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Outdoor Solar Powered Lighting System Digital Advertising Screen

Adhaiwell's solar-powered advertising billboards are an energy saving solution for your outdoor advertising billboard. Outdoor billboards use small solar power LED lighting system to illuminate a small double-sided advertising billboard structure.

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Product Description


Adhaiwell, Experienced Solar Power Billboard Manufacturer


Adhaiwell offers solar LED lighting systems to illuminate outdoor advertising billboard displays such as bus shelters and billboards. The solar system combines proprietary solar panels, solar control units with high-efficiency solar cells and LED lighting to provide autonomous, reliable and cost-effective solar lighting solutions.


Adhaiwell's solar-powered advertising billboards are a green approach for your outdoor advertising billboard. Outdoor billboard uses our small solar power LED lighting system to illuminate a small double-sided advertising billboard.



Solar Power Systems for Outdoor Billboard Lighting

Each Adhaiwell solar signage LED lighting system is equipped with a separate solar module that is sized to operate the specified solar LED luminaire according to customer requirements. We design each system based on the available power from the power consumed by the fixture and the installed location. The backup battery provides at least two to three days of autonomy to extend battery life and take into account local weather conditions.




Every Self-Contained Solar Power Assembly Features:


Single solar panel array

Full cover vented aluminum panel profile

Welded rear channel mounting bracket

MPPT Solar Charge Control

Efficient solar batteries and LED lighting


Solar Billboard LED Light Fixtures

A variety of styles of LED luminaires range from standard narrow LED luminaires to large LED floodlights. Each LED luminaire provides the required level of illumination and distribution to provide the perfect lighting solution to meet the needs of outdoor advertising billboard applications.




We are committed to providing finished Solar Power Advertising Billboard structures that exceed industry standards in quality, safety, and return on investment. We are expert in creating solar solutions for even the most demanding outdoor advertising location challenges! We also specialize in the design, fabrication, and installation of solar signs in locations where other companies say it is not possible!


We Design, Fabricate, & Install


We are experts at the fabrication and installation of solar outdoor advertising billboard structures that maximizing revenue. Adhaiwell team can also help you to make your own modern, Solar LED digital outdoor advertising billboards structure.


Expertise, Craftsmanship & Integrity

Solar Solution for outdoor advertising display


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