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SMD & COB & GOB LED Who will become the trend led technology?

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Since the development of the LED Display Industry, a variety of production and packaging processes of Small-pitch packaging technology have appeared one after another.

From the previous DIP packaging technology to SMD packaging technology, to the emergence of COB packaging technology, and finally to the emergence of GOB technology.


SMD Packaging Technology

SMD Led display technology

SMD is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Devices. LED products encapsulated by SMD (surface mount technology) encapsulate lamp cups, brackets, wafers, leads, epoxy resin, and other materials into lamp beads of different specifications. Use a high-speed placement machine to solder the lamp beads on the circuit board with high-temperature reflow soldering to make display units with different pitches.

SMD LED technology

SMD small spacing generally exposes the LED lamp beads or uses a mask. Due to the mature and stable technology, low manufacturing cost, good heat dissipation, and convenient maintenance, it also occupies a large share in the LED application market.

SMD LED display main used for outdoor fixed LED display billboard.


COB Packaging Technology

 COB Led display

The full name of COB packaging technology is Chips on Board, which is a technology to solve the problem of LED heat dissipation. Compared with in-line and SMD, it is characterized by saving space, simplifying packaging operations, and having efficient thermal management methods.

COB LED technology

The bare chip adheres to the interconnect substrate with conductive or non-conductive glue, and then wire bonding is performed to realize its electrical connection. If the bare chip is directly exposed to the air, it is susceptible to contamination or man-made damage, which affects or destroys the function of the chip, so the chip and the bonding wires are encapsulated with glue. People also call this type of encapsulation a soft encapsulation. It has certain advantages in terms of manufacturing efficiency, low thermal resistance, light quality, application, and cost.


COB LED display main used on indoor and small pitch with Energy efficient LED Screen Display.   


GOB Technology Process

 GOB Led display

As we all know, the three major packaging technologies of DIP, SMD, and COB so far are related to the LED chip-level technology, and GOB does not involve the protection of LED chips, but on the SMD display module, the SMD device It is a kind of protective technology that the PIN foot of the bracket is filled with glue.

GOB is the abbreviation of Glue on board. It is a technology to solve the problem of LED lamp protection. It uses an advanced new transparent material to package the substrate and its LED packaging unit to form effective protection. The material not only has super high transparency but also has super thermal conductivity. The small pitch of GOB can adapt to any harsh environment, realizing the characteristics of real moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-collision, and anti-UV.


Compared with traditional SMD LED Display, its characteristics are high protection, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-collision, anti-UV, and can be used in more harsh environments to avoid large-area deadlights and drop lights.

Compared with COB, its characteristics are simpler maintenance, lower maintenance cost, larger viewing angle, horizontal viewing angle, and the vertical viewing angle can reach 180 degrees, which can solve the problem of COB's inability to mix lights, serious modularization, color separation, poor surface flatness, etc. problem.

GOB main used on Indoor LED Poster Display Digital Advertising Screen.


The production steps of GOB series new products are roughly divided into 3 steps:


1. Choose the best quality materials, lamp beads, the industry's ultra-high brush IC solutions, and high-quality LED chips.


2. After the product is assembled, it is aged for 72 hours before GOB potting, and the lamp is tested.


3. After GOB potting, aging for another 24 hours to reconfirm the product quality.


In the competition of small-pitch LED packaging technology, SMD packaging, COB packaging technology, and GOB technology. As for who of the three can win the competition, it depends on the advanced technology and market acceptance. Who is the final winner, let us wait and see.


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