mm Outdoor LED Display:

Average power consumption 0.3KW/sqm

Electricity Cost 1 year:= $0.25x 0.3(Kw/m2) x 50(sqm) x 10(hours/day) x 365(days/year) = $13,687.


Energy-saving P10mm Outdoor LED Display:

Average power consumption: 0.12KW/sqm

Electricity cost 1 year:= $0.25x 0.12(Kw/m2) x 50(sqm) x 10(hours/day) x 365(days/year)= $5,475.


Result: Saving $13,687-5,475=$8,212 annually on electricity cost for 50sqm LED Display Screen. 


Usually, the Energy-saving P10mm Outdoor LED Display is  USD150 per square meter more expensive than a Common LED Display. 

So 50sqm Energy-saving led screen will be more expensive USD 7500. But you can save this cost after ONE year.  


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