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Dazzling Outdoor 3D Video Christmas Marketing: Global Brands Shine Bright for 2024

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As the Christmas season unfolds globally, major shopping centers are unleashing their creativity to captivate audiences and boost sales. Join Adhaiwell on a journey across different continents to witness the enchanting Outdoor 3D LED Displays that are redefining Christmas marketing for the new year of 2024.

From the enchanting Parisian spectacle at Galeries Lafayette to the festive fervor at Shanghai's Jing'an Kerry Centre, witness the magic that Adhaiwell brings to holiday marketing.

Step into a mesmerizing world of festive enchantment with 'Unveiling Christmas Magic in 3D LED Animation: NUTRIASIA x Adhaiwell's Spectacular LED Display Takes Manila by Storm!

Immerse yourself in the spellbinding collaboration between NUTRIASIA and Adhaiwell, as they transform the streets of Manila into a breathtaking 3D Christmas wonderland.

Watch the 3D LED video to witness a symphony of lights, colors, and holiday cheer, encapsulating the spirit of the season in an unparalleled visual experience. Don't miss this magical journey that transcends traditional displays, capturing the essence of Christmas in every flicker and glow.

1. Paris, France – Galeries Lafayette: A Whirlwind of Joy

The iconic Galeries Lafayette in Paris has set the stage for a whimsical Christmas with a colossal spiral Christmas tree and a delightful array of clowns. Designed to evoke a sense of wonder, this enchanting display is a testament to the brand's commitment to creating a magical and miraculous world for shoppers.

Paris, France – Galeries Lafayette A Whirlwind of Joy

2. London, UK – Fortnum & Mason: Windows of Wonder

In the heart of London, Fortnum & Mason's Christmas window display is a visual feast, seamlessly integrating festive elements. With a keen eye for holiday ambiance, the brand's windows showcase a unique blend of tradition and innovation, captivating shoppers with a delightful visual narrative.

London, UK – Fortnum&Mason Windows of Wonder

3. New York, USA – Macy's: Sweet Symphony of Christmas

Macy's heralds the Christmas season with a jaw-dropping cake-themed Christmas tree that steals the spotlight. The grandeur of the tree is complemented by a lively parade and on-site performances, creating a festive atmosphere that resonates with the joyous spirit of Christmas.

New York, USA – Macys Sweet Symphony of Christmas

4. Seoul, South Korea – Lotte Department Store: A Fairy Tale Christmas

Lotte Department Store in Seoul transforms into a fairy tale realm for Christmas, narrating the story of Christmas elves. From giant Christmas trees to letter houses and festive shops, the immersive experience ensures visitors are enchanted by the holiday spirit, making it an unforgettable celebration.

Seoul, South Korea – Lotte Department Store A Fairy Tale Christmas

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Lalaport BBCC: Golden Extravaganza

Lalaport BBCC in Malaysia embraces the golden hue to create a luxurious Christmas scene. The golden Christmas tree, Ferris wheel, and balloons form a joyful gaming space, spreading the festive atmosphere to every visitor and amplifying the celebratory mood.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Lalaport BBCC

6. Taipei, Taiwan – SOGO Department Store: LV's Luxurious Christmas Tree

LV's first Christmas tree in Taiwan graces the SOGO Department Store with opulence. The tree, composed of iconic LV elements, radiates luxury and brilliance. This unique collaboration showcases a blend of high fashion and the festive season, creating a visually stunning Christmas centerpiece.

Taipei, Taiwan – SOGO Department Store

7. Shanghai, China – Jing'an Kerry Centre: Winter Wonderland Reimagined

In the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, Jing'an Kerry Centre takes the spotlight with a 20-meter-tall festive installation on the South Square. The adorable Christmas headquarters and the indoor square transformed into a fairy-tale Christmas wonderland promise a heartwarming journey of wishes come true.

Shanghai, China – Jingan Kerry Centre

8. Manila, Philippines – Adhaiwell's Spectacular 3D LED Display for NUTRIASIA: Captivating Christmas in 3D LED Video Wall

In the heart of Manila, the collaboration between Adhaiwell and NUTRIASIA takes Christmas marketing to new heights with a massive 3D LED Video Display Wall. This groundbreaking creation immerses the audience in a visually stunning naked-eye 3D Christmas video, seizing the attention of onlookers.

The bustling streets of Manila come alive as the LED display becomes a mesmerizing canvas, showcasing a Christmas spectacle that transcends traditional boundaries. The combination of cutting-edge technology and creative brilliance transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.

From the shimmering lights of traditional Christmas scenes to the immersive depth of 3D visuals, Adhaiwell's creation for NUTRIASIA captures the essence of the holiday season. The display serves as a beacon, drawing crowds and spreading the festive spirit, making it an unmissable attraction in the vibrant Christmas landscape of the Philippines.

Unveiling Christmas Magic in Naked Eye 3D LED Screen Video

This innovative 3D LED display stands as a testament to Adhaiwell's commitment to pushing the boundaries of outdoor advertising, creating an unforgettable Christmas celebration that resonates with audiences and elevates the NUTRIASIA brand to new heights. In the realm of Christmas marketing, Adhaiwell continues to be a trailblazer, bringing joy and wonder to the streets of Manila and beyond.


From the streets of Paris to the bustling markets of Shanghai, global brands are leveraging the power of enchanting outdoor displays to create memorable Christmas experiences. Adhaiwell stands at the forefront, shaping the narrative of Christmas marketing with innovative and captivating installations that elevate brands and delight customers worldwide. This festive season, let Adhaiwell illuminate your brand's path to success.

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