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What is Digital Out of Home Advertising

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Why is DOOH Media Important?

Traditional Advertising is no longer able to keep up with people’s daily lives and therefore, new concepts and technological innovations have emerged.


Outdoor Advertising (Out-of-Home, OOH) refers to the advertisements that people come into contact with the public environment when they walk out of their homes, including large outdoor billboards, street advertising stands, wall advertisements, shelters, and elevator car advertisements. External spraying of vehicles and the internal presentation of advertisements, etc.


Due to the single presentation form, limited creative space, scattered locations, complex maintenance and management, high cost, and difficulty in measuring the communication effect and return on investment, outdoor advertising (OOH) once lost the favor of advertisers.

When people saw a futuristic light blue glass space suddenly appeared on the top floor of the building, as the silky screen was gently pulled up by a mechanical arm, a mobile phone floated and drifted in the night sky. For a while, the video recording of this magical scene was screened on Facebook,  Youtube, WeChat, Weibo, TikTok, Blibili, and other major social platforms. Netizens exclaimed, "It's so cool! The first time I saw an advertisement screen made such a big one. !"

What is Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising (DOOH)?


Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) has grown dramatically, but there are still few people who know its history and its meaning.


In recent years, LED and LCD screens have been widely used in Outdoor Advertising, and the image quality and visual effects of advertising have been significantly improved, and outdoor advertising has begun to have a "digital" feeling. "Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH)" has returned to the vision of consumers, brand owners, and advertisers with unlimited creative space and huge commercial potential, and has become a hot new form of advertising.


Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) refers to outdoor advertising with digital and intelligent dynamic display, including digital/smart LED/LCD billboards and signs in outdoor and public places, for example:

in public places.


These are a few places that use DOOH Media & Ads:

  • Movie theaters

  • Shopping malls

  • Bus shelters, train stations, and airports

  • Medical waiting rooms, hotel

  • Beside major roads

  • Retail stores


What is the difference between DOOH and OOH?


OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising is just a traditional form of outdoor advertising with static printing posters. The audience can watch the image of advertisements in public places, traffic points, routes, commercial spaces, etc.


But, DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) Advertising is a combination of offline outdoor advertising that adds digital elements. It uses digital screens to deliver content to people through Digital LCD screens, digital Naked-eye 3D Video LED screens display.


The difference between the two is that in OOH, the advertisement remains fixed in the position with a single printing image over some time.

In DOOH, DOOH advertising is real and relevant. The advertisement is displayed on a digital LED / LCD screen with multiple animated images and videos there for a short time. DOOH advertising can interact with people, making it a more dynamic, interactive, and lively advertising source.



Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising trends 2021


Similar to other advertising channels, DOOH is undergoing disruption. There are many new players challenging established brands, and digital out-of-home (DOOH) technology is expanding digital signage as fast as it can. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is developing at speed!


Outdoor Naked eye3D LED Displays are the trends of advertising marketing. It is the epitome of strong visual communication and is more visually pleasing to the public. It is also better than previous advertising forms such as Traditional billboard advertisements, static printing posters, even 2D LEDs, etc. But how do you know to make a 3D LED Display? 


Naked Eye 3D LED Display Equipment for Advertisement for Shops & shopping malls to promote your produce and brand quickly. Adhaiwell is the uniqueness expert of a manufactory of outdoor naked eye 3D LED screens who can supply one-stop 3D video media & advertising solution and services in China. Adhaiwell supplies High-quality hardware of 3d LED screen cabinets, guide of 3D LED steel structure installation, and design 3D video slip.


What are the best DOOH examples and cases?


Outdoor City New Smart & Digital Street Furniture Pole Led Display

Smart pole digital led display is a special application for city streets, shopping malls, commercial centers, exhibitions, etc. It installs on the pole like a street lighting pole. The most attractive advantage is the shocking advertising effect when all the street lighting pole LED screen displays to change images or video with going on simultaneously at the same time. The advertiser can remote to upload the advertising contents with a WI-Fi or 3G/4G connection and cloud control system.

The smart Lamppost LED Screen Advertising Display is high density, high brightness, waterproof, easy installing, cluster control product. Suit for outdoor using on a city street, hanging on a pole, standing on the ground, mounting on the wall, etc install solution.

The digital street furniture of smart led screen display units equipped offering unrivaled outdoor image quality: strategically positioned across the entire area, it alternates between real-time local information and advertising, providing useful information for the public and exceptional visibility for advertisers.


Outdoor MUPI LCD Digital Signage

 Classic Freestanding Outdoor LCD MUPI Digital signage. Superior temperature control and robust design. Explore outdoor LCD digital signage and find versatile commercial LCD displays like outdoor MUPI digital signage.


Upgrade your business with Adhaiwell outdoor high-brightness LCD digital displays to replace classic MUPI outdoor static or scrolling LED lightboxes.


Outdoor MUPI LCD Digital Signage works for outdoor applications in retail, transportation, shopping malls, Restaurants, Shops, airports, streets, bus shelters, and urban terminal industries. Our LCD display screens provide you with varied content such as images and videos.

Adhaiwell comes up with integrated media solutions to remotely manage and distribute advertising content updates. Find a model custom-fit to engage with your audience here in the China factory.

Excellent digital signage Supplier & Manufacturer from China.


Building Glass Curtain Wall Transparent LED Screen Video Wall Display


A transparent LED Screen can transform your windows or glass facades into a dynamic video advertising screen. Glass curtain wall transparent led display has the practicality of LED display, but also has certain aesthetics and concealment. The glass curtain wall transparent led display is a high-end building lighting product, which plays an irreplaceable role in the modern urban building lighting project.


Transparent LED Display with 3D Holographic Video Display Function Exhibits for Trade Shows or Retail stores, hologram illusion, Displays. Wow, your audience with holograms and 3D animation for retail. Stand out with transparent led Screen hologram technology in expos, trade shows, and retail stores.


Elevator Media LCD Advertising Display Digital Signage


Elevator Media LCD Screen is an innovative Digital Signage with LCD Advertising display. It provides an LG LCD panel that can play images and videos for Elevator media digital signage.

As a closed living space that urban residents must pass, the elevator media LCD display has a high level of accurate crowd coverage, passive "viewing" and repeated reading, which is also unmatched by other offline digital media channels.


While the elevator LCD advertising display brings rich "visual enjoyment" to people, they also have some influence, which attracts people's attention.


Digital marketing branding is reflected in specific communication actions. Digital marketing combined with elevators media LCD display, a daily life scene that consumers must go through, ultimately covers people's fragmented time, and anti-fragmented communication maximizes the effect of brainwashing advertising. Adhaiwell is China wholesale supplier & manufacturer.

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