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Smart Retail Stores Shelf Digital Led Screen Display

Shelf Stretch LED Screen Displays is a creative supermarket shelf LED signage solution. The Shelf Header LED Screen is good for Dynamic advertising marketing for display. Shelf Edge LED Screen is good for product pricing, information.

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  • SMD P1.2 / P1.5 /P1.8 LED Sigange

  • Adhaiwell

  • 852891090 

Product Description


Adhaiwell is manufacturer of Smart Retail Shelf Stretch LED Screen Displays from China factory

Smart Retail Shelf Digital LED Screen Display

The latest generation of Retail Pricing Tag | Customer Experience | Advertising Marketing

Smart Retail Shelf Digital LED Screen Display

Smart Retail Shelf Stretch LED Screen Displays is recognized as a creative supermarket shelf LED signage solution. It is good for retail pricing tag, information, and advertising marketing on the store's shelves. Digital price labels and Dynamic advertising marketing for display.  

Smart  Shelf LED Display is a slim electronic and digital LED ads screen display that is designed to be mounted on a shelf or other similar surface. These displays use LED screens to display messages, images, videos, or other types of information via USB, WIFI,4G, or LAN to upload the contents. They are often used in retail settings to promote products or to provide information about specific items on a shelf. Shelf LED Displays can be programmed to display a wide range of content to do product promotions and can be controlled remotely, making them versatile and effective marketing tools.

Grocery Shelf Digital LED Screen can connect the physical retail environment and enhanced the shopping experience for consumers.

Communicates effectively with clients and displays special offers, enabling merchandise to stand out in the retail environment.

After using Retail Shelf Stretch Bar LED Screen, retail shop owners do not more waste time and resources, no more inaccuracies in prices or promotions, and no more environmental damage created as a result of using paper stickers. From now on, thanks to the latest LED technology, the retail stores will become accurate, flexible, and environmentally friendly.

Adhaiwell's cutting-edge Shelf LED Display is designed to revolutionize the way you promote your products in Retail settings. With our product, you can easily create an eye-catching digital display for your products that will draw attention and boost sales.

Adhaiwell's LED shelves are customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs and preferences. The electronic shelf label feature ensures that your pricing and product information are always up-to-date and accurate. Our digital shelf display is perfect for product promotion and advertising, and our shelf talker feature allows you to highlight specific products or deals.

Adhaiwell shelf edge display is a point-of-purchase display that can be programmed to show a variety of content, from product information to marketing messages and more. With our LED shelf, you can take your retail display to the next level and create a customer experience that is sure to impress. We are proud to be a leading manufacturer in China, providing high-quality products and innovative designs to the global market.

Innovative | Fashionable | Intelligent

Adhaiwell Shelf LED Screen Display has high-end COB LED pixel pitch is P1.2mm / P1.5 mm /P1.875 mm which suitable for close-up viewing.

Standard Unit LED Module Size: Width 300 mm x High 60 mm, thickness is 25 mm.

Retail Stores Shelf Digital Led Display

Shelf Top Header LED Screen Displays

Dynamic Digital Shelf Header LED Display is perfect for Smart Retail Advertising Marketing.

Each shelf header LED screen can be used separately, LED Screens can support any image and video for product advertising marketing. Main Purpose: Shelf Header LED Display | Shelf-wall LED display | Digital Signage Display | Advertisement Marketing Display.

Slim design – Digital Edge LED Displays Slim design can complement any interior as it is light and visually appealing.

Shelf Header LED Displays and Shelf Edge LED Screen Display orientation compatible designed for shelf environment makes it fit neatly onto the front of a shelf.

The Shelf Top header LED screen is a bigger LED display positioned at the top of the shelf. It is designed to showcase product advertisements and promotional content to attract customers' attention.

This high-visibility display is an effective marketing tool for capturing shoppers' interest and driving sales. The header LED screen can display vibrant images, videos, animations, and text, making it a versatile and engaging way to communicate with potential buyers,making it an effective tool for displaying eye-catching advertisements, promotional content, or branding messages.

The purpose of the top header LED screen is to attract customers' attention, engage them with compelling visuals, and drive interest in the products on that shelf.. With real-time content updates and interactive capabilities, retailers can provide dynamic and relevant information to create an enhanced shopping experience.

Shelf Header LED Screen

Three options of scientific LED Screen Size for Shelf Header LED Screen:

Width 600 mm x high 240 mm

Width 900 mm x high 240 mm

Width 1200 mm x high 240 mm

Shelf Edge LED Screen | Exquisite design | Slim and lightweight

Shelf Edge LED Screen is good for product pricing tag, information.

Shelf Edge LED Screen Display

Three options of scientific LED screen size:

Length 600 mm x Height 60 mm

Length 900 mm x Height 60 mm

Length 1200 mm x Height 60 mm

to match perfectly with international shelf standard sizes.

Fast, easy, and quick to install and dismantle.

Shelf Bar Strip LED Screen, on the other hand, is a smaller LED display placed directly on the eage of shelf. Its primary purpose is to display product information, such as pricing, specifications, and other relevant details. This compact and space-saving display ensures that customers can quickly access essential information while making their purchasing decisions.

Like the header LED screen, the strip screen can also be connected to a central content management system for easy updates and customization. With its real-time information display, the strip screen helps improve product visibility and provides valuable insights for customers during their shopping journey.

Shelf Bar Strip LED Screen is designed to be compact and space-efficient, ensuring that it doesn't take up much space on the shelf while still providing valuable information to customers.

Features & Benefitsof Shelf LED Screen

  •  Plug-in display, simple operation.

  •  USB/ Wi-Fi/ HDMI / cable connection;

  • Super slim in-depth and light in weight.

  •  25mm thickness, easy to install and move.

  •  Mobile phone & PC quick management & upload.

  •  LAN integrated publish & remote publish via internet.

  •  Calibration data saved on modules, recover factory settings in 5s.

  •  Multiple installation modes, such as stand, wall-mounted and etc.

  • Multiple linkage modes, such as single display application, cascaded application, creative application, etc.

High visibility: LED screens are known for their brightness and vibrant colors, making them highly visible even in well-lit retail environments. This visibility ensures that the promotional content catches the attention of shoppers.

   Flexibility: Shelf LED screens are versatile and can display a wide range of content, including images, videos, animations, and text. This allows retailers to create engaging and dynamic promotions that can be updated frequently.

   Real-time updates: LED screen signage can be connected to a central content management system, allowing retailers to update content in real-time. This is particularly useful for promoting time-sensitive offers or adjusting marketing messages based on inventory levels or customer behavior.

   Interactive capabilities: Some shelf LED screens may also have touch-screen functionality, enabling customers to interact with the display and access additional information about products or services.

   Space-saving: Shelf LED screens are designed to be compact, making them an ideal solution for retail environments with limited space.

   Enhanced customer experience: Interactive and engaging displays can enhance the overall shopping experience for customers and potentially influence their purchase decisions.

   Analytics and insights: Some shelf LED screen systems come with built-in analytics, which can provide valuable data on customer engagement, dwell time, and interaction patterns. This data can help retailers optimize their marketing strategies.

   Eco-friendly: LED technology is energy-efficient compared to traditional signage methods, contributing to reduced energy consumption and lower operating costs.

Shelf LED screen signage can be particularly effective in supermarkets, retail stores, electronics shops, and other consumer-facing businesses where product displays play a crucial role in attracting customers and driving sales. The ability to capture attention and convey relevant information at the point of purchase can significantly impact customers' buying decisions and improve overall sales performance.

Shelf edge Digital LED Displays

Full-Service Provider of Shelf LED Screen Display Solutions

Adhaiwell offers Cloud-based CMS that allows managing remotely Digital Shelf LED Displays content easily. With Novastar TB series LED controller and cloud-based CMS, you can manage display pricing tag, ads, messages & product information of images and video displayed on shelves edge and header LED screen across all your locations from your head office.

Full Service Provider of Shelf LED Screen Display Solutions

Classic Applications of Shelf Edge & Header LED Displays

Retail Shelf Header & Edge Led Screen Display is the latest Innovation for Shelf LED Displays, with using high-resolution P1.2 / P1.5 / P1.8 mm SMD LED module, approve for closely video show on your shelf/rack, engaging consumers in a one-to-one fashion, that's the best way to show your products before someone making choice. It's capable of delivering dynamic pricing, promotion, product and brand-related information on the shelf screen sign, making sales uplift at most.

Retail store, Supermarket, Grocery, Cosmetic store, Jewellery store, Pharmacy Shelf, Eye Care Shelf, Self-service, Convenience store.

China supplier instore LED screen incap header and shelf edge price labels

Smart Retail Stores Shelf Digital Led Display

Adhaiwell is a leading manufacturer of high-quality shelf LED displays in China. Our state-of-the-art technology and innovative design have helped us to establish a strong reputation in the industry. Our products are ideal for retail settings, allowing you to promote your products and provide useful information to your customers. With our LED displays, you can create eye-catching visuals that will draw attention to your products and increase sales. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible products and services.




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