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What Are the New Trends in the OOH media & advertising Market in 2023?

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What Are the New Trends in the OOH media & advertising Market in 2023?


In recent years, OOH media & advertising has become a fast-growing media second only to digital social advertising, and the digital process of outdoor media such as LED and LCD display is also evolving rapidly. The combination of online and offline media has brought more diverse expressions to advertisers' marketing.


In 2022, due to the impact of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), all kinds of outdoor media have been affected to varying degrees. However, after the end of the new coronavirus, OOH media & advertising has become the fastest rebounding and fastest-growing media, and under the empowerment of digitalization, like Outdoor LED Display, and LCD Display Digital Signage the precision and delivery efficiency of the company have also been greatly improved.


So, what are the development prospects of OOH media & advertising in 2023? What are the new trends worthy of our attention? What changes will outdoor media & advertising take in the rapidly changing media environment?



2023, the Innovation of Outdoor Media & Advertising


1. Upgrade the scene experience.

Innovation should not only be a pure technology display like touching LCD display but should accurately touch the audience's psychology, by creating interesting interactive mechanisms or scene experiences to increase users' interest in participation and increase users' brand experience.


2. Now the new trend of outdoor media is drones.

Brands can shoot videos of drone performances and use social platforms to achieve viral brand promotion.


3. For new retail, outdoor advertising is still very important.

It can be used to create an atmosphere of consumer nodes and remind consumers of the arrival of consumer nodes.


4. Setup One-Stop Media Solution purchase

The problem faced by the overall development of programmatic buying of outdoor media is the insufficient coverage of resources and the inability to launch market-recognized programmatic standards, which makes data from different companies lack homology.



The development trend of outdoor media & advertising in the next two years


1. Digitization-to make LED and LCD advertising more accurate through digital means. First, digital outdoor media & advertising of LED or LCD display will pay more attention to the effect of advertising in the future, that is, how to reach the precise audience more accurately.


2. Mergers and acquisitions-Internet giants acquire offline media head resources, giving birth to new developments in outdoor media & advertising purchase negotiations. Secondly, due to the prevalence of the Internet, Internet online and offline resources will be combined, and center-oriented situations will increase the more obvious. Faced with this situation, customers will feel the corresponding trend changes when they negotiate with these resource parties.


3. Cooperation-outdoor resources are shifting from scattered to centralized, and the emergence of alliances makes it easier for agents to purchase.


Furthermore, in the past, the scattered landmark LED screen resources and conventional LEDs in various cities were gradually integrated, or outdoor media resources were aligned on their own to provide a wider and more detailed "media map", which is more convenient for advertisers or advertising companies to purchase.


Two directions of OOH media & advertising innovation


1. Increase the interactivity of technology to attract users to participate;


2. OOH media & advertising + Social media, detonating marketing potential online and offline.


Customers pay more attention to whether the goal of each communication can be achieved, and how to integrate their advertising creative with the outdoor scenes they put on. On the one hand, some new and more interesting interactive mechanisms are added through new technologies to attract audiences and increase their brand experience. For example, for the post-90s audience, we help customers make mobile interactive sessions, or make special outdoor scenes based on the audience's psychology, such as repacking the entire food court or packaging the entire subway station into a theme station.


On the other hand, the secondary communication of outdoor media & advertising through different carriers of social media will be the future development trend.


Take luxury brands as an example. Affected by the epidemic, many luxury brands have achieved brand promotion by integrating special outdoor execution and social media this year.




The typification and denization trend of outdoor media


Outdoor media & advertising has evolved from the classification of a single media scene to the classification of the coverage of the backing resources.


In the past, the classification was based on the scene of a single media & advertising, such as LED screen display, subway, ladder media, etc., and scene classification such as transportation subway, airport, high-speed rail station, etc. The future outdoor media & advertising classification mainly focuses on the coverage of the resources behind it, and the coverage will be affected by the alliance and acquisition of electronic media and media resources.


The value of outdoor media resources has two extremes


1. The position king just has a single advertising scene,

2. The precision is high network coverage.


The development of single-scene media & advertising and the Internet will show a trend of polarization. An only a single type of media & advertising pays attention to occupying positions, and position is king, especially the building kings of each province and city, mobile phone or automobile customers will still go to the point of the single media to buy, so the single media will still develop. On the other hand, with the development of the Internet and the involvement of capital, the maturity of urban functional business circles, and the advancement of digitalization, media resources in different cities will gradually form alliances, and different scenarios will form electronic or digital networks to provide Customer's precise programmatic purchase service, to meet the customer's market demand to realize online purchase.


New type outdoor media & advertising development


The development of new types and formats of outdoor media & advertising scenes is mainly manifested in traditional big-name digitization, landmarks, drones, projection, light shows, social media diffusion, naked-eye 3D video LED display, touching digital signage LCD display, Holographic video transparent LED display, digital smart bus shelter, etc.


In the past, outdoor media & advertising innovation was limited to specific scenarios, such as airports, high-speed rails, subways, and other transportation hubs and CBD, shopping malls, and other densely populated areas, and in these specific scenarios, it has realized the transformation from traditional billboard and light boxes to electronic media and LED screen and LCD display.


The recent outdoor media & advertising integrates new technologies, breaks through the limitations of physical scenes by integrating social platforms, and achieves simultaneous dissemination in different locations and platforms. For example, the most developed drone performances in recent years were set on famous landmarks such as the Bund in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The images of their performances spread through social media and then became viral. Innovations like drones activate the original scenes through some new technologies and make them generate communication value.



The evolution of the investment value of OOH media & advertising


The evolution of the investment value of OOH media & advertising is mainly embodied in: attaching importance to data return, opening up the crowd, and forming a closed loop.


1. The core value of OOH media & advertising: having your own crowd data


In the past, OOH media & advertising investment value evaluation only focused on the flow of people at the placement point, that is, CPM. At present, most customers hope to get more accurate data flow through advertising, and then evaluate the advertising effects they place, such as whether to increase the brand's own visibility, whether to stimulate sales during the release period, etc. These return data on the delivery effect contributes to improving the ROI of customers.


2. Large-scale resource integration and digitalization facilitate the realization of outdoor programmatic placement

Outdoor Naked eye 3D video LED Screen Display


Now, more and more clients want to improve the electronic and precise requirements of outdoor media delivery. The relevant monitoring data on the quality of the flow of people was previously provided by the resource side, and the drawback is the lack of accuracy. Now, big companies such as Ali and are developing their own monitoring data channels. Ali has alliances, and Ali's Focus can also monitor multi-screen crowds with OTT and OTV. JD also has its own digital outdoor purchasing platform. These digital channels and platforms obtain information on passing people from operators, monitor the number of passing people through the second hand, and collect performance data related to audience information.


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