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Design and Building and Installing a Digital LED Billboard Structure

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Digital LED billboards are large outdoor billboard structures that typically appear in areas with high traffic, such as busy highways or roads. Billboards show large advertisements to passers-by and drivers. They provide greatest visibility not only because of their size, but also because they allow creative "customization" through extension and embellishment.


Digital LED billboards are advertising billboards that display plays images, videos and text created from computer programs and software and even provide a certain amount of time for several companies during the day. Changing text ensures great impact and broad reach of your target audience. The ability to arrange ads remotely, combined with flexible real-time scheduling, can reduce traditional maintenance and maintenance costs. In addition, digital billboards are constantly integrated with real-time advertising technology to measure audiences or deliver dynamic content.


Meza LED Display Rotatable Structure

So creative and customizing LED billboard structure will attract more attention from the audience.

Meza LED Display Rotatable Structure with wings form in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  was designed by Adhaiwell company.

 Creative and Customizing LED Billboard Structure

To replace a digital-led billboard at a prominent location has designed and realized the ‘ Meza LED Display Structure with wings form ’, following a commission by client of Saudi Arabia.

 Digital Billboard Structure Manufacturer

Large-scale advertising images characterize the entire city environment, and in particular this stretch of road. to reinterpret this common urban element, the structure takes a wings form, with two signs cantilevering from a single post at the base. 



The double side V shape of the led screen can be adjusted the angle and rotated to match the different required of traffic road.


The collaborative design approach ensures the safety, usefulness, and aesthetics of a complete LED billboard structure. Consult managers, construction teams, installers, and property owners for advice on specific site-specific design requirements.

Each site is carefully evaluated for foot design, tower location, surroundings, and sightlines. 

Adhaiwell works closely with a variety of mapping contractors to produce newly designed digital 3D models. 

This design method can identify and correct any problems or be identified early before manufacturing or construction begins.


 3D Models Design LED Billboard Structure

LED Electronic Digital Billboard Series is a high-quality, structured display solution for outdoor advertisers looking to invest in digital technology. Adhaiwell company main produce high-quality LED digital billboard steel structures from China factory. 

A well-designed support structure can withstand extreme factors. A universal mounting mechanism enables quick and easy installation. Custom design structures can be used for on-site considerations. 

Adhaiwell is your best lead digital billboard structure manufacturer also can supply free design for your own creative and customization led digital billboard structure.


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