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360 Cube Vision Rotating LED Screen Column Billboard

CubeVisionLED is the next generation of LED advertising. With its 360-degree self-shape rotation and automatic freezing on the screen plane, this innovative LED rotating column display ensures your message is seen from every angle. Composed of three layers consisting of four curved LED screens, the display is designed for durability. CubeVisionLED is the perfect investment for businesses seeking to create a dynamic and captivating visual impact on their audience

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Product Description


Adhaiwell introducing the CubeVisionLED - the innovative 360-rotating LED screen that takes your visuals to the next level. This new LED display technology offers a breathtaking full-circle viewing experience that revolutionizes how audiences interact with your content. Using advanced LED technology, the CubeVisionLED provides stunning brightness, high-resolution image quality, and impeccable color accuracy to make your visuals pop.

360 Cube Vision Rotating LED Screen Column Billboard

360 Cube Vision Rotating LED Screen Column Billboard

Cube Vision LED | Rotating Cubic Omni Vision LED 
RotatingTrihedron Omni Vision LED

A new level of flexibility, visual quality, and innovative LED screen will take your business to the next level.

Transform Your Advertising with CubeVisionLED

A 360-Degree LED Rotating Column Display

The 360 Cube Vision Rotating LED Screen is a unique and innovative rotating LED column billboard that stands out from traditional LED displays. The creative LED display is composed of three layers, with each layer featuring four curved LED screens. Controlled by a sophisticated rotation system, the four arc-shaped LED screens can transform into either one cubic-shaped column or arc-shaped facade columns.

Spinning Cubic LED Screen

Through advanced software programming and non-winding conductive brushes, the LED display is capable of 360-degree self-shape rotation while automatically freezing on the screen plane. This feature enables the audience to experience a dynamic and captivating visual effect from any angle.

360 Cube Vision Rotating LED Screen is a game-changer for indoor advertising. This innovative display technology is a great investment for businesses seeking to capture the attention of their audience with vivid and captivating visuals.

Revolutionize LED Advertising | CubeVisionLED: A 360-Degree LED Display

Whether you're showcasing products at a trade show, presenting at a conference, or entertaining a crowd at a concert or sporting event, the CubeVisionLED can deliver a truly immersive experience. The unique 360-degree rotation feature allows your audience to experience your content from every angle, grabbing their attention and drawing them in. With its energy-efficient design and durable construction, the CubeVisionLED is also an eco-friendly and cost-effective investment that will serve your business for years to come.

Rotating Arc LED Screen Display

Transform your events and engage your audience like never before with the CubeVisionLED. Create stunning visuals that capture attention, deliver your message with clarity, and create memorable moments that will stay with your audience long after the event is over. With the CubeVisionLED, the possibilities are endless.

A 360 rotating LED screen is a display that can rotate 360 degrees horizontally. This type of screen is typically used in environments where a stationary display would not be sufficient, such as trade shows, concerts, and sporting events. By rotating the screen, the audience can view the content from different angles and perspectives, increasing engagement and providing a more immersive experience.

Flexi LED cube screen display

LED screens offer a superior visual experience compared to traditional projection screens. They are brighter, have higher resolution and color accuracy, and are more durable. Additionally, LED screens consume less power and produce less heat, making them a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient option.

Overall, a 360-rotating LED screen is a great investment for businesses seeking to create engaging and memorable experiences for their audience. With its versatility and superior visual quality, this type of display is sure to captivate and impress viewers in any setting.

Swivel Vision Rotating LED Display

 360 Cube Vision Rotating LED Screen Column   Billboard
LED Moduble Pitch(mm) Indoor SMD P 3 mm
Module   Resolution(WxH) 80*40dots
Module   Size(mm)(WxHxD) 240 mm  x 120 mm
LED Spec SMD 1515
Module   Weight(Kg) 0.52kg
LED Screen Layer of LED Screens 3 Layers
Qty of LED screens 12 pcs LED Screens
Unit LED Screen Size W 1200 mm x H 720 mm
One Layer Deformation Size : 2   of W 2400 mm x H 720 mm ( Oval arc-shaped facade)
Three Layers Deformation Size: 2 of W 2400 mm x H   2160 mm  ( Oval arc-shaped facade)
One Layer Deformation Size: 4 of W 1200 mm x H   720 mm ( Cubic-shaped façade )
Three Layers Deformation Size: 4 of W 1200 mm x H   2160 mm ( Cubic-shaped façade )
Over All LED Screen Size W 4800 mm x H 2160 mm
Brightness (Nit) >800CD/㎡
Viewing Angle( ° ) Horizontal160°/   Vertical 160°
Refresh Rate(Hz) >3840 Hz
Contrast Ratio >7000:1
Frame Frequency(Hz) 50&60Hz
Lifetime(hrs) 100,000 Hrs
Gray level 12 bit
Temperature-Operating(℃) -  10   — 40℃
Humidity-Operating(RH) 20 — 90%
Power Consumption Max : 13.5 KW  |    Avg: 9.5 KW
Input Voltage AC200~240V(50-60Hz)
Total high ( With Pole high) 4500 mm
Rotating Control Rotating Mode Select different rotation modes   according to the requirements of the screen
Rotating Speed Adjust   the rotation speed according to user needs or screen image or video   requirements
Switch Control
    Reremote switch equipment
Screen Ccontrol Asynchronous   system
Rotating Style Positive and   negative deformation
    Spiral Rotation
    Cross Deformation
    Semi -synchronous Deformation
    Full synchronization Deformation
Installation Installation method Indoor Floor Standing, Not need  ground foundation

Rotating Cubic Omni Vision LED 

- The perfect solution for immersive exhibits and engaging displays!

Rotating Cubic Omni Vision LED screen is a cutting-edge display technology that offers a dynamic and immersive viewing experience. This type of LED screen is designed to rotate to allow for a full 360-degree viewing angle.

The cubic shape of the screen creates a unique and visually appealing display, making it perfect for showcasing products or services in retail stores, museums, and other public settings.

The Omni Vision LED screen allows for enhanced color accuracy and brightness, creating a more vivid and realistic image. This technology also enables the screen to display content in either landscape or portrait mode, making it ideal for digital signage or informational displays.

Rotating Cubic Omni Vision LED

Rotating Cubic Omni Vision LED Screen is a versatile and innovative display solution that can enhance any visual experience. Its ability to spin and rotate, combined with advanced LED technology, makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking to create a captivating and engaging display.

Rotating Trihedron Omni Vision LED

- Take your advertising and events to the next level

Rotating Trihedron Omni Vision LED Screen is a type of display technology that uses a three-prism-shaped LED screen that can rotate to provide a 360-degree viewing experience. This type of display technology is often used in advertising and entertainment, allowing viewers to experience a fully immersive experience while promoting a brand or product.

Rotating Trihedron Omni Vision LED Screen provides bright and vibrant visuals, making it an excellent choice for indoor events, concerts, and trade shows, hotel lobbies. This technology is particularly beneficial in situations where a large number of viewers are expected, as it provides a clear and unobstructed view from any angle.

Rotating Trihedron Omni Vision LED Screen

Rotating Trihedron omni vision LED screen is a useful and innovative display technology that can provide a truly unique viewing experience. With its ability to rotate and display high-quality visuals from any angle, it is an excellent choice for businesses looking to grab their audience's attention in an engaging and memorable way.

Adhaiwell Cube Vision Rotating LED




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